Which Countertop Materials Are The Most Durable?

The best kitchen countertop materials are those that last long and can stand against almost anything that kitchen prep throws at them. Granite countertops are the most popular, but are they also the most durable? Here is a list of countertop materials ranging from the most durable to the least.

Most Durable Countertop Materials


The most durable countertops of them all is none other than quartz. This man-made material is seriously a titan in the kitchen. It requires almost zero maintenance. It doesn’t need to be sealed because it’s not porous and it can also resist heat and scratches better than many. So, that makes quartz a clear winner in the kitchen.

Moreover, you don’t need to handle quartz with kid’s gloves or invest in specialty products to clean the surfaces daily. A bit of water and soap goes a long way.

However, there are still some downsides. For instance, quartz excellent for indoor kitchen but not for outdoor kitchens.

Moreover, quartz is usually available in light colors. From light grays, beige, off-white to stark white. Now, a lot of the time, people want a bit darker color to play with and there may be some limitations. Other than that, if you’re looking for a material that will outlast everything, then quartz is your best bet.


You might have thought that granite would get the top spot in the list of most durable countertops, but quartz beat it to the punch. However, granite is just as durable as quartz and it’s also long-lasting. Then why isn’t it on the top spot? you may ask.

Well, the maintenance required for this natural stone is what makes people skitter away. Since it’s a natural stone, granite has lots of pores on the surface. These pores can suck water and moisture in and ruin the stone. This is why sealing granite countertops is a must. It not only gives the countertops a shiny surface but also makes them last longer.

As far as regular cleaning is concerned, granite has a sensitivity to acids and harsh chemicals, so you need to get pH-balanced cleaners for it to remain undamaged and most of all, clean.

Solid Surface

Solid surface is another man-made option that’s durable and long-lasting. Solid surface is made out of pulverized rocks mixed in with clear resin and pigments to give the countertops a dash of color.

This rock-hard material is resistant to scratches, stains, and water damage, so there’s no need for you to seal these babies.

The only downside would be that solid surface doesn’t do well with heat. It can get damaged by heat if you constantly put hot pots and pans on the surface. Heat stains are almost impossible to remove and they can ruin the look of your perfect countertops. So, it’s better to protect them with cutting boards and trivets.


Concrete is a very versatile and reasonable option to go for. Concrete is hydrophilic, so it loves moisture and it will absorb any moisture in the surroundings within minutes if not seconds. So, sealing these countertops is a must.

Concrete countertops also have great resistance against pressure and heat, so you can deal with hot food all you want on this countertop material and it won’t budge. It also endures scratches well, so you won’t have a scratched-up surface at the end of the day. The best part? You can get it in any color and shape you want.


Tile countertops are durable too. Don’t let the wafer-thinness fool you. Some porcelain tiles are durable and long lasting. One of the things that make tile countertops amazing is the fact that they’re really easy to install. Say goodbye to handling huge slabs and welcome tiles because tiles are manageable and you can even install them by yourself if you have a bit of time and skills.

Tiles also perform well under heat and pressure, although they can break or crack easily, especially ceramic tiles which are not recommended for kitchen countertops. However, if your countertop tile cracks, it’s not something to worry about since you can easily replace the broken tile with a new one.

Stainless Steel

If you’re looking for a minimal countertop material that will make your kitchen look professional, then stainless steel is the one to choose. Stainless steel is also pretty amazing considering that you don’t need to worry about waterproofing or anything like that. However, fingerprints, hand smudges, scratches will be an issue with stainless steel. Because of its mirror-like shine, it can reflect smudges a lot clearly and you have to clean them.

Not to mention, stainless steel is pretty hefty in price, as it is in quality, so you’ll need to have a comfortable budget for this material.

Not So Durable Materials

Now some materials which are not that durable and you should think twice before investing in them.


Hardwood is not the best material to use in the kitchen and there are a couple of reasons why. Firstly, wood is not great against water and moisture. So, it will get ruined sooner because of mold and fungus. Also, hardwood isn’t naturally stain-resistant so you need to seal the countertops right after installation.

