Pros And Cons Of Marble Countertops

There are so many countertop materials to choose from. There are marble, quartz, and granite countertops, and many more stones and materials. but how do you know which one is better? Well, you start with learning the pros and cons of each. Here are the pros and cons of marble countertops.

Pros Of Marble Countertops

They Are Beautiful

You can’t deny the fact that marble is a beautiful stone. It’s a work of wonder to say the least. The white and light base colors coupled with the intricate and random veining look stunning in different lights. Not to mention the slight shimmer the stone has, thanks to the natural pulverized stones present in it that glisten in the sunlight. It’s a treat for eyes for sure. The looks of marble are what gets people 99% of the time and it’s a major selling point.

Marble is also pretty versatile as it can be used not only in kitchens but in bathrooms making sculptures and virtually anything pretty. Putting aside all of the cons of marble, its beauty is still unmatched to this day. People still gravitate towards it even though they are fully aware that it won’t last as long as granite or quartz. People know that marble is quite expensive, but this is something non-negotiable for them and they want to get their hands on this perfect stone and have a glimpse of natural beauty in their kitchens.

Marble Countertops Add A Lot Of Value

Marble might be expensive, but it has a huge return on investment. How is that possible, you ask? Well, marble is a very popular material among the masses regardless of its very obvious demerits. People still love the look and the overall luxury of marble, so you better believe that buyers are going to fight till the end to get a house that has marble countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Marble countertops are a very attractive feature when it comes to selling houses. A lot of buyers will appreciate the fact that the kitchen comes with these beautiful countertops and the sellers will want to get a good deal on the property. Now as a seller, you will be at an advantage because you can get a higher bid for your house just because there are marble countertops in your kitchen. Since there are going to be a lot of buyers, you can amp up the competition a bit and name a higher price. Chances are that people will still be interested in sealing the deal even if the price is a bit on the higher side.

Variety Is Endless

Not a lot of natural materials can beat marble when it comes to the options in finishes and colors. There is just so much to choose from as the color variety of marble is also remarkable and there is something for everyone whether it’s light and neutral or a darker and deeper shade range.

And it’s not only the colors. Marble has a ton of finishes as well from completely matte to slightly shimmery to full-on glossy slabs. Each finish is unique and loved by the masses.

Cons Of Marble Countertops

They Can Scratch

Marble may be beautiful, but it sure lacks in the department of strength. Marble can get easily scratched and cracked and that’s because it’s not as strong enough. Even on the Mohs scale of hardness, marble is ranked lower than granite, so it’s naturally a soft material.

You can’t expect a soft and delicate material like marble to be strong and durable. It just doesn’t work like that. It all boils down to the composition of the stone, which is the main reason why it’s so delicate and fragile.

Marble is primarily made up of calcium carbonate and other pulverized stones and the veining is all mica and other tinted minerals. Calcium carbonate, in reality, is a pretty reactive substance. It reacts violently with acids and forms carbon dioxide gas, which in turn causes a fizzing reaction to occur. It also gets eaten away by harsh chemicals and it doesn’t sustain scratches from knives and sharp objects.

As for cracks, since marble is a softer material, it’s also relatively easier to break and crack, and even if you try to put some weight on it, you will see small chips or a hairline crack. This is a huge bummer considering that people love marble for its looks, but when it comes to strength, there are better options out there.

Stains Are The Norm

Marble, like all of other natural stones available, is also porous. This is something that you need to deal with when it comes to natural stones because that is just the way that they’re made under the ground. Porous rocks are hard sponges and they can absorb liquids and fluids that are sitting on the surface for a little too long. This can lead to internal damage to the stone and it will get ruined in no time.

This also means that the stone is not waterproof, which destroys the purpose of it being used in the kitchen because there’s going to be a lot of splashes. So, marble, in a nutshell, needs a lot of maintenance.

It needs to be sealed first so that the pores can be filled and that water doesn’t get in any further from the surface of the countertops. Since this stone is pretty expensive too, maintaining it can seem like a hassle for a lot of people because they just don’t want to spend extra money on getting the material maintained. So, this is why people don’t prefer marble because it’s just too much work. If you need a non-porous material, try engineered stone countertops.

