How to Choose the Right Granite Kitchen Countertop

Granite countertops have a huge impact on your home’s value, which is why it is important to choose the right material for you and for any future buyer in case you sell your home. Many people love granite for their kitchen countertop, making it a safe option.

The issue is that granite has a huge range of patterns and colors. There are neutral colors like black, white, and brown to even exotic and bold ones like greens, reds, and blues. You might have a hard time choosing the right granite slab because it is a big investment. In this article, there are tips here you can use so that you will not have a hard time.

Gather the Materials You Need

A great selection of countertops calls for attention to detail. Buying a slab and wanting the best results is a big risk. When it comes to choosing granite, you should take color samples of the finish, flooring, wall paint, and kitchen appliances. In case there are no samples available, take a picture of them. You need to place the samples around or on the granite so you can have an idea of what the decoration is. Dark cabinetry made of cherry wood and black granite can be overpowering.

Choose a Theme

Most of the time, designers choose an element as a foundation for a color scheme. When you are choosing granite, there are 2 options for you. Choose the main granite color that matches the kitchen’s dominant color, which is normally the cabinets, or opt for a more subtle approach by looking for matching streaks or veins. For instance, if your cabinets are white, you can go for a granite background or white veins.

Visit Showrooms

Online shopping for granite is convenient, but it should not be a replacement for seeing it on your own. It is hard to photograph the color patterns and the small differences in textures and shades are not accurately seen. When you shop in-store, there are still some challenges when it comes to color selection. Slabs with the same color and category usually vary greatly. After choosing your preferred color, like brown, black, blue, yellow, or green, you should ask to see the samples in the color subset.

Choose Light or Dark

In other cases, the granite you choose might be more influenced by its effect on the kitchen instead of the color scheme. If it will be for a small kitchen, you might want to choose a light color, like gray or beige. That can also be for bathrooms. The only thing to be concerned about is that a light stone granite countertop will show stains more. In general, granite is resistant to stain, so that is a good point to consider. You can use dark granite to add a little drama to your kitchen, especially if you have a large kitchen. It might not be good for a small kitchen or if there is no natural light coming in.

Make Sure it Blends with the House

When you are choosing the granite countertop color, it can help to consider other parts of the house. This is also true when the kitchen has an open sight of the other rooms. Having color consistency in your home keeps it cohesive. So, your home is going to feel like a living space instead of only individual rooms that are connected by doors. You should think about bringing a color shade from a different room to harmonize them together.

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Advantages of Replacing Your Kitchen Countertop

Every kitchen and the majority of bathrooms have built-in countertops. If you want a perfect workspace, you need solid countertops and wooden cabinets that are waist-high. They are useful, beautiful, and smooth. The majority of stone and granite countertops add some elegance to your kitchen, as well as any design of a kitchen. It is also good to replace your countertop and make it a major remodeling project to revamp your kitchen.

Homeowners want to install new countertops even if they already have one in their home, but people certainly know why they want to replace their countertops. If you want to know the benefits of getting a new one, this article will tell you.

Chip and Scratch Resistant

One reason why people want to get granite countertops is that they have the durability to resist scratching and chipping under normal circumstances. Granite is the 2nd hardest material, and the first is diamonds.

You should be cautious about using very sharp cleavers and knives since they might cause marring. That is why you must use a chopping board when you chop, slice, and dice foods. Are you aware that granite countertops last almost forever if they are installed together with the right support bracket? Now you know.

It Will Match Your Island Countertop

When you have installed a new kitchen island, it is a good reason to get new countertops as well. You will require a newly installed countertop surface to match the island. Therefore, you want other parts of the counters to match them. Adding a kitchen island is a great opportunity to have completely upgraded the look and feel of your kitchen. Your existing cabinetry can get a fresh paint job and then pick a countertop that is beautiful on the island and your entire kitchen countertop.

Increases the Resale Value of Your Home

If you want to sell your home in the future, take into consideration that your kitchen is one area that greatly influences the decision of a buyer. A kitchen remodel can add thousands of dollars to your home’s selling price, with a significant ROI. Even just a minor remodeling project, like replacing countertops, can have the same effect.

