How to Choose the Best Countertop for an Outdoor Kitchen

If you are an avid cook, then the kitchen is the focal point of your daily life and its functionality and beauty is an important aspect for you and family. There is a various aspect that makes the kitchen have the aesthetic value and functionality we all love that includes finding the right granite countertop installers, right flooring material, and cabinets that suit your kitchen needs.

What if your kitchen is outdoor? What do you need to make it look as fashionable and trendy as you would hope for and yet serve the function. When designing an outdoor kitchen there are various factors to consider. One of the most important section of an outdoor kitchen to consider is the kitchen countertop to use, but before we go to the materials that are best for the outdoor kitchen countertop, we look at what factors do you consider while choosing the materials for your outdoor kitchen.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Materials for an Outdoor Kitchen

  • Weather Conditions

The material you choose should be able to withstand fluctuating weather conditions. The Cabinetry materials that you use should not absorb moisture or crack due to the heat outside. Whether it’s the granite countertop, quartz or engineered stone countertop, it should be able to withstand the extreme weather conditions. Involve your granite contractors as they will be able to help choose the best surface for an outdoor kitchen countertop. Your quartz countertop dealer has the experience and knowledge and will advise accordingly. Granite countertops are top of the list when it comes to countertops as they can withstand hot and cold conditions.

  • Exposure Levels

Is your outdoor kitchen fully exposed or its partly? Depending on the level of exposure choose materials that are durable and will able to withstand the weather and still look good. The flooring material you choose should not fade due to the sun or absorb moisture. Your kitchen countertop should be able to withstand the level of exposure . The material should be fade free, heat resistant to ensure that the countertop serves you for long while its still good looking.

  • Function and Elements to include

How often is the kitchen going to be in use and what the purpose of the kitchen? Depending on the use choose materials that can withstand traffic. It’s also important to decide what elements and appliances you want in the kitchen. If the kitchen is near the house you may not need to have the refrigerator in the outdoor kitchen.

  • Space Available

Look at the available and decide on the how your kitchen will look like, how much space you have determined the size of the quartz kitchen countertop. The space available will help choose the appliances, cabinets, and equipment you have in your kitchen. Ensure that your kitchen space is optimized.

Choosing the Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material

Choose the countertop material wisely for durability and longevity

  • Quartz

The wide variety of colors and styles of the quartz countertops makes it ideal for outdoor kitchen, but the resin used in bonding the countertop together may not handle extreme temperatures. Use quart for the countertop if there is no complete exposure and the temperatures are not extreme.

  • Marble

Marble comes in a variety of colors but can’t stand prolonged exposure to weather elements. it’s therefore not ideal for outdoor as it will not last. You can, however, use the countertop on a table worktop that you move after use.

  • Granite

Granite is all time favorite and remains one of the best kitchen countertop material because of its ability to withstand both hot and cold and even wet conditions. Proper care and maintenance will ensure the countertop looks good for long. The variety of color and its natural aesthetic make a granite countertop ideal for your outdoor.

To get the best out of your outdoor kitchen consult the granite-quartz-marble countertops installers Rockville at the granite companies on the best outdoor material based on the above factors. The granite-marble-quartz colors should complement the outdoor kitchen to give the regal effect it deserves. The quartz countertop installers should be able to do the installation and give the kitchen the best functionality it deserves and you can enjoy your cooking as you overlook the beach or that mountain or town.



3 Factors You Should Consider when Planning a Kitchen Countertop remodel

Are you thinking of a kitchen remodel? There are countless options of what you can change to give your kitchen that fantastic look. You can change the kitchen countertop and replace it with a granite countertop. Give your walls and cabinets a fresh paint, change the flooring materials and fix that new lighting to illuminate the kitchen. Making sure that the remodel is worth the splurge is necessary. Remodeling the kitchen countertop will give your kitchen the ambiance you desire and to get the best out the countertop remodel contact the Rockville granite contractor for advice on how best to remodel the top to avoid excessive waste and expenses.

Factors to Consider when Planning a Kitchen Countertop Remodel

  • Size and layout of the current Kitchen

The Size will determine whether there is space for a kitchen island. Depending on the how much space you have you can add an extra countertop to add more space to your working area. Talk to your granite contractor to get the full cost of the countertop for the island or extra countertop.