Marble Countertops Are Expensive

You’ve heard it already, but marble is pretty expensive. It’s one of the most expensive stones for kitchen countertops. It has humongous price tag and truthfully, not a lot of people can afford this stone. They want something that’s not going to put a sizable dent in their wallet, so they want to opt for something that’s a bit lower in the budget spectrum and something that is going to last a lot longer than marble.

The price range of marble countertops is from $60 to $140 per square foot and that’s bonkers if you think about getting countertops for the entire kitchen. That’s going to require a hefty budget.

Judging by the maintenance of marble and the general price of the stone, a lot of people don’t think that it’s worth it in the long run, because the expenses don’t end there. There is a lot of money that goes into maintaining the stone and taking care of it and it’s just not justified by a lot of people, which is why they tend to stay away from marble and go for other materials that will be more decent in price as well as durability.


Marble is undoubtedly a beautiful and versatile material, but it does come with a handful of cons that can confuse the buyers, as to whether it’s even worth it or not. The decision is ultimately up to you. You can learn about natural stone countertop materials from countertop replacement services Rockville.



Why Your Quartz Countertop is Cracking

The gleaming, gorgeous, timeless, and durable quartz countertop in the kitchen or bath is beautiful to look at. Even if it might be one of the most durable natural stones that you can install in living spaces, quartz countertops are able to sustain damage. You should not despair if the heavy object has a big fissure in your countertop. From chipping to cracking, there are a couple of ways to care for the natural and durable stone that has gone through imperfection from an accident or impact.

Quartz countertop contractors are a great choice for homeowners since they look great and are low-maintenance. However, if you see that the quartz countertop is cracking, you could be thinking about what could be wrong. Read on to know more.

It Might be Low Quality

If you bought a quartz countertop from an unreputable source, it might be made of low-quality materials which are prone to cracking.

These are going to include quartz countertops that are made from less-quality materials like concrete or glass.

When quartz countertops are comprised of lower-quality materials, they might not be as strong and durable as the ones made from better-quality materials. Therefore, they have a higher tendency to crack when under pressure or because of extended use.

Around the Furnace Hole

You will not see any gap between the gas stove and furnace hole, the furnace hole will not be polished smooth, and the corners of the basin holes have a zigzag mark instead of a rounded one. In addition, the surface cracks unevenly because of external impact or changes in temperature.

Small Appliances on the Quartz Countertops

Apart from food bits and heat that might cause the quartz to appear dirty, water can be bad for a natural stone countertop. For instance, a coffee maker or other small appliance that is normally placed on the quartz countertop is safe. When you place a non-slip, and non-abrasive mat that goes underneath the hot appliance, it becomes easier to clean the water spills and bread crumbs that come with common items in the kitchen.

Any small appliance placed on a countertop can have scaly spots because of the hard water from the tap going into the tank. Hard water staining can create and build up an unattractive mottling appearance on the surface. You must clean the area regularly to prevent buildup. This minimizes cracking because of the excessive buildup of minerals and removal techniques.

Poorly Installed Countertop

Another reason why your quartz countertop has cracks is because of poor installation. In case the countertop was not properly installed, it might not have the capability to support heavy objects on it or it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Therefore, cracks might start to form. If you think that your quartz countertop was not properly installed, you must talk to the company who installed it and ask them to repair or replace it.

When you have a quartz countertop installed, make sure to hire a professional who is experienced in installing this kind of countertop. When you try installing it yourself, you might not be able to execute it correctly, which can end up causing additional damage.

Cracks at the Center of the Tabletop

The cracks can be at the center of the tabletop because of high temperature, uneven pads, external impact, internal plate damage, etc. Therefore, the main factor that causes tabletop cracking is because of poor quality control when the countertop was being processed.

You can contact countertop replacement services Rockville if you need to change your kitchen countertops and get the best outcome.