Resistant to Moisture, Heat, and Stain

Aside from being chip and scratch-resistant, a granite countertop is also resistant to moisture and stains when you use the right sealant. Since granite countertops are porous, sealing is important to guard protect them against staining and etching by acids and alkaline. You must remember that sealant should be reapplied yearly to keep the resistance.

In addition, food and liquid spills should be removed right away with mild detergent and water. When spills dry on the countertop, it is very easy to scrape them off. In addition, heat and pressure are used to form granite which means they are heat resistant, so you can place hot pots and pans on them.

Replace Low-Quality Materials of Countertops

Some homes do not have a high-quality countertop, to begin with. A lot of older homes were created with Formica or laminate countertops, and they are both less desirable inside any home. Aside from being low-quality, they are also poorly made so they become less attractive as time goes by. Any homeowner who sees a shabby and low—quality countertop has all the reasons to replace the counters with attractive countertops. You should replace every countertop in your house because Formica is not only limited to a single installation job.

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Can You Paint Granite Countertops?

If your countertops are old or you don’t like their current look, instead of removing them, one of the ways to improve their look is to paint them. So to answer your question, can you paint granite countertops? Yes, you can do it.

To get the most from painting your countertops, you need to do several things that include:

Properly prepare the surface

There is no way the paint will properly adhere to the surface if you don’t properly prepare it. For the paint to adhere properly, you need to rough up the surface by sanding it. The surface also needs to be clean, so after sanding the area, you should clean it so no dust or dirt particles might make their way into the paint, primer, or sealer during the project.

Apply the right primer

For the paint to adhere well without chipping or rubbing off, you should apply the right primer. If this is the first time doing it, take your time to find the right primer for your surfaces. You can apply the primer by yourself, but let it be done by an experienced professional who knows what they are doing for the best outcome.

Choose the right color scheme and paint.

There is no way your countertops will look good if you choose the wrong color scheme or use the wrong paint, so you should be cautious when making your choice.

As a rule of thumb, choose a paint color that goes along with the rest of the house. For example, if you are going for the marble look or any other color palette, choose multiple colors to complete the design.

If you have a small room, go for lighter colors to give the impression of space. And if you are one of the lucky people and have a large room, there is no harm in going for darker colors that will absorb light and make the room look and feel smaller and cozy.

If you aren’t sure about the right color or color combinations to go with, get the input of a professional.

When it comes to the type of paint, you should go for epoxy, latex, or acrylic that is known to be durable.

The best paint type to choose is acrylic latex paint that holds up well against heat and water, so you are sure that it will last for a long time when you apply it.

Don’t rush

When many homeowners decide to paint their countertops, they rush to find granite colors, and paints. While this is good as it gets you into doing rather than pondering, it often results in more mistakes.

To avoid mistakes, take your time and fully understand what you need before beginning your project. It’s always wise to consult a professional so that you understand your project better and find out whether you can handle it by yourself or you have to hire an expert.

For the best outcome, be patient throughout the countertop painting process. Carefully sand the surfaces, patiently prime them, paint them with precision, and you will have the surfaces of your dreams.

Seal the surfaces

After painting the surfaces and giving them enough time to dry, the next thing you should do is seal them. The purpose of sealing the countertops is to lock in the paint and protect the beautiful work underneath.

Like the paint and other materials, you used before, ensure that you use a high-quality primer that will last for a long time and give your surfaces the top-notch protection they deserve.

While there are many sealers you can apply, the best to go for is the masonry sealer that works the best on granite and other natural stones.

You can apply the sealer yourself or ask a granite contractor Rockville to help out. When making the application, you can use a roller or paintbrush.

Once you are done with sealing, give the countertops at least 24 hours to completely dry before placing items on them.



Do You Need Hot Pads On Granite?

If you are wondering, do you need hot pads on granite? You must be new with granite countertops, and you are wondering whether they need any form of protection, right?

The answer is yes, you need to place hot pads on granite to protect the surfaces from damage.

It might sound weird that you need to protect granite while it’s one of the toughest materials in the market, but the truth is that while granite is tough, it’s not heatproof. This means that when you repeatedly place hot items on it, it’s a matter of time before you completely damage it.

To prevent this from happening, you need to use hot pads or trivets at all times. If you don’t have them, let the food cool in the oven, then bring it down once it has completely cooled down and is harmless to the countertops.