  • Budget

How much have you reserved for your remodel? The amount of money you want to splurge on the remodel will determine what you can change in your kitchen.its imperative that you establish what it will cost to remodel the kitchen countertop. Begin with a plan, and a budget. Involve the experts while changing the countertop as they will advise on the best kitchen countertop to use. Granites are more expensive than quartz and depending on the budget, choose one that suits your pocket. Get a quote from your granite contractor to be able to assess the total cost of the repair.

  • Your Kitchen needs and style

Adding a kitchen island could cater for a growing family. You can add seats around the kitchen island to give you more seating space in the kitchen. A granite countertop, quartz or engineered stone countertop will give your kitchen a current look. Depending on your needs ensure they are catered for in the best way.

Other Kitchen Parts to Consider Remodelling

  • Kitchen Flooring

Changing the kitchen flooring materials will give your kitchen an all-new look. Depending on the current flooring material, ceramic tiles, wood laminates or stone floor will give your kitchen a look you want.

  • Kitchen Cabinets

Fresh paint on your kitchen cabinet will change the look of your kitchen. Make sure the paint color compliments with that of the cabinet and floor.

  • Kitchen Lighting

Changing the general and task lighting will upgrade your kitchen. Consider changing the lights to give your kitchen that regal effect.

  • Kitchen sinks and faucets

Replace the old sinks and the faucets with good quality ones. Chrome and copper are excellent materials for the faucets. To avoid a major renovation ensure the kitchen sink fits.


It’s important to involve an expert while planning the renovations to get the actual cost.Visit the countertop replacement company to get a rough idea of how your kitchen will look after the installation.



Tips on Choosing Granite Counter top Installers

If you are thinking of selling your home, it’s essential that you remodel your house to perk up the value and increase return on investment. Whether the remodel is for purposes of sale or beauty, you need to find a contractor to do the project.  One of the major remodels you can carry out in the kitchen by replacing your old countertop with granite countertops or quartz countertops. Its imperative that you find the right granite countertop installers otherwise your remodel investment may go to waste.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Granite Installers in Rockville

  • Expertise and Knowledge

It’s paramount that you choose a granite countertop installer who has the experience and expertise on how to install granites. You can ask questions on how granites are installed, and from there you can gauge the expertise of the installer. Ask the installer for ideas on colour and shape of the countertop you require. Such information will guide on how to pick the best installer. Check what credentials the installer holds and whether he is a member of the building association. If he is a member that will increase the credibility. Also, seek to see the installers portfolio and his past works as this will give you an idea what to expect and gauge whether its what you want.

  • Cost

Ask for a quotation on how much the installer is charging. Ensure that all they are in the quote including the cost of granite sealing, edge profiles, and the installation. While shopping for the granite, ensure that all the cost are clear so that no cost catches you unaware.

  • Up to Date Cutting Equipment

The best granite countertop installer  will have up to date equipment to cut the granite into the required shape. That will ensure the kitchen countertop is cut neatly and accurately and minimize wastage and chances of damage.

How to Find the Best Granite installers in Rockville

It’s imperative that you find the best granite installer to give your space that ambience and regal effect. You can find the installers through;

  • Granite selling companies

Most granite sellers are also the installers. Confirm whether this is so, before buying the granite as this is the best option. A buy and installation will make your remodel hustle free because you are sure the company will have the experts and up to date cutting equipment.

  • Referrals

Ask friends and family about who did their remodels, visit the project to gauge the work done. Ensure you get a full review of the granite countertop installer, including their personality, reliability and ability to complete the work on agreed timelines. Involve the granite installers Rockville as you shop for the granite, their knowledge of the best and authenticity will go a long way to ensure you have the best



The Most Commonly Used Granite Counter tops Colours

Granite is one of the gorgeous kitchen countertops material. In spite of the cost, granites have stood the test of time and remain a premier choice for kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops. The speckled and swirls in some of the colours make granite countertops in any kitchen to stand out. Granite comes in a variety of colours, and we look at the most commonly used granite colours. The colour of granite to use depends entirely on the owner of the kitchen, but we review some of the most commonly used colours.

Most Commonly Granite Countertops Colors

  • Black Pearl or Dark colours

Black pearl granite has speckles that make it bring out the beauty of your kitchen. Dark colours will harmonize your space more especially if the cabinets and floor are darker than if they are lighter in colour. If you don’t like the shouting colours, then black will work perfectly for you. Black or dark colours are easy to maintain and clean making it ideal especially in a busy kitchen. Black is one of the most popular colours of granite in use in the world, be it in offices, kitchen and bathrooms.