Hardwood, on the flip side, is amazing against heat. It can endure high temperatures without any damage, so that’s the quality that makes this material a somewhat good choice, but other than that, you might want to explore other durable options for countertops in the kitchen. If you’re dead set on installing a wood countertop, then look for wood types that do well against moisture.


Marble is a beautiful natural stone with looks that will make everyone stare in awe, but it’s not as durable as other natural stones like granite and limestone. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that marble needs a lot of maintenance and it’s a soft and fragile material that gets chipped and cracked under even the slightest of pressure. So, marble is even worse when it comes to maintenance than granite.

Therefore, if you’re not a fan of constantly maintaining a countertop material instead of working on it, then it’s best that you don’t go for it.

On the bright side, marble does perform well under a lot of heat, since it’s a natural stone and it’s made inside the boiling depths of the Earth. And as said earlier, marble slabs are extremely beautiful.


Soapstone, a slippery soft material is great against heat and water damage. However, it scratches extremely easily. It’s even softer than marble, so using a sharp knife directly on the surface of soapstone will result in deep scratches that look hideous. Also, if you want to install soapstone in your kitchen, then regular sealing is a must.


If you’re looking for a cheap and reasonable countertop material, then laminate is a great choice. It’s popular among people mainly because of its low price and reasonable longevity.

Laminate is made out of layers of plywood and there’s a decorative layer on top and this is where all the magic happens. This decorative layer can be made into any countertop design known to man. So, you can get the look of granite, marble, quartz, or anything for half the price. That’s pretty amazing in the books of the majority of people.


The first 6 materials are amazing for investing in your kitchen because they will last for a long time. The other four are also fine, but not as durable. if you want the best of them, pick granite or quartz countertops. Moreover, choose reliable countertop replacement services Rockville for high-quality slabs and perfect installation.



Pros And Cons Of Marble Countertops

There are so many countertop materials to choose from. There are marble, quartz, and granite countertops, and many more stones and materials. but how do you know which one is better? Well, you start with learning the pros and cons of each. Here are the pros and cons of marble countertops.

Pros Of Marble Countertops

They Are Beautiful

You can’t deny the fact that marble is a beautiful stone. It’s a work of wonder to say the least. The white and light base colors coupled with the intricate and random veining look stunning in different lights. Not to mention the slight shimmer the stone has, thanks to the natural pulverized stones present in it that glisten in the sunlight. It’s a treat for eyes for sure. The looks of marble are what gets people 99% of the time and it’s a major selling point.

Marble is also pretty versatile as it can be used not only in kitchens but in bathrooms making sculptures and virtually anything pretty. Putting aside all of the cons of marble, its beauty is still unmatched to this day. People still gravitate towards it even though they are fully aware that it won’t last as long as granite or quartz. People know that marble is quite expensive, but this is something non-negotiable for them and they want to get their hands on this perfect stone and have a glimpse of natural beauty in their kitchens.

Marble Countertops Add A Lot Of Value

Marble might be expensive, but it has a huge return on investment. How is that possible, you ask? Well, marble is a very popular material among the masses regardless of its very obvious demerits. People still love the look and the overall luxury of marble, so you better believe that buyers are going to fight till the end to get a house that has marble countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Marble countertops are a very attractive feature when it comes to selling houses. A lot of buyers will appreciate the fact that the kitchen comes with these beautiful countertops and the sellers will want to get a good deal on the property. Now as a seller, you will be at an advantage because you can get a higher bid for your house just because there are marble countertops in your kitchen. Since there are going to be a lot of buyers, you can amp up the competition a bit and name a higher price. Chances are that people will still be interested in sealing the deal even if the price is a bit on the higher side.

Variety Is Endless

Not a lot of natural materials can beat marble when it comes to the options in finishes and colors. There is just so much to choose from as the color variety of marble is also remarkable and there is something for everyone whether it’s light and neutral or a darker and deeper shade range.

And it’s not only the colors. Marble has a ton of finishes as well from completely matte to slightly shimmery to full-on glossy slabs. Each finish is unique and loved by the masses.

Cons Of Marble Countertops

They Can Scratch

Marble may be beautiful, but it sure lacks in the department of strength. Marble can get easily scratched and cracked and that’s because it’s not as strong enough. Even on the Mohs scale of hardness, marble is ranked lower than granite, so it’s naturally a soft material.