What other things do you need when using granite?

Besides the hot pads and trivets, there are plenty of other things you need to have when using granite. They include:


Although granite surfaces are tough, they are porous. This means that when water and other liquids spill on the surfaces, if you don’t remove them early enough, they sink to the inner layers and stain your countertops. You don’t want this, do you?

To prevent the staining from coming about, always seal your countertops. You should do the sealing when you are installing the countertops then at least once a year thereafter.

The purpose of the sealer is to prevent the liquids from moving too fast into the inner layers, and as a consequence, you have enough time to wipe them down.

You should note that even if you have sealed your countertops, you should still move with haste and remove the spills because if you delay, the liquids will still get to the inner layers and stain your expensive countertops.

Cutting block

The other thing you need when you are working with granite is a cutting block. Again, even if the countertops appear tough, they aren’t damage-proof. If you repeatedly cut your vegetables and onions directly on the countertops, you will leave knife marks on them, which, as you can guess, will make your countertops ugly, forcing you to replace them so that you can have the countertops of your dreams.

The right thing to do is to always have a cutting board on the countertops at all times—this is where you should cut your vegetables and onions. At no time should you cut directly on the countertops, as you will damage them.

Ladder or stool

The other thing you should have with you as a granite owner is a ladder or stool. What do most homeowners do when reaching for the top shelf? They step on the countertops. Others sit on the countertops as they are preparing the meals. This is wrong.

Yes, granite counters are tough, but when you put a lot of pressure on them, they are bound to snap and break. You don’t want this to happen to your expensive countertops, do you?

To ensure that it doesn’t happen, have a stool in the kitchen to sit on as you wait for the meals to cook. When you want to reach the top shelf or change the bulb, don’t step on the countertops—have a ladder in place instead.

Water and soap

To keep the countertops looking great, you should have water and soap to do the cleaning. Some homeowners think that they should use tough cleaning agents such as ammonia and others for the best-looking countertops, but they shouldn’t.

While these cleaners are great, they are tough on your countertops, so they end up damaging them when you repeatedly use them.

Granite counters are one of the easiest countertops to maintain, and all you need to do is clean them with soap and water.

Stains are the biggest enemies of the countertops, so you should strive to keep them as much as possible. Granite installers Montgomery County MD recommend you avoid using liquids on the countertops as much as possible.

When spills happen, move with haste and get rid of them before they get to the deeper levels and stain the countertops.



What Should You Know About Sealing Granite Countertops?

You should seal your countertops to prevent them from staining. What should you know about sealing granite countertops? Well, there are plenty of things you should know with the common ones being:

You should seal the countertops at installation.

Most of the granite slabs come the same way they were at the granite store—bare, unsealed, and prone to staining. As you can guess, installing the countertops and leaving them this way is catastrophic as they will be at great risk should a drink spill on them.

For you to be at peace that no stain will result should a spill happen, ensure that the contractors properly seal the countertops before they leave.

Reseal the countertops every year

Even after the contractors install the countertops and seal them, you should make it a habit to reseal them at least once a year. The reason for this is because the sealant tends to wear off with time, and you have to reinstall it to restore its effectiveness.

While it’s good to reseal the countertops, you shouldn’t do it blindly. Before you apply the sealant, test the countertops to confirm they are ready for the sealant.

How do you do this?

There are plenty of ways to go about it. One of the ways is to do the oil and lemon test. Here you need to spill a few drops of lemon juice and cooking oil on the countertops and let them sit on the surface for at least five minutes, then wipe them dry.

If there are dull spots on the areas where the lemon juice hit the surface, the seal might have worn off, and it’s time to reinstall it. The same thing applies if the surface turns dark almost immediately after placing oil or lemon juice.

If the oil and juice stay on the surface for over five minutes without sinking, the chances are high that the granite doesn’t need sealing, and you should leave it in its present form.

Another test you can do to determine if the countertops are ready for sealing is the water drop test. Here you need to drip a small puddle of water on the stone, and if the store immediately darkens, it’s time to reseal it.

If the stone takes 4-5 minutes to darken, the sealer might have worn out, and it’s time to install a new one.

You can seal the countertops by yourself?

Although sealing is such an important part of maintaining the countertops, did you know you don’t have to hire a professional to do it?