Helpful Things About Granite Countertops

You have probably walked on granite, cooked on it, and everything else. Granite is a strong igneous rock that easily adapts to a couple of applications – regardless if it is used in its purest form or in the kitchen. Even if you are already familiar with the benefits and features related to its different forms, you are less in the know if you understand where the tough substance is coming from.

If you are looking into having granite countertops installed, you will find this post useful because it is worth knowing the kind of material it is. Aside from being worth it, granite is one of the most popular rocks used in kitchen surfaces today. Read on to know more:

Granite is Radioactive

In this case, there are other kinds of natural materials, and granite has traces of uranium. But other natural substances, like granite bodies, can have up to 20 times the normal size of uranium.

Before you think twice about using granite, you should know that the uranium emitted by granite is less than the soil you use. Therefore, it is safe to use it in your home so you have nothing to worry about.

Famous Buildings Use Granite

Granite is used in constructing famous buildings in the world. During the time of ancient Egypt, they were already using natural stone to build. The buildings that were made of granite include the Statue of Liberty and also Mount Rushmore.

There are a lot of examples of natural granite – from China to Brazil and a lot of other countries; granite queries are in the USA and all over the world.

The Rarest Granite Colors are Blue and Red

The assortment of different rocks and minerals gives each slab a unique color. The color difference in each slab is related to the quantities of specific minerals in every batch. For instance, if there is more quartz in the composition, the milkier it will appear.

By having this in mind, granite slabs with a blue or red hue through them are considered the rarest kind of granite experts, which reflects the cost of granite worktops being sold on the market.

Granite can Easily Handle Heat

Similar to how you can cut on the surface, you can also place pots and hot pots on a granite countertop without having to worry about damage. However, like the cutting board, a hot pad and tripod should be used as precautions. Among the most heat-resistant countertop materials available is granite. This natural stone requires high temperatures and high pressure for it to form. You can also place pans right from the stove or oven on a granite countertop, and you will not see any stains or marks on the surface.

Granite Can Damage Knives

The biggest reason you should use a cutting pad when you prepare food on granite is to prevent knife damage.

Caring for Granite is Easy

Granite is not a complicated natural stone to care for. The proper maintenance you have to worry about is to re-seal and clean it, and both of them are elementary processes. You should remember to use cleaners that are suitable for natural stone and granite. With most kinds of granite, you only have to re-seal once a year.

Granite is Preset in the World’s Tallest Cliffs

Granite has formed in the Great Tango Tower and it forms the tallest mountain in the world which is Mount Kanchenjunga located behind Everest.

You can call granite installers Potomac anytime if you want to improve your kitchen countertop and add value to your home.



Countertop Installation Mistakes

When you observe a person who steals installing countertops, with their given materials, making the job easy. However, people are unable to understand that installing a countertop, even the walls, floors, and cupboards are not always perfect, squared, or leveled. Professional kitchen and home builders will anticipate that expected places where they should be installed are imperfect and out of their control. It is going to take skills, experiences, and knowledge in order to set these items in place.

Aside from the capabilities of experts in installing granite countertop installers and doing things for you. It is worth it to know more countertop installation issues so you can understand the process. Therefore, here are common fitting issues and how they can be fixed.

Using the Wrong Material

When you choose a material for your countertop, you must consider if the slab is natural or man-made and is going to suit your needs. Natural stones of the slab are porous in nature, and it requires the application of a great quality sealer. Granite that is properly sealed and natural is durable and sustainable, but the marble slabs are susceptible to getting damaged by anything acidic such as citrus juices, wine, or vinegar. If you leave it out too long, they can leave a dull mark on your marble countertops. For some people, this gives you a beautiful patina, but some see it as a frustrating mistake.

The Granite is Too Thick

Granite slabs should not be glued together. The reason behind this is that even if your granite slabs are going to last for years, the adhesives do not offer the same amount of durability. Therefore, if you choose a slab that is 1.5” thick but you are looking for something thicker, you might want to glue two slabs together if you want the desired look. This should not be done because the glue is going to begin deteriorating and they will have gaps between them, and this leads to irreplaceable damage.