You can’t expect a soft and delicate material like marble to be strong and durable. It just doesn’t work like that. It all boils down to the composition of the stone, which is the main reason why it’s so delicate and fragile.

Marble is primarily made up of calcium carbonate and other pulverized stones and the veining is all mica and other tinted minerals. Calcium carbonate, in reality, is a pretty reactive substance. It reacts violently with acids and forms carbon dioxide gas, which in turn causes a fizzing reaction to occur. It also gets eaten away by harsh chemicals and it doesn’t sustain scratches from knives and sharp objects.

As for cracks, since marble is a softer material, it’s also relatively easier to break and crack, and even if you try to put some weight on it, you will see small chips or a hairline crack. This is a huge bummer considering that people love marble for its looks, but when it comes to strength, there are better options out there.

Stains Are The Norm

Marble, like all of other natural stones available, is also porous. This is something that you need to deal with when it comes to natural stones because that is just the way that they’re made under the ground. Porous rocks are hard sponges and they can absorb liquids and fluids that are sitting on the surface for a little too long. This can lead to internal damage to the stone and it will get ruined in no time.

This also means that the stone is not waterproof, which destroys the purpose of it being used in the kitchen because there’s going to be a lot of splashes. So, marble, in a nutshell, needs a lot of maintenance.

It needs to be sealed first so that the pores can be filled and that water doesn’t get in any further from the surface of the countertops. Since this stone is pretty expensive too, maintaining it can seem like a hassle for a lot of people because they just don’t want to spend extra money on getting the material maintained. So, this is why people don’t prefer marble because it’s just too much work. If you need a non-porous material, try engineered stone countertops.

Marble Countertops Are Expensive

You’ve heard it already, but marble is pretty expensive. It’s one of the most expensive stones for kitchen countertops. It has humongous price tag and truthfully, not a lot of people can afford this stone. They want something that’s not going to put a sizable dent in their wallet, so they want to opt for something that’s a bit lower in the budget spectrum and something that is going to last a lot longer than marble.

The price range of marble countertops is from $60 to $140 per square foot and that’s bonkers if you think about getting countertops for the entire kitchen. That’s going to require a hefty budget.

Judging by the maintenance of marble and the general price of the stone, a lot of people don’t think that it’s worth it in the long run, because the expenses don’t end there. There is a lot of money that goes into maintaining the stone and taking care of it and it’s just not justified by a lot of people, which is why they tend to stay away from marble and go for other materials that will be more decent in price as well as durability.


Marble is undoubtedly a beautiful and versatile material, but it does come with a handful of cons that can confuse the buyers, as to whether it’s even worth it or not. The decision is ultimately up to you. You can learn about natural stone countertop materials from countertop replacement services Rockville.



When To Replace Your Granite Countertops?

Countertops last for a long time, but how do you know when it’s time to replace them? There are signs which could show the deterioration of countertops and that’s when you know that you need to replace them. Here is everything you need to know about when to replace your granite countertops.

Your Countertops Are Broken

This sign is obvious. If your countertops are very old, to the point where they are beginning to break, then you need to replace them. The top surface of the countertops is affected the most by impact damage and it can really ruin the entire look of the counters. Even though granite is pretty strong, it’s still not going to last forever and it’s bound to break.

There Are Signs Of Erosion

Erosion is the eating away of the material, starting from the top surface of the countertop and penetrating deep. Erosion is usually caused by an acid reaction with the stone. Since granite is a natural stone, it is porous and it will react violently with acid. It is going to eat away the material and over time, you will see huge holes in the countertops and that’s because of not sealing the surface of the countertops.

Water can also damage the countertops and erode them. You can seal them, but if they are old, the best way to get rid of this problem is to get new countertops because, at this point, there’s no turning back.

The Countertops Have Chips

Chips are also a common problem with granite countertops. Chipping of the countertops will usually occur at the sides and edges of the countertops, where the stone is the weakest. This can also occur in edges, where the design is too pointy and it can break or chip under the slightest impact.