To save money and learn a skill, do the sealing yourself. Begin with cleaning the countertops. As a rule of thumb, clean the countertops at least 24 hours before you apply the sealant.

The purpose of sealing the countertops is to get rid of any damaging vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, harsh cleansers, and bleach.

Remove all the materials on the countertops and wipe them down with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Then, you should mix one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and two tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol in a pint spray bottle and fill it with cool water.

Generously spray the countertop, wipe it clean while polishing in a circular motion, and then wait 24 hours before proceeding.

As mentioned above, you should do the cleaning at least 24 hours before you apply the sealant. This is to give the cleaning liquid enough time to evaporate fully.

The next morning, apply a sealant over the entire granite counter begging from the end and work your way to the other. For an easier time and ideal results, apply the sealant in sections, in a circular motion.

Once you are done, give the sealant enough time to absorb, then using a clean, soft, dry rag, wipe out the extra sealant.

If the sealant requires another coat, give it time to cure (between 2-40 hours). To avoid wiping off the sealant, granite installers Rockville recommend you wait for at least 48 hours before wiping the surfaces with a wet substance.

You also should leave the countertops for the same amount of time before returning the kitchenware.



What Should I Look For When Installing Granite?

Granite countertops come with plenty of perks. They are durable, beautiful to look at, and easy to maintain. While this is the case, you shouldn’t install the countertops haphazardly—you should consider several tips.

Wondering what should I look for when installing granite? Well, there are plenty of things you should do, with the common ones being:

Granite slab

When you are new to granite, you might feel that all granite slabs are the same, but this isn’t the case. Granite slabs run a gamut of qualities ranging from cheap, low-quality slabs to high-end, premium quality slabs.

When you are in the stores shopping for countertops, you should be cautious of the quality of slabs you buy.

One thing that will inform you about the quality of the countertops is the price that the countertops are going at. If the countertops are cheap, they are most likely low quality, and you should be cautious buying them.

The other thing you should look out for is the presence of cracks on the countertop slab.

Since granite is natural, it’s common for it to have small fissures that are often harmless. These fissures resemble small cracks, and you have nothing to worry about when you come across them.

Besides fissures, it’s also common to find some countertops with large cracks, and you should be worried when you see them. Although, countertops with large cracks tend to sell at lower prices, don’t be tempted to buy them, thinking that you will fix them later on as you can’t.

These countertops with large cracks are low quality and weak, so you should stay away from them.

To get the most from the granite countertops, buy high-quality units that will last for a long time and look good for long.


The other thing you should pay attention to when installing granite is the cabinets that you will place the countertops on. If installing the cabinets for the first time, ensure that you put up strong cabinets that can withstand the weight of the countertops.

If you had installed other countertop materials such as wood, consult a professional to help you determine whether the kitchen cabinets are strong enough to carry the weight of granite. If they aren’t, highly consider reinforcing them before installing granite.

The last thing you want is the cabinets breaking and having to build new ones. As you can guess, this can be expensive, especially if the countertop slabs break.

Besides ensuring that the cabinets are strong, they also should be level and properly secured to the wall. This way, you are sure that they can’t come off, and your countertop will be level.


The lighting in your kitchen heavily determines the granite color you should install. If your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of natural light coming in, install gold or white granite countertops. On the other hand, if your kitchen has plenty of natural light, install dark-colored countertops such as mahogany, black, and deep blue.

To have a feel of how your countertops will look after installation, bring your granite slab to your home before you commit to buying more slabs. How does the slab look? Do you like it? You should continue buying more but if you don’t like it, let a professional help you choose the right one.

Granite installer

Unless you have the skill, you should let an experienced contractor install the countertops. In the same way, you can’t let any mechanic service your car, you shouldn’t let any person posing as a contractor do the installation.

The contractor you hire should be highly experienced. This means that he should have handled similar projects in the past.

The last thing you want is a professional coming to train on your site and end up damaging your expensive countertops.

The easiest way to tell how experienced the contractor is by asking them during the interview stages. If the contractor has never handled several projects similar to yours, don’t hire them.

The granite installers Potomac you hire should also have a beautiful personality. This is especially important if you have a large kitchen that requires you to do the installation over a couple of weeks or even months. You don’t want to be stuck with a boring contractor with a horrible personality, do you?