Choosing the Wrong Edge

You should consider the edge of your countertop. This is mainly true for a family house or if there are kids because the wrong edge could cause a bigger hazard. Therefore, it is important that you should think about which edge is making sense for your home countertops. Usually, a counter must be smooth-edged so you can maximize the value it brings you.


One common problem with countertop installation is cracks. This normally occurs when the countertop installers do not handle the slab carefully or place too much pressure on it. But the granite countertop will only crack after the installation. Chances are, it was in an uneven era. If you spot cracks after the installation, you should inform the countertop installer right away.

However, if you want to avoid this, you need to allow installation experts to check the surface first. You will witness them using a laser level while measuring the surface prior to installing a countertop. This is going to help them in identifying imperfections on the surface and they can formulate the right strategy for them. The countertop should be cleaned before installation.

The Sink is Not Levelled

With granite countertops, you can have an under-mounted sink, making it easier to clean. However, if you do not level the sink properly with the granite countertop, there are loose particles that will spill and roll in several directions, which is going to make everyday tasks harder.

Those who work within the space should clean up after.

You should talk to granite contractors Potomac so that you can be sure that the installation will go smoothly.




Countertops: What to Consider When Choosing Them

When looking for countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, you shouldn’t go blindly at it—you need to consider several factors to buy the right ones. Which are these factors to consider? Here they are:

Countertop material

If you have been researching countertops, you must have realized that they come in different materials ideal for various applications. The common materials are:

Solid surface: These materials are often artificially modified, but they contain some natural stone. Due to this combination, the countertops are durable and more affordable hence the perfect units to go for when operating on a tight budget.

The most popular countertops under this category are quartz countertops. Others are Corian, Avonite, polyester, acrylic, or a mix of the two.

Natural stone: As the name suggests, these are made from natural stone. Other than some cutting and shining, the countertops are unmodified. The most popular countertops under this category are: slate, soapstone, marble, and granite.

Since the pieces are unmodified and natural, they are often costly.

Wood: Wooden countertops are affordable, durable, and highly hygienic. Most wooden countertops are made from cherry, walnut, teak, marble, and oak.

Concrete: Although not as popular as the above countertops, concrete is beautiful when properly installed and durable when you take good care of it. When installing it, remember to give it time to cure for a couple of weeks before sealing it.

The most common problem with the countertop is cracking. To reduce the cracking, work with experienced contractors that know what they are doing. They will advise you on the best cement to use, the strengthening materials, and any other important fact.


How will you be using the countertops? This is important as different countertops are ideal for various applications. For example, if you love cooking and spend most of your time in the kitchen, you need a durable but easy-to-maintain countertop that can withstand abuse.

Do you love baking? Marble countertops are the best to go for.

If you aren’t sure about the right countertops to install, install two countertop materials in different areas of your house. For example, you can install granite countertops in one area and butcher block counters in another.

This not only makes your countertops more functional and exciting, but also much cheaper, so you save yourself a lot of money.


How will the countertops look in your kitchen or bathroom after installation? It’s important to consider this as you want your surfaces to be functional and attractive to the eye. Marble countertops are hailed as the epitome of luxury, so if you’re going to give your surfaces a high-end look, these are countertops to go for.

Do you want to give your counters a natural feel and look? Granite countertops are the best to go for.

Solid surface countertops give your surfaces a unique look if you aren’t keen on naturalizing your counters.

To install the right countertops that give the feel you want, get the input of a professional.

Ease of maintenance

You don’t want pieces that will be a hassle to keep in top shape, do you? Natural stone countertops are often high maintenance, as they need regular sealing. You also have to be ultra-cautious with the liquids in the kitchen or bathroom as they stain easily.

If you lead a busy life and don’t have time to dedicate to your countertops, go for quartz countertops that are easy to maintain.

Do you have a commercial kitchen? Stainless steel countertops are the best to go for.


The final but vital factor to consider is the cost of the countertop materials. As mentioned above, natural stone countertops such as marble and granite countertops Rockville are much more expensive than the other materials, making them the wrong choice if operating on a tight budget.