Broken countertop edges don’t look appealing at all, and although they can be glued together for the time being, the best way to make the kitchen countertops look beautiful again is to replace them, because chips, at times, can be extremely hard to repair.

There Are Huge Cracks On The Surface

Cracks are also quite common in granite countertops, especially if you haven’t taken good care of them. Granite countertops are heavy on the maintenance side and they will only last long if you take good care of them.

If you don’t seal them or put a lot of weight on them, then they are going to crack and these cracks will only get worse with time if you don’t fill them up right away. This can lead to immense damage and it also allows water and other liquids to freely penetrate into the stone and damage it further. This can lead to the countertops looking extremely unpleasant and over time, it will only get worse. This is about the right time when you should consider getting new countertops.

You Need The Extra Space

Things aren’t going to stay the same. There are going to be times when you want to revamp your kitchen and utilize the extra space. This is done by removing the countertops and putting that space to use.

This is a good time to think about the placement of things and how you want the new kitchen layout to look. This might sound similar to remodeling, but it’s not. It’s more like a minor renovation, where you’re removing the countertops to make extra space, either for a new appliance, a pantry, or some other necessary addition to the kitchen.

You Want To Add More Value To Your Home

If you’re trying to sell your house and want to bag extra cash, then this is a good time to think about changing your countertops. Granite countertops are very much in demand, regardless of their high maintenance and intense care, and people who are going to potentially buy your house, are going to appreciate the installation of fresh and new countertops in the kitchen.

Not only this, but you will get a good deal on your house too and it will be a high-priority purchase for people who have an eye for detail. With new granite kitchen countertops, you can get a substantial increase in the value of your home, which is a huge plus.

You Want To Update The Countertops

Granite is a classic material, but sometimes it can look outdated to you. There might be another color in your mind or a specific design or layout you want. This is a good time to change your countertops too because you can get something that is trendy and classic at the same time and the new countertops will add a nice touch to the rest of your kitchen.

If your kitchen is looking old because of your countertops, then you can change them. It’s an even better time if the countertops are getting old and you want to change up the space a bit. This change is going to give a new look and appeal to your kitchen and the whole place will look more put-together.

There’s No More Room For Repair

Granite countertops can last for a long time and they don’t need to be changed right away. You can get away with repairing it for many years, like filling up cracks with filler, sealing it timely in order to ensure that the countertops are waterproof, and so on, but there will come a time when repairs will cost you more or exactly the same as new countertops. So, the better option is obviously going to be replacing them.

Your countertops will reach a stage where they can’t be repaired anymore and you will have no choice but to replace them entirely.

You Don’t Like The General Look Of Your Kitchen

Old countertops can make your kitchen look dirty and outdated. It can also ruin the whole look of the space. So, if you want to make your kitchen look new without having to go through an entire remodel, then changing up the countertops is a great thing to do.

This is good for when your countertops are old, having surpassed the 10 to 20-year mark. This is a great time to replace the countertops with new ones because this is going to make your kitchen look instantly better and you will enjoy the new look a lot more.

You’re Remodeling The Kitchen

Last but not least, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, then you shouldn’t leave out the countertops either. The whole kitchen is being demolished, so it’s a great time for you to remove the countertops and install new ones.

Once the whole remodeling project is completed, you will fall in love with the new kitchen and it’s going to look beautiful and modern for years to come. During the remodel, you can also change up the place of the existing countertops and make an entirely new layout for the space. This will make the kitchen look new and modern.


There you have it! Granite countertops are extremely durable, but they also have a limit, after which they need to be replaced. Now you know exactly what the signs are to replace your granite countertops. If you spot any of the above signs, get in touch with countertop replacement services Potomac.



How Do You Measure A Countertop For Replacement?

When you are looking to undertake countertop replacement, you can go at it in two ways—do the work yourself or hire countertop replacement services.

If doing the work yourself, you have to measure the countertops so that you know how much to buy. Are you wondering, how do you measure a countertop for replacement? Here is how to go about it:

Get the measuring tools

You can’t measure the countertops without the right tools, can you? Some of the measuring tools you need for the work include:

Tape measure: You should use retractable tape with a steel blade. When using the blade, ensure that you can read the fractions of an inch. The tape should read in total inches and break into foot increments. For the best experience, stay away from cloth tape measures as they flex and stretch, giving you inaccurate results.

