8 Types Of Granite Countertops

When homeowners visit countertop stores, they want granite countertops. Did you know there are many types of these countertops in the market? The most common ones are:

Tiled granite

Often cheaper than other countertops in the market, tiled granite is made by placing tiles edge to edge then securing them with epoxy.

Although, it’s more affordable, tiled granite isn’t popular with most homeowners. This is because it’s high maintenance. Also, many homeowners don’t like its look so most homeowners opt for other types that are more grandiose.

Slab granite

These are the go-to countertops. When homeowners say they have installed granite in their homes, these are usually what they install.

They are made of a solid piece of granite fabricated off-site then customized to fit the dimensions of the surfaces you are looking to install —whether kitchen or bathroom.

Due to their design, the countertops are expensive. Fortunately, they are elegant to look at.

Since they are heavy and difficult to install, you should only have them installed by a professional. The professional will also ensure they don’t break or crack. After all, you wouldn’t want your countertops you have spent a huge chunk of your cash to get damaged, would you?

Modular granite

These are pre-cut mini slabs that are often already fabricated into standard sizes and shapes to fit most standard kitchens and bathrooms.

If your surfaces don’t meet the standard sizes, you can still install the countertops, but you should be ready to deal with large seams that may be ugly to look at.

Since they are light and easy to install, they are loved by many DIY enthusiasts.


Many homeowners shy away from black granite as it doesn’t show the veining like the lighter slabs. While the veins aren’t as visible as when you have white countertops, black comes with plenty of benefits. One of the benefits is that it sparkles more than the other types.

If considering installing the black color in your home, pair it with white cabinets for a modern classic look.

White granite

This is the go-to color for most homeowners, especially those looking for an elegant look. Some inexperienced homeowners avoid it as they have the impression that it will be plain and featureless.

Since granite is obtained from a natural stone, it doesn’t come in only one color. It has plenty of other minor colors in it that give it more character and make it more interesting.

For a great look, pair it with wooden cabinetry or with white or black cabinets.

Beige granite

Although, it almost resembles white granite, beige is more welcoming to homeowners. This is because it has more colors that give it more character. The countertop tends to have spots of black, gray, and black mixed in.

Due to its color, you can use it in a wide range of applications including traditional, country, and even in classic homes.

Brown granite

A tad darker than beige, brown granite looks excellent when paired with light wooden cabinets. Although, you can use it in different applications, it looks excellent in rustic and country style kitchens where it makes the house feel homey and warm.

Since it doesn’t contrast too strongly, it highlights the woodwork in the room which gives any house an inviting look.

Jewel-toned granite

You won’t find this granite in most homes but it’s excellent when used as a focal point in a toned-down kitchen. Green or red based granite looks excellent in an Asian style kitchen. For an elegant look, go for cabinets that aren’t too bright as they will clash with the countertops.

The secret to finding the right granite

With so many options to choose from, it can be confusing to tell the right one for your home. When making the purchase, you should note the countertops might look perfect in the countertop store but otherwise in your home.

To avoid shelling out a lot of cash for slabs you won’t be proud of, before you place a huge order, granite installers Rockville recommend you first go with a few pieces to your home and see how they blend with your floor, cabinets, appliances, and other parts of the house.