Different stores sell their countertops at different prices, and it’s up to you to research and find the one selling at affordable prices. To avoid paying more than you should, visit different stores and see how much they sell their units.



What Is A Cheaper Alternative To Granite Countertops?

Every homeowner dreams about installing granite in their homes. Unfortunately, the countertops don’t come cheap. If you have always wanted to install granite in your home, but the price is out of your reach, you must be wondering, what is a cheaper alternative to granite countertops, right? Well, there are many of them, with the common ones being:


Also known as engineered stone, quartz is one of the most affordable alternatives you can go with. Contractors recommend it when you are looking to achieve simple luxury. The good thing about it is that it comes in different shades and colors, so you will find one that fits your style.

Quartz is also non-porous, meaning that it’s easy to clean and doesn’t stain easily.

Since the countertop is an engineered stone, you can modify it to a glossy or matte surface. And the presence of resin means you don’t need to keep sealing it, which makes it even easier to maintain.

While quartz is an excellent alternative to granite, it has its drawbacks. One of the drawbacks being that it’s easily damaged by heat. This means that if you place hot pots and pans on it, the countertop is bound to melt and burn, leaving a blackened indentation.

Marble countertops

Yes, some marble varieties are cheaper than granite. To avoid spending too much money on the countertops, avoid rare and exotic varieties.

The beauty of marble is that it has a timeless beauty, and when properly installed, it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing countertops you can have. The countertop also comes in a variety of colors and veining patterns.

While it comes in a variety of inviting colors, it’s relatively soft and porous which means that it will chip and scratch easily when put under pressure and hard wear. The porosity also puts the stone at the risk of staining.

It will also absorb any foods, liquids, and cleaning chemicals that you put on it, making it difficult to clean.


If you want a countertop that looks like marble but is more durable and heat resistant, you should consider quartzite. Quartzite forms when sandstone shifts deeper into the earth’s mantle, raising the sandstone’s temperature and forcing it to crystallize.

The good thing is that, unlike marble, quartzite is exceptionally durable and doesn’t scratch easily. The countertop is also heat and stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about scratching or burning it.

While the countertop is great and might look like marble, it’s limited in the color area where it doesn’t have as many color varieties as marble.

Sintered stone

Sintered stone is engineered stone made from quartz and ceramic particles. The particles that make up sintered stone are treated with high pressure and heat to form a crystallized stone in the lab.

Sintered stone can be made from different materials, which gives it different color varieties and patterns.

With a hardened level of 7/10 on the Mohs hardness scale, sintered stone is one of the hardest and durable materials you can have. It’s even less porous, making it easy to maintain as you don’t have to worry about sealing it.

It’s heat resistant, so you can place hot pots and pans on it without worrying about causing cracks and damage.

While the stone is great, its made in the laboratory which makes it less environmentally friendly than natural stone materials.


Wooden countertops can be made from different materials such as oak, maple, cherry, bamboo, and walnut.

Since it’s soft and more forgiving, when you drop a glass on a wooden countertop, it will never break like it’s the case with granite.

While this softness is good, it can sometimes result in chips, cut marks, and cracks.

To keep your wooden countertops looking great, you need to treat them monthly with mineral oils. You also should seal the countertops to keep them clean and stain-free.

There you go

These are some of the best and cheapest granite alternatives. If you aren’t sure about the right one to go for, get the input of a professional. They will advise whether to go for wood or quartz countertops Potomac depending on the look you want to achieve and your budget.



How Long Does It Take To Install Kitchen Countertops

When installing quartz kitchen countertops or any other kitchen countertops, the time it takes to install them is vital, as sometimes you might be having guests over, and you want to complete the installation before they arrive.

Wondering how long does it take to install kitchen countertops? Well, the time varies depending on the type of countertops you are looking to install.

Laminate countertops

They have the fastest turnaround times, so if you are looking for fast-to-install countertops, these are the best to go for. You will even install them faster if you go with off-the-rack countertops often found in home improvement stores.