Pencil: You use a pencil to jot down figures. A pencil is better than a pen because you can correct any mistake you make. Use one with a hard lead that won’t break when using a pencil.

Graph paper: Although you can record your shapes and measurements on plain paper, graph paper provides a better and more accurate surface. When plotting, use a formula such as one square equals two inches.

Calculator: Unless you are a math whiz, you need a calculator to multiply, add and even divide the large figures. The beauty is that your calculator doesn’t have to be complicated—a regular calculator that can convert fractions to decimals then do some multiplication and division is enough.

Helper: Although not a tool, an extra pair of hands and eyes will go a long way towards helping you make correct measurements. The helper will help hold the tape end solid while stretching and recording. Ensure that you are on the reading end while the helper holds the tape at zero to avoid mistakes.

Draw a rough drawing of the countertop

Begin with making scale drawings of your countertop layouts. Remember to keep the countertop drawings complete where the sections join, such as in an L-shape or U-shape design.

You should note that you don’t have to be concerned about scaling the aisle separations when it comes to the galley kitchens or island situations. You only need to focus on the actual countertop surface you are dealing with.

Breakdown the countertop parts into blocks

To avoid overlaps, experts recommend you take measurements in rectangular blocks. Even the rounded or oval island, you should treat it’s a square.

Measure the countertops

You deal with two main dimensions when taking the measurements: length and width. The length is the lateral run across the counter surface, and width is the depth from the back of the wall to the front face. Make length your longest measurement and width the shortest one for the island and peninsula designs.

Take measurements of all the countertop areas from the sinks, backsplashes, faucet locations, and cooktops. Remember also to include the counter overhangs such as eating bars and nosings.

Transfer the measurements to the graph paper

After taking the measurements, transfer them to your graph paper and label each rectangle with a letter such as “A,” “B,” and so on. The purpose of doing this is to keep track of each zone, and at the same time, it makes it easier to describe the layout of your countertop supplier.

At this point, write the fractions as ¼, ½, ¾, etc. Don’t worry about converting them to decimals at this time—you will do this when you start calculating the final square footage.

Add all the rectangles and squares.

To get the total area in square inches, you need to add all the separate sections. To convert the area to square feet, divide the area in square inches by 144. You can alternatively plug the figures into a free online calculator or convertor.

Work with an experienced contractor.

Countertop installation is tough and requires extra care to get it right. You can also easily mess up, which ends up being too expensive. To minimize losses and ensure the work turns out perfect, work with experienced granite countertop installers Rockville or other professionals that know what they are doing.



7 Excellent Kitchen Countertop Cover-Ups

Don’t like the current look of your countertops? Don’t rush to hire countertop replacement services providers, as there are several ways you can cover your countertops without requiring contractor services. To help you out, here 7 excellent kitchen countertop cover-ups:

Tile the countertops

Tiles are excellent at covering floors, walls, and showers, and there is no reason you shouldn’t use them to cover up your old countertops. When choosing the tiles, go for glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles as they are the most stain and heat resistant.

They also come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Avoid natural stone tile as it requires periodic sealing that can be too much work on your part.

You can install the tiles directly on your countertops without removing the old countertops. You only need to ensure the tiles are flat and stable enough to prevent the new tiles from cracking.

As you are installing the tiles, you should note that while tiles are durable and easy to maintain, the grout joints are prone to staining. To minimize the stains, seal the countertops as soon as possible after installing the tile. You should then apply the sealer every few years to maintain the protective barrier.

Lay laminate over the countertops

If you have old laminate countertops with square edges, you can cover them with a new laminate layer. The layers are sold in sheets of up to 5 feet wide and 12 feet long, and all you need to do is to visit your local store and place your order.

If your countertops have raised and rounded edges, often known as waterfall edges, you can’t cover them with new laminate surfaces as the new material can’t conform to the edge contours.

Use a countertop refinishing kit.

Refinishing kits have everything you need to cover your countertops. The refinishing kits include an epoxy-like paint and decorative stone chips that create the natural stone look.