How Do You Get The Best Deal On Granite Countertops?

As much as everyone wants to install granite countertops in their homes, there is the issue of money.

Good quality granite counters don’t come cheap, so most homeowners look for ways to cut the costs.

How do you get the best deal on granite countertops? If you are asking this question, you should know that there are plenty of ways you can do it. Some of these ways include:

Take your time

One of the major mistakes homeowners make when they are looking for countertops is being in a hurry. After they have decided on the countertops they want for their homes, they rush to the nearest store and make the purchase. This is wrong.

To secure a great countertop deal, you need to take your time. This calls for you to start the countertop-hunting process early enough. Experts recommend you start the process at least three months before you install the countertops.

This way you can visit various stores and compare their prices.

When you aren’t in a hurry, you will confidently bargain the price without worrying about the seller rejecting your offer.

Buy wholesale

Another way to get a great countertop deal is to buy the countertop slabs wholesale. As you can guess, this calls for you to avoid the retail stores and go straight to wholesale.

Like other products in the market, countertops sell at lower prices in the wholesale stores, so if you have one in your area, buy from there.

Even when you have several wholesale stores in your area, don’t buy from the first store you bump into. Visit different stores and see what they have in stock. You should obviously buy from a store giving you the best deal.

Buy from small local stores.

You might have the impression that the larger stores will have the largest countertop options and give the best deals, but there is nothing from the truth than this.

As a matter of fact, these stores are the worst, and you should avoid them like the plague.

For one, these stores have few countertop options, so you are limited on the number of countertops you can buy from them. Second, the prices in these stores are set in stone—you can’t negotiate.

The small local stores, on the other hand, are a completely different case altogether. Since highly motivated countertop enthusiasts run them, they tend to house plenty of countertop materials, so you have a wide range of materials to choose from.

Since you have a one-on-one conversation with the owners, you can negotiate on the prices, so you walk out with an excellent deal. These small stores often install the countertops free or at a small fee which sees you saving a lot of money.

Go for regular granite colors.

Did you know the color of the slab you choose has a significant impact on the overall price? So to avoid spending an arm and leg on your countertops, go for regular colors such as black, white, and gray. As a rule of thumb, avoid rare colors such as red as you will pay a premium for it.

The same thing applies to veining, and patterns—choose common patterns to get a good deal.

Go the prefab way

A prefabricated stone has already been cut and polished, and it goes for half the price of a custom granite counter.

While prefabricated stones will save you a good chunk of money, you should note that they aren’t good for all situations.

They work best for simple counters requiring few cuts, such as when your cabinets are standard, and you don’t need to make any customization.

Use granite remnants

Are you looking to cover just a small area, such as the backsplash behind the stove? Don’t waste money on full granite slabs. Instead, visit the granite stores and buy granite remnants. These are small granite chunks that have been leftover from previous projects.

Since these pieces are too small to outfit an entire kitchen, most countertop stores sell them at huge bargains.

If you want to give a small area in your kitchen or bathroom a high-end look at a budget, visit these stores and make a purchase. You should work with your granite installers Rockville and expertly install the remnants in a fashionable style.



How to Change Countertops without Replacing

Are you wondering how to change countertops without replacing them? There are plenty of ways on how to do it. Here are some of them:

Install some tile

If you don’t have money to buy granite countertops, you should go the tile way. Here you need to buy the tile countertops then lay them on already existing countertops such as laminate.

Before you place the countertops on the new surfaces, put a waterproofing membrane on the existing countertops and an edging trim around your sink. Once you are done, start tiling the surfaces.

While this project seems easy, it’s not, especially if you have never done it before so if this is your first time, consider hiring a professional to help with the installation.

Install a concrete countertop

Concrete countertops are affordable, and you can plaster concrete on any surface. You only need to ensure that the surface can carry the concrete weight.

Begin with sanding the surfaces, then apply a feather finish product according to the instructions given on the bottle.

You should then apply an even layer of concrete on the surface and let it dry. Once it has dried, sand it with 120 grit sandpaper, then apply two more concrete layers.

Most homeowners opt for the standard look but if this isn’t what you are looking for, customize the surfaces as per your needs.