Black or dark coloured countertop will work if;

  • Your cabinets are dark, and you want to harmonize
  • Your wall and cabinets are of shouting hue, and you want to neutralize
  • If you want to achieve a white and black theme


  •  Veined White Granites

There are no pure white granites, but it comes with flecks that break the monotony. White is ideal if the kitchen is small as it creates a large space effect. White granites are ideal for

  • If you are looking to give your kitchen a lighter appearance
  • To give a small space a larger appearance
  • White will complement other kitchen colours
  • To make your kitchen more striking, add ambience and modern style


  • Brown granite countertop

Brown granite countertops create a warm and rustic look and pair well with light cabinets. It’s ideal if you want to create a country feel and look. Brown granites are ideal for;

  • If you have a wooden look and you would like to complete it
  • To create rusticity

Tips While Buying Granite Countertop

  • Get granite samples

Get granite samples and take them home to be able to compare with cabinets and wall That will give you an impression of what the best colour for your kitchen countertop. You will also be able to see the granite in your kitchen or bathroom lighting and whether it fits.

  • Consider Maintenance and upkeep

Depending on how busy your kitchen is, dark-coloured granite will be better for a busy kitchen while lighter colours will work in small and fewer use spaces.

  • Choose the colours that you love

Even if your favourite colour is not among the most common, ensure that the colour you choose is what you love and will bring out the aesthetic value of the kitchen or bathroom.

Since granite is the last to be installed, ensure that you choose a colour that harmonizes the rest of the house items such as cabinets and walls. Your granite contractor potomac will be able to advise you on how to match the granite, size that you need and ensure that the granite is professionally installed.



Why Engineered Stones Countertops are Ideal for your Kitchen

Engineered stone countertops are made of crushed stones which are bound together by polymer resin or cement mix. Marble and quartz are the most used stones that produce engineered stones and are bonded together to create non-porous and beautiful engineered stone countertops. Apart from kitchen countertops, the engineered stone can be used for flooring and on walls. The engineered stone is made by forming blocks using machines after which the blocks are made into slabs for countertops or tiles.

Why Engineered Countertops

  • Strong, Durable and Attractive

Engineered kitchen countertops have a consistent look and will not fade for the longest time and have a uniform color making it perfect if you want to match your kitchen colors. The countertop comes in a variety of colors including earth tones colors. Colourants can be added to achieve the desired tone. While the engineered countertop is much cheaper, it has the same qualities as granite or any other slab. Engineered stones are resilient and durable ensuring that they last longer especially in a busy kitchen.

  • Heat Resistant

The engineered stones countertop is heat resistant and won’t crack easily. The engineered kitchen countertop is resistant to your cracks, which makes it ideal for the kitchen. Engineered stone does not accumulate bacteria or mold making more hygienic to use as the kitchen countertop.

  • Easy to Clean

The engineered countertops don’t absorb water or any dirt making it easy to clean. The stone is not susceptible to stains and that makes cleaning the engineered stone easier

  • Hygienic

The engineered countertop is non-porous and will not attract any germs or ide germs in the spaces.

The disadvantage of Engineered Kitchen Countertops

The only con to the Engineered kitchen countertops is, it’s hard to curve.

Steps to follow when maintaining Engineered Kitchen Countertops

  • Engineered countertops require minimal maintenance to keep their look
  • Regularly clean the countertop with warm water and mild soap. The countertop is highly resistant to stains and therefore don’t require much cleaning. Glossy finished surfaces require mild cleaners.
  • Don’t use strong chemicals, to clean the surface. Use the ingredients as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • In case of any stubborn stains, use a mild scouring pad to clean off the stain.
  • While installing the countertops, contact an expert installer to ensure its well done. Ensure that during installation there is expansion and contraction space for the countertop.
  • Scrape off any materials stuff on the countertop with a plastic knife
  • Occasionally polish the surface to give a shiny look
  • Avoid placing hot and very cold items on the countertop, as this will cause damage to the engineered countertop

Whether you choose granite countertops Rockville, quartz countertops or the Engineered stone countertops ensure it serves your purpose. Engineered stone countertops are ideal, especially for a busy kitchen. The countertop doesn’t require much maintenance; therefore if you are looking for simple and elegant, then this will work perfectly for you.