To cover your countertops using the kit, you simply need to follow the kit’s instructions. While this method is highly effective, you should note that it involves a lot of hard work, it’s messy, and you need to pay close attention to the kit’s details.

Cover your countertops with wood

Have you always wanted butcher block, or are you drawn to the beauty of real wood countertops? You can cover your old, beaten countertops with wide planks of solid hardwood. You can even get creative and use a blend of hardwood and bamboo plywood.

The cool thing with hardwood is it’s more durable and repairable than plywood. Only plywood comes in larger pieces and is more affordable.

Bamboo plywood offers the best of both worlds. It has a thicker top layer that ensures it’s durable and easy to repair and at the same time comes in 4 x 8-foot sheets like regular plywood.

You should note that covering your countertops with hardwood requires woodworking skills and the right tools. You can do the work by yourself if you have the skills or hire a professional to help you out.

Install modular granite

Also known as granite or stone overlay, modular granite is a system of small thin stone slabs designed to cover old countertops. The stones are 16 by 18 inches wide, which means there are fewer joints between the pieces.

For the problematic inside and outside corners, there are special pieces made for these sections, as well as the optional edge pieces.

Cover the countertops with film

Countertop film is thicker than shelf or contact paper. Many people refer to it as a cross between vinyl flooring and shelf paper and have a self-adhesive backing for sticking directly to the old countertop surface.

To install the film, layout the film, trim it to a rough size, and align it to the countertop edges. You should then stick it down using a squeegee tool to remove the air bubbles.

While the film will cover your ugly surfaces, you should note that it’s not a long-term solution, so use it as a temporary way of covering your surfaces.

Paint the countertops

Painting your countertops is easy, fast, and gives you immediate results. You can also do it by yourself without involving granite contractors Rockville or other professionals.



What Is The Best Stone For Kitchen Countertops? Countertop Replacement Services Providers Answer

With lots of countertop materials in the market, many homeowners are confused about the right ones to go for. Are you wondering, what is the best stone for kitchen countertops? Here are some of the options to choose from as given by countertop replacement services providers:


Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials in the market. It has been around for centuries and is loved by homeowners as it completely transforms the kitchen when properly installed. The countertops give modest houses a pleasing, luxurious look.

For years, many homeowners have shied away from granite due to its high cost. Thankfully, due to technological advancements, its prices have drastically come down, making it more affordable.

Pros of the stone

  • Significantly adds value to your kitchen
  • Easy to maintain
  • Strong and durable
  • Almost impervious to heat
  • Comes in plenty of colors and designs


  • Tends to crack when exposed to a lot of stress or improperly installed
  • Not suitable for DIY installation
  • Expensive
  • Porous, so you need to seal it to prevent stains from coming about
  • Knives tend to quickly dull when you cut directly on the stone


Like granite, marble has been around since time immemorial, where you can see it even in palaces and other buildings that date back to the Roman era.

One of its most significant setbacks is its high price tag, which makes it impractical to install in large kitchens. Homeowners also see it as the material to install in specific areas of the kitchen, such as the island or sections of the countertop reserved as baking centers.

While marble is highly-priced, it doesn’t easily stain or scratch. To reduce its maintenance, you should seal it with a high-quality sealer.


Does your kitchen have an unusual shape, and you would like to maintain the unique look? Why not install concrete countertops? Homeowners have the impression the concrete used is the same you find in the sidewalks, but this isn’t the case.

The concrete used on the countertops is usually highly polished and often textured or even acid-stained to give it unique colors.

Pros of the stone

  • You can tint it to your preferred color
  • Gives your kitchen a unique, exotic look
  • Heat and scratch-resistant


  • You can’t install it on your own—you have to hire a professional to install it for you
  • You have to seal the surfaces to reduce the porosity
  • Cracking can happen
  • Gives the kitchen an industrial look which might be off-putting to potential homebuyers—if looking to sell the house later on.
  • Due to the customization, the cost of the stone might be high.


Also known as engineered stone, quartz comes in a wide range of colors and features a nonporous surface that is resistant to staining and scratching.


