Can You Put Hot Pans On Granite Countertops?

If you know the history of granite countertops, you know that they are made from igneous rock through a process involving high temperatures and pressure. Due to this, you must be asking, can you put hot pans on granite?

Since it’s made from igneous rock, granite can withstand the heat, so a brief encounter with a hot pot won’t hurt them. While this is the case, regular exposure of the countertops to the heat will weaken the sealant putting the countertops at the risk of getting damaged.

To answer your question, yes, you can put hot pans on granite, but you shouldn’t do it too often as you will end up causing damage.

Protecting the countertops from damage

As we have seen, the countertops will get damaged if you place hot pans on them. So to protect them from damage, avoid placing the hot pots and pans directly on the surfaces. Instead, have a trivet or countertop cover in place.

If you have to place the pots and pans on the countertops, let them first cool down. Letting them cool for a few minutes is enough. Before placing them on the surfaces, wipe the underside to remove any black or burn marks that might be present.

Even if you are using an electric stove, wipe the surfaces to remove any materials that might have spilled or boiled over.

Restoring damaged countertops

In the event you destroy the countertops, you shouldn’t worry much as you can restore the damaged pieces. You do this using pastes and liquids. Buy the products from a local store and apply them by yourself—you don’t need to hire a professional to help you out.

If there are burn marks from the hot pans, you can easily rub them away with cleaning creams and solutions. You should note that while the products will remove the top marks, they aren’t effective at removing deeper marks.

In such a case, you don’t have a way out other than to consult a granite contractor. The contractor will advise you whether to apply a sealer or simply replace the countertops.

Other ways of keeping your countertops in top shape

Other than using trivets and pads when placing hot items on the countertops, there are plenty of other things you can do to keep the countertops in top shape. Some of these things include:

Don’t cut meat directly on the countertops.

The meat won’t destroy granite, but what is left behind is what is harmful. The meat might be containing salmonella and other bacteria that might find its way into the microscopic crevices of the countertops.

Also, when many homeowners handle meat, they have the urge to cleanse the countertop surfaces. Sometimes they use harsh chemicals that end up damaging the surfaces.

Get rid of the spills as soon as they happen.

When you are preparing food, it’s common for accidents to happen. Oils and acids can splatter all over the countertops, putting them at the risk of staining. To avoid this, you should clean the spills as soon as they happen.

When you notice spillage, use a mild cleanser or hot, soapy water and get rid of it as soon as possible. You should never let the spill sit on the countertops for long as it can etch the seal and stain the countertop.

Don’t sit or stand on the countertops.

Since the countertops are known to be tough, some homeowners have the impression that they can stand or sit on the countertops without any repercussions. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Granite has plenty of fissures and striations that are vulnerable to cracking when you apply a lot of force on them. To keep your countertops free of damage, don’t climb or stand on them when reaching out to things, changing bulbs, painting, or engaging in any other activity.

Instead, use a sturdy stool or ladder to get the work done.


To reiterate, you can place hot pans on granite, but don’t make it a habit as you will damage the seal or even the countertops themselves. Granite installers Rockville recommend you always use trivets, hot pads, potholders, and other protective materials to keep the countertops in top shape.