You should note that while the off-the-rack countertops are easy to install, they often aren’t as beautiful as the custom laminate countertops, so you should be ready to make the compromise.

If you want that perfect look, install custom laminate countertops, and these take a long time as the contractor will have to visit your home and demonstrate the various laminate countertops they have in stock.

After you have selected your preferred pieces, the contractor will then take a few weeks or even months to make the countertops. Once the countertops are ready, the contractor will schedule a time to remove the old countertops and install the new ones.

Installing the new custom laminate countertops takes about a few days to a week, depending on the size of your kitchen and the contractor’s experience.

Granite and marble countertops

If you ask any homeowner, the type of countertops they are looking to install, they will tell you granite or marble. And there is a good reason for it: granite and marble countertops are tough and give your kitchen an elegant look.

The time it takes to install these countertops is similar to the other countertops, but with these countertops, instead of the contractor coming to your home, you have to visit the contractor’s showroom to see the various countertops available.

When you are in these stores, don’t simply pick the slab that sticks out the most for you. Remember, your kitchen size, the lighting in your kitchen, cabinet design, and color, will heavily impact how the slab looks in your kitchen, so always take a sample with you in your home and see how it looks there.

Only buy a slab if it looks good in your kitchen.

After you have settled on a given countertop slab, the contractor will find similar slabs as your chosen slab and begin preparing them for installation. This process often takes 1-3 months to complete, depending on the availability of the chosen slabs and the size of your kitchen.

Wood, glass, stainless steel, and engineered stone countertops

These take the same time as laminate countertops to install, and you have to follow the same installation process. The countertop contractor comes to your home with countertop samples, and it’s up to you to choose the ones you like.

You should then wait for the contractor to make the countertops, return to your home, remove the old countertops, and replace them with the new ones.

In most cases, from the time you begin looking at the countertop materials to the time you install them, it takes about 4 months.

Concrete countertops

You can go about the installation in two ways: have the countertops made offsite or have the concrete formed and poured on-site.

The contractor will visit your home and measure the size of your countertop surface so that he can make a countertop of the right size. It often takes longer to have the countertop made on site, as the contractor has to bring everything on the site.

Tile countertops

Unlike marble and granite countertops Rockville that come in large slabs, these countertops are usually small tiles (often 4” X 4”), so as you can expect, they take a long time to install.

You have to follow the same process where the contractor comes to your home and shows you their samples. After settling on the tiles, they make them, then come to your home and install them.

Unlike other countertops that you can begin using immediately after installation, wait for at least a week for the tiles to completely stick to the counter surfaces before using them.



How to Tell the Difference between Marble and Granite

On first look, marble and granite countertops look similar. Both are natural and porous, which can be confusing to many new homeowners. But are the two similar? Absolutely not.

While the two materials are similar in some aspects, they have their differences. If this is the first time buying the countertops, you need to be cautious, so you don’t buy the wrong one. To help you out, here is a guide on how to tell the difference between marble and granite:


Both marble and granite are natural, meaning they are both acquired through mining and excavation, but they have a few differences.

After being buried for millions of years, granite is a kind of igneous rock. It’s a byproduct of molten magma that has been seasoned down and solidified for decades. Granite forms after going through periodic heating and cooling, and this makes it hard and durable.

Marble goes through the same formation process as granite, but marble doesn’t involve magma heat. A marble is a combination of sedimentary rocks and other natural elements. It results after years of natural meshing of rock and soil. After being exposed to heat and pressure, you have the natural design of the stone.

During its making, plenty of minerals are involved, so marble tends to come in a wide range of colors. This means as a buyer, you have plenty of designs and colors to choose from.


Cost is often a deal-breaker when you are buying countertops, with marble being more expensive than granite. You should note that the price of the countertops isn’t only the buying cost. You also need to factor in the cost of installation. You can’t install the countertops by yourself, so you will need to hire a professional to help you out.

The installation technicians have different rates depending on their experience level, insurances, and location. It’s up to you to research and find a contractor that will provide you with great service at the least cost.