  • Even with minimal skills, you can install the countertop material
  • Quartz slabs are uniform, without any imperfections
  • You can custom fabricate the slabs into any size and shape
  • Due to its nonporous nature, the countertops are resistant to stains and impervious to heat and acid
  • Concrete is easy to maintain as you don’t need to seal it.


  • The countertops are expensive so unaffordable for many people
  • Quartz is heavy, which can add on a lot of weight on your surfaces.

Ceramic tile

Compared to quartz, marble, and other natural stone countertops, ceramic tile is much more affordable. The countertop material has undergone great transformations, so you will easily find porcelain tiles with different designs. You will find tiles that resemble wood, cork, marble, and even leather.


  • Affordable
  • Comes in a wide range of colors and styles
  • Resistant to heat damage from hot pans
  • Ideal for DIYers as they are easy to install
  • Easy to clean


  • If looking for custom tiles, they can easily get too expensive
  • They don’t carry the same prestige as quartz or granite which might put off future house buyers
  • Ceramic tiles are brittle and can easily crack when put under a lot of stress.

Over to you

There is no definite best stone countertop you can install in your home. The choice solely depends on your tastes and the look you want to create. To choose the right material, consult granite installers Rockville, or any other professionals.



Countertop Replacement Services: Understanding Faux Stone Countertops

Also known as faux stone, manufactured stone veneer is a manmade material designed to replicate the look of natural stone.

It comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and you can use it in different areas, including: stone backsplash, interior walls, fireplaces, and even in your countertop replacement project, especially if you are strained of money.

Would you like to know more about the stone veneer? Here are a few things you should know about it as given by the countertop replacement services provider:

How is stone veneer made?

The stone is composed of lightweight natural aggregates, Portland cement, and iron oxide that adds the color. The materials are put in a mold then pressed in high pressure resulting in highly dense, realistic-looking finished stone.

The first stone veneer was made in the 19th century and interesting enough, it was made from natural stone.

The manufacturers sliced natural stone into thick slabs then sold them. Although cement is a significant component of the veneer, it wasn’t part of it until the 1950s. Currently, most of the modern veneer stones are made from molds taken from carefully selected natural stone.

Some of the manufacturers go to the extent of replicating the rough and unique textures of natural stone, making it almost impossible to differentiate the two.

Is the stone veneer right for your home?

This is a subjective question. If you don’t like the natural look of stone veneer, you won’t like the surfaces in your home regardless of how good of an investment they are. On the other hand, if you like the natural look, then you will be proud of having the veneers in place.

How does veneer compare to natural stone?

In addition to being highly versatile, manufactured stone is cheaper, where it costs up to 1/3 the cost of natural stone. Since most of the manufacturers aim to produce veneer stones that closely resemble solid stone as much as possible, veneer stones tend to exhibit the same variations in size, shape, texture, and color to natural stone.

Just like natural stone countertops, stone veneer is maintenance-free. All you need to keep it looking spectacular is washing it to remove dirt and dust.

Since the material is cheap, you can save on your project without sacrificing on custom details.

Can you install the veneers by yourself?

Yes, you can install the material by yourself if you have the skills, but for ideal results, you should handle the project by yourself. If you have never done it before, let an expert veneer contractor help you out.

If you are confident in your skills, you should go ahead and try to install the veneers by yourself. Before you begin the project, check with the building inspector about the local building code requirements. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law, do you?

You should then choose veneer from different boxes that vary in shapes and color. When it comes to the installation, begin working from the corners, then work your way down from the top. This prevents mortar from staining the stones below.

If you discover the mortar dripping on one of the stones, wait for a day or two for it to dry before brushing it off with a whisk broom. If possible, hide the edges that you trimmed by pointing them up or down, above or below your eye level.

Once you are done, you can paint your new countertops to your preferred colors or let them retain their original color.


There is no denying that manufactured stone veneer comes with plenty of benefits. It’s cheaper, lightweight, comes in a wide range of colors, and ideal for both domestic and commercial applications.

If you feel it’s right for your home, work with reputable granite installers Rockville or any other professionals that will not only help you find the ideal material for your home, but also help you with the installation.

You can find contractors from friends or relatives. If none of them have hired a contractor in the recent past, try a Google search. When doing your research, pay attention to the reviews as they will guide you on the reputation of the contractor.