Slap on a coat of paint

The beauty of painting countertops is you can easily do it by yourself even if you have never done it before. You can use any paint to transform your surfaces but for the best experience, use high-quality enamel paint.

Begin preparing the surfaces by roughing them up with a power sander to provide a suitable surface for the paint to adhere to. Once the surfaces are prime for the paint, apply your desired paint with a brush or sponge roller.

Would you love to add texture to the counters? Use a sponge dipped in contrasting paint colors.

Your imagination is your limit when transforming your countertops with paint, so you should be as creative as possible to get an interesting look.

After applying the final coats, apply a couple of polyurethane coats to protect the painted surface and add a glossy shine.

Cover the surfaces with polyurethane

When properly installed, polyurethane adds a deep, glossy shine to the countertop surfaces, and the beauty is you can use several variations of the product to refurbish your countertops.

If you have never done it before, hire a professional to help you place the polyurethane on the countertops.

If you don’t have money to hire a professional to help with the installation, there are plenty of videos online you can use to learn.

Install granite overlays

From their name, you place granite overlays directly on your existing surfaces, and if you don’t have a large kitchen, you can do the installation in one day.

To install the overlays, remove the sink then cover the counter and backsplash surfaces with overlays. All you have to do is to attach the ¼-inch pieces using adhesive to your surfaces.

Although you can easily install the overlays on your surfaces, you should always hire a professional to help with fabricating the pieces to your desired size.

Apply a concrete skin coat

If you like the concrete look, but don’t want to remove your existing counters and install concrete counters from scratch, apply a concrete skim coat on the surfaces with a specially designed product for patching or skim coating floors.

You should note that while the skim coat might make the countertops look tough, they aren’t, and they don’t last as long as full concrete counters.

Cover the countertops with contact paper

Contact papers make a lot of sense if you are renting a property, but you want to transform the look of the surfaces. Since you can’t transform the surfaces permanently, contact papers make an excellent option.

Begin with finding contact papers resembling your dream countertops. These can be quartz countertops Rockville or any other surfaces. You should then clean the surfaces and, after drying, position your paper in such a way that there are as few seams as possible.

Using a credit card or a similar product, flatten down the paper and trim the excess. Go over the surfaces with a sealant and overlap any seams by at least an inch.



How Can You Tell Quality Of Granite?

If you have been shopping for granite countertops, you must have realized that they don’t come cheap. This calls for you to be cautious when purchasing, so you buy high-quality granite surfaces that will look good for long and last for a long time.

Wondering how can you tell quality of granite? There are plenty of ways you can go about it. To help you out, here are some of these ways:

Check the price

This is a dead giveaway. Like any other product, low-quality granite will sell at a much lower price. Hence, if you pop into a countertop store and you find the countertops selling at a lower price than the standard  market prices, chances are the countertops are poor quality, and you should look elsewhere.

Check the color and pattern.

Another way to tell the quality of the stone is to check the color and patterns. As you are inspecting the stone, you should note that granite is natural, so like any other natural product, you should expect diversity, so if you come across a slab with the same color and pattern, it’s most likely not natural granite, and you should avoid buying it.

As mentioned, granite is a natural product, so you should expect every granite slab to be unique. This means that the color, texture, and veins on the countertop surface shouldn’t be the same in all sections of the slab.

Tap the countertop

Did you know you can tell the quality of the slab by simply tapping on it? When you are in the countertop store, simply give the countertop a tap and listen to the sound. A natural, good-quality granite should give a ringing sound when tapped, while a cheap, manufactured granite, won’t give the ringing sound.

The poor quality granite won’t make the unique sound because it’s made from resins and quartz crystals that are non-porous, and due to this, the sound produced will be muted or dull.

Do the water test

It might sound like you have to go to the laboratory and test, but this isn’t the case. All you have to do is to pour water on a granite slab and see how it behaves.

If the granite slab is natural and of good quality, it should absorb water, but the water should run off the slab if low quality.

This is because manufactured granite is made from epoxy resins that are nonporous, so they won’t absorb water after pouring it there.

Natural granite, on the other hand, will absorb water. The easiest way to tell that the stone is absorbing water is by looking at the stone. Does the stone darken as the water stays on the surface?