When you are operating on a tight budget, avoid hiring uptown companies as they will charge you a premium fee for nothing. You should note that the high fees charged by these companies aren’t a reflection of the services they provide, but rather than the fee they have to charge to stay afloat.

Simultaneously, avoid extremely cheap companies as they are most likely inexperienced and will do a shoddy job. Others will damage your countertops, which can lead to an expensive loss.

As mentioned, you need to do your research and find a company that provides you the sweet balance between cost and experience.


As mentioned in the introduction, both marble and granite are porous, meaning that water penetrates the inner layers, putting the countertops at staining risk. While this is the case, marble is more porous, so you need to seal it more often to prevent it from staining.

Despite the high porosity, marble is still compact and sturdy, so it makes a great choice when you are looking to install durable and elegant kitchen countertops.

The marble’s high porosity makes it an ideal candidate for installation in hotter climates due to its ability to repel heat.

Although granite is less porous, you should note that it’s still porous, so you should protect it from oils, wine, condiments, and other materials that can stain the surface.


For the untrained eye, both marble and granite look the same, but they have several distinct physical attributes that you can pick when you are cautious.

For example, granite has a veiny look that resembles specks on the surface and differs in color, where the different slabs have a variety of hues. Marble, too, has a veiny pattern, but the veins are larger and run through the slab with fairly consistent colors.

Durability and maintenance

For the countertops to last for a long time, you need to ensure they are properly installed by experienced granite installers Rockville or other professionals. Since marble is more porous, it’s more susceptible to stains and spills, so you will need to clean it up and seal it more often.

Granite is less porous, but you will still need to seal it at least once a year to improve its ability to resist stains and spills.



Why Is Marble So Popular And Not Granite Countertops?

With so many kitchen countertop options available such as quartz and granite countertops, when you mention countertops, the first thing that comes to the minds of most homeowners is marble. You must be wondering, why is marble so popular? There are plenty of reasons for this.

Humble beginnings

Before we go into details as to why marble is so popular, we need to go back down memory lane and first understand the history of the stone.

Marble was first used by the ancient Greeks, who used it to construct fireplaces, walls, fountains, kitchen hoods, and many other structures. Some of the notable masterpieces include: the Pantheon, Pisa Cathedral, the Taj Mahal, and Lincoln Memorial.

Why marble is so popular

Marble has plenty of attractive features that make it popular. These features include:

It’s durable

The main reason you will find marble in structures that have been around for centuries is because it’s exceptionally durable and resilient. When properly installed, it won’t chip or dent. When you install it in your kitchen or bathroom, you don’t worry about damaging it when you drop something on it or run into it.

On first look, marble appears fragile, but this isn’t the case. After all, some buildings are still standing centuries after construction.

Marble significantly improves your home value.

When you were scouting for a house, what impression did you have when the real estate agent told you the counters were made from marble? I’m sure you had the impression the house is a high-end property, right? This is what marble does to every home.

The premium stone not only gives you a sense of prestige, it also increases the value of your home. So if you are looking to sell the house at a later date, you sell it at a higher price.

Marble is beautiful

One of the reasons marble was used even in ancient buildings is due to its beauty. Marble comes in a wide array of colors and hues from which you will find one that will fit your décor and home design. If looking to give your house a sense of space, there are white countertops to go for.

If you have a large kitchen and looking to give the impression of elegance, go with one of the many dark options. You only need to ensure a professional undertakes marble countertop installation.

The countertops are easy to maintain

In addition to significantly improving your home value, marble is extremely easy to maintain. To clean it, you need to use mild soap and water. Use a soft cloth to wipe it down. If you have sealed the surfaces, you don’t need to scrub sticky spills. Wipe them as they happen.

Guide to buying marble countertops

Now that we have learned why marble is popular and the ways it can benefit your property, now let’s look at how to buy the ideal slab for your home. You need to consider plenty of factors such as:

Veining patterns

Different quarries have different ways of cutting marble that gives the stone different veining patterns. Some of the ways to cut the stone include: fleuri cut, crosscut, and many others. When making the purchase, carefully consider these patterns and only buy a stone that complements your home.

