7 Things To Consider When Buying Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are elegant to look at and extremely easy to maintain. Unfortunately, you can’t buy any slab you come across. You need to take your time and find the right one. What should you consider when buying the countertops?

Your taste

Everything begins here. You want a slab that you will be proud of when you get in the house. The slab you go for depends on what you like and how you live. Before you buy the granite, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want straight lines or right angles?
  • Are you looking to install a top-mount, under-mount, or drop-in sink?
  • Do you prefer countertops with details on them?
  • Are you into light or dark colors?
  • Do you want the countertop to be stable or moving?
  • What type of vein style do you like?

Your preferences and the look you want to create will come in handy at helping you choose the right material from the thousands that will be thrown at you by the fabricator.

Size of your kitchen

Do you have a large or small kitchen? The size of the kitchen will help you determine the right granite slab and its pattern. If you have a small kitchen, go for light-colored granite such as Giallo ornamental. The countertop will make the kitchen look larger and more appealing.

If you like dark colors, go with dark granites with light veins. They will also give your kitchen a large look.

Do you have a large kitchen? Experiment with dark colors. You also should try out different patterns depending on the size of the kitchen.

Three of the best patterns are: marbled, solid, and speckled.

Amount of lighting

The lighting in the house will also greatly determine the type of countertops that you will install in your home. If your kitchen doesn’t have any natural light, go with gold or white countertops.

Does your kitchen have substantial light? Darker colors such as black, mahogany, and deep blue will give the kitchen the look you want.

You should note that you can add more light to the kitchen by installing more lights. So, before you head to the stores to make a purchase, consider the chances of adding more lights to the kitchen to improve its look.


You can’t buy a countertop of any color—it has to match the cabinets, floor, and other parts of the kitchen. You can carry a sample to your home or bring the cabinet door with you into the showroom so that you can see how it will look with your cabinets in place.

The color of the cabinets depends on the look you want and the lighting in your home.

Countertop edges

In addition to the look they give to your kitchen, the countertop edges also affect how people interact with surfaces. If you have small children, you want round corners other than sharp edges that will hurt the little ones.

Type of sink

The sink you install in your kitchen or bathroom needs to be stylish and functional. The type of countertops you are looking to install depends on the type of sink you are interested in.

For you to buy the right design, size, and color of granite, work with your contractor, who will guide you.


How would you like the countertops to look like once you have installed them? Are you looking for a honed, polish, or leather look?

The honed finish is also known as matte finish, and when appropriately done, it leaves the surfaces smooth and feeling like satin. You need to reseal the countertops regularly. This finish is ideal when installing the countertops in a casual, low traffic area.

The polish finish is meant to hide smudges and fingerprints. When done right, the polish reveals the true character and color of the countertops.

Finally, there is a leather finish. It’s much more effective at hiding smudges and imperfections than any other material. The finish looks much better in dark granite. For you to maintain a great look, countertop contractors Potomac recommend you clean the surfaces daily with a microfiber cloth and cleaner.