Inspect the granite seams

If you have already installed the countertops, you want to confirm whether you installed the right pieces and take a look at the seams.

If the countertop is poor quality or artificial, it won’t have any change in the pattern along the seams, but with real, good-quality granite, you will have a noticeable change in pattern.

Although most experienced contractors do a good job at minimizing the pattern change as they are lining up the seams, you should still see the seam changes on a closer look.

Check the polish quality.

In the same way, you would judge the quality of a car by the quality of paint, you should judge the quality of granite by the quality of the polish.

As you can expect, the higher the granite quality, the better the polish quality.

The best way to tell the quality of the polish is to gently brush a coin on the polished granite surface. If the surface easily scrapes, the polish and the granite countertop are low quality, but it’s high quality if the polish is resistant to the impact.

Measure the granite thickness

The final thing you should pay attention to the thickness of the slab. According to granite installers Potomac, you should avoid thin granite as it will not only be unpleasant to look at but also brittle upon installation as it can easily break even from the slightest impact.



4 Disadvantages of Granite Countertops

Although granite counters are one of the most popular countertop materials in the market, they aren’t perfect. Like other materials, they come with their fair share of negatives that you should be aware of if installing them for the first time. To help you out, here are 4 disadvantages of granite countertops and how to go around them:

They are prone to heat damage.

Although the countertops are tough and heat resistant, they aren’t heatproof. While you might get away with placing hot pots and pans on them a few times, repeatedly doing so increases the chances of leaving an ugly scar on the countertops, and you are forced to replace them.

It’s true the countertops are prone to heat damage, but you can prevent it from coming about. One way to do so is to never place hot pots or pans directly on them. When cooking, always have a trivet or hot pad in the kitchen.

If you don’t have the protective devices in place, don’t remove the hot pot from the stove. Let it cool and only place it on the countertops when it has completely cooled.

They are highly susceptible to staining.

Granite is porous in nature. This means that when a liquid or any substance spills on the countertops, it quickly moves to the stone’s inner layers and stains it.

While this is the case, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid installing the countertops simply because they will stain. You can prevent the staining from occurring in the first place.

One way to do it is to seal the countertops. At the time of installation, ask the contractors to seal the surfaces. You also should seal them at least once a year to maintain the protective barrier.

The purpose of sealing the countertops is to reduce the surface’s porosity, so the liquids don’t absorb too quickly.

Although the liquids won’t absorb quickly when you seal granite countertops, it doesn’t mean that you should start spilling the liquids haphazardly on the countertops. Remember, even if the countertops are sealed, the liquids can still seep through and stain the surfaces, so keep any liquids off the countertops.

When a spill happens, move fast and remove it before it soaks into the deeper layers.

The granite surfaces tend to harbor bacteria.

The granite pores that allow water to seep through also harbor bacteria. If you haven’t sealed the countertops, wiping a cleaning towel across the unsealed surface pushes the food, liquid and bacteria in the pores where they grow and develop, and they can be harmful to your health.

For example, if you cut meat or vegetables directly on the countertops, the bacteria will get into your food leading to food poisoning upon eating the food.

One way to reduce the bacteria population is to seal the countertops. You also should disinfect the surfaces at least once a week.

Granite countertops are heavy.

Even when you are in the stores, on picking the countertops, you will notice that they are heavy. While the heavy nature of the countertops might mean the countertops are tough and indestructible, it brings about an installation challenge.

If you had not thought it through when building the cabinets, placing the heavy granite slabs on the weak cabinets will bring about a plethora of problems, including binding, cracking or even the ultimate breaking of the cabinets.

The weighty nature of the slabs also means that the granite contractor you hire can’t do the work by himself or with his assistant—he has to hire many people to help with the installation, which increases the installation cost.

To counter this, hire the right contractor from the word go. The experienced contractor will help you install the right cabinets that will carry the countertop’s weight.

Installing the countertops isn’t cheap, but you don’t have to redo it when you hire an experienced contractor that knows what they are doing.

If you are looking to install granite on your surfaces, don’t be in a hurry to settle on the first granite installer you come across. Take your time and interview several granite countertop installers Rockville, then settle on the most qualified.

Remember, installing the countertops is expensive, and you don’t want someone that will install the countertops, then you will have to redo them.