Cracks and fissures

You need to know the difference between cracks and fissures. Cracks are often large, and they are a sign the slab has been dropped or improperly handled. Don’t buy a slab with cracks on it.

Fissures, on the other hand, are small and natural. They aren’t a sign of a deformity, and there is no harm in buying a stone with fissures, especially if looking for a stone that will give your house a more rustic look.


Where is the stone mined from? You need to consider this when making the purchase. The best stones are those from Italy, so do your due diligence and make sure the stone you are buying is from Statuario or Carrara. Avoid buying those from china as they aren’t as beautiful and don’t last long.

Parting shot

Above are some of the reasons marble is so popular, and if you love it, you should go ahead and install it in your home. For best results, make sure professional granite countertop installers Rockville or other professionals install it. After installing the stone, finish the look with a penetrating sealer to give the stone a long life.



Can You Put Hot Pans On Granite Countertops?

If you know the history of granite countertops, you know that they are made from igneous rock through a process involving high temperatures and pressure. Due to this, you must be asking, can you put hot pans on granite?

Since it’s made from igneous rock, granite can withstand the heat, so a brief encounter with a hot pot won’t hurt them. While this is the case, regular exposure of the countertops to the heat will weaken the sealant putting the countertops at the risk of getting damaged.

To answer your question, yes, you can put hot pans on granite, but you shouldn’t do it too often as you will end up causing damage.

Protecting the countertops from damage

As we have seen, the countertops will get damaged if you place hot pans on them. So to protect them from damage, avoid placing the hot pots and pans directly on the surfaces. Instead, have a trivet or countertop cover in place.

If you have to place the pots and pans on the countertops, let them first cool down. Letting them cool for a few minutes is enough. Before placing them on the surfaces, wipe the underside to remove any black or burn marks that might be present.

Even if you are using an electric stove, wipe the surfaces to remove any materials that might have spilled or boiled over.

Restoring damaged countertops

In the event you destroy the countertops, you shouldn’t worry much as you can restore the damaged pieces. You do this using pastes and liquids. Buy the products from a local store and apply them by yourself—you don’t need to hire a professional to help you out.

If there are burn marks from the hot pans, you can easily rub them away with cleaning creams and solutions. You should note that while the products will remove the top marks, they aren’t effective at removing deeper marks.

In such a case, you don’t have a way out other than to consult a granite contractor. The contractor will advise you whether to apply a sealer or simply replace the countertops.

Other ways of keeping your countertops in top shape

Other than using trivets and pads when placing hot items on the countertops, there are plenty of other things you can do to keep the countertops in top shape. Some of these things include:

Don’t cut meat directly on the countertops.

The meat won’t destroy granite, but what is left behind is what is harmful. The meat might be containing salmonella and other bacteria that might find its way into the microscopic crevices of the countertops.

Also, when many homeowners handle meat, they have the urge to cleanse the countertop surfaces. Sometimes they use harsh chemicals that end up damaging the surfaces.

Get rid of the spills as soon as they happen.

When you are preparing food, it’s common for accidents to happen. Oils and acids can splatter all over the countertops, putting them at the risk of staining. To avoid this, you should clean the spills as soon as they happen.

When you notice spillage, use a mild cleanser or hot, soapy water and get rid of it as soon as possible. You should never let the spill sit on the countertops for long as it can etch the seal and stain the countertop.

Don’t sit or stand on the countertops.

Since the countertops are known to be tough, some homeowners have the impression that they can stand or sit on the countertops without any repercussions. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Granite has plenty of fissures and striations that are vulnerable to cracking when you apply a lot of force on them. To keep your countertops free of damage, don’t climb or stand on them when reaching out to things, changing bulbs, painting, or engaging in any other activity.

Instead, use a sturdy stool or ladder to get the work done.


To reiterate, you can place hot pans on granite, but don’t make it a habit as you will damage the seal or even the countertops themselves. Granite installers Rockville recommend you always use trivets, hot pads, potholders, and other protective materials to keep the countertops in top shape.