How Can You Get The Most From Granite Countertops?

In addition to being beautiful, granite countertops offer an excellent return on investment. When you install the right countertops, you significantly improve the look of the entire room and keep it looking fabulous for years, if not decades. It’s no doubt granite is a significant investment and one you will be proud of for years.

The only catch is that you have to buy the right countertops and install them professionally. Luckily, you can do it using these tips:

Always view the entire granite slabs

When you visit the granite stores, the countertop company will show you countertop pieces. If you aren’t experienced, you will be satisfied with the pieces, which ends up being problematic.

Since granite is a natural stone, it varies widely in color, veining, and patterns. These variations don’t appear accurately on countertop pieces, so you might be mistaken about how the countertops will look upon installation.

To avoid surprises, ask the countertop company to show you the entire slab so you can be aware of the color variations and veins. Keenly inspect the slab keeping your eyes out for areas that show significant variations and where the contractors will place a seam between two slabs.

To reduce the number of seams that will be on your countertops, select the largest granite slab. Granite slabs are often available in sizes of up to 10 feet in length. You should note that while they significantly reduce the number of seams, they are often brittle and heavy to handle and transport. So you should be ready to make the sacrifice.

Strive to keep the countertop prices down

Due to the popularity of the countertops, some sellers tend to markup their prices to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. For you to avoid buying the countertops at extremely high prices, take time to do your research.

Visit different companies and see what they have in store. Expect the prices to vary depending on the location of the company and the quality of the stone.

Of course, avoid companies located in high-end areas as they will be more expensive due to the high rent. You also should avoid the big chain stores. In addition to selling countertop stones at high prices, they also don’t have variety, so you are stuck with only a few options.

While you should strive to keep the prices as low as possible, be cautious of a company selling the countertops at meager prices. The chances are that the slabs aren’t genuine and will come apart after a few months.

Take time and hire the right installation company

If you are like other homeowners, when you are looking for an installation company, you go online and key in your search term. You then proceed to contact the first company that shows up first in the search results. Don’t do this.

You are better off working with a contractor with a proven record. So the first thing you should do is to ask your friends and relatives that recently installed countertops about the contractor they used.

You also should visit the review sites and see some of the top-rated contractors in your area. Select a few and schedule an interview.

During the interview, ask them how they are going to install the countertops, how they are going to address the issues in your kitchen, and any other questions that will help you gauge their expertise.

Once you have found an ideal contractor, have a written quote. This will protect you from future attempts by the contractor to increase the price.

Go for a simple design

Although every homeowner wants a new look for their home, you shouldn’t go for an intricate countertop design that is not only expensive, but also hard to execute.

You should note that the countertop installation professional charges depending on several factors such as the size of the work surface, presence of matching backsplash, presence of cutouts for fixtures and plumbing, and other details.

A design doesn’t have to be complex to be elegant. Work with experienced granite countertop installers Rockville and install a simple design that will cost you less to install and last for a long time.

Parting shot

For you to install countertops, you will be proud of for years, buy a high-quality slab, and ensure an experienced contractor installs it.



What Should You Look Out For When Hiring Granite Installers?

Choosing the right granite slab for your kitchen or bathroom is fun. You see the slab in the showroom, you take a sample home and see how it looks on your counters, then go back to the store and make the purchase.

After buying the most appealing countertop slab, you move onto the next stage—finding the best granite installers. The contractor you hire can make or break your project; therefore, you should take your time and ensure you hire the right one.

What should you pay attention to when hiring?


Has the contractor worked with other homeowners in the past? This is vital as it will give you peace of mind that the contractor knows what they are doing. An experienced contractor will have references of people they have worked with before.

Ask for their contacts and go ahead and reach out to them. Ask them about their experience with the contractor, how long the contractor took to complete the project, and any other details that will help you make an informed decision.

While an installer affiliated with a showroom will be experienced, you should avoid them as the showroom often pays them less; hence they are less likely to give you an excellent service. If you have the budget, you are better off finding your contractor.

Photos of previous work

In addition to asking for people the contractor has worked with before, you also should ask to see pictures of projects they have handled before. Experienced contractors will be eager to show you their work, and this is a good sign.

Carefully go through the photos and confirm they aren’t all the same. If they are similar, it means the contractor is only experienced at installing pre-cut counters, which isn’t good. You want an all-around contractor.

You also should be on the lookout for the nature of the installation. If most of them are counter installations, that is a good sign, but if most of them are flooring installations, you have a reason to worry. For a great experience, go with a contractor who is more concerned with countertop projects.

Ask about cuts, edging, and seams

The granite batch you buy from determines how the contractors will handle the project. If the batch requires the contractors to join many slabs, you should discuss it in length before the project commences.

Experienced installers will be excited telling you about the different joining options that will result in a seamless surface based on the pattern variations on the slabs.

When discussing the edges, the experts will present ideas that are not only possible for the grade of stone you bought, but those that will also be aesthetically pleasing depending on your kitchen cabinets.

You also should get to see their equipment. Modern equipment creates accurate and clean cuts and beautiful seams. Even if you have never seen any granite cutting tool, you can easily tell a modern from an antique tool, so don’t be scared about asking to see the tools of work.

Area of expertise

Granite technicians can specialize in two areas: installation and fabrication. While you will be more interested in a person who specializes in countertop installation, you also want someone with fabrication experience.

This is because you are bound to come across areas that the contractor will need to fabricate.


How much is the contractor charging for their services? The amount charged greatly determines whether you will hire the contractor or not. You should note that high fees don’t always mean the contractor will give you an excellent service.

At the same time, you shouldn’t go for the cheapest contractor as they are most likely inexperienced; hence they will most likely provide you with substandard services.

The best way out is to identify a contractor who provides you with excellent service at an affordable price.

You should note that some contractors will give you a low quotation but end up selling you later on, so the project ends up being too expensive.

To lock the price, get a written quotation from the contractor.

When you are searching for good granite countertop installers Potomac, you should get quotations from two or more contractors. This way, you have an opportunity of comparing their services and fees.



7 Ways You Are Destroying Your Granite Countertops

Did you know you could be destroying your granite countertops without even knowing? Here is how you could be doing it:

Failing to use a cutting board

Granite slabs are tough, so nothing can destroy them, right? Wrong. When you cut directly on the countertops, fine scratches develop that disrupt the waterproof sealant on most countertops. This makes the countertops more susceptible to damage.

Placing vegetables directly on the countertops is also harmful as the vegetables tend to contain acids that etch at the countertops leading to damage.

For you to keep the countertops in top shape, avoid cutting anything directly on them. The best way out is always to have a cutting board in place.

Putting the car keys on the countertops

After a long day at work, what do you do? You throw the car keys on the countertops, right? This is wrong because the keys cause scratches on the countertops.

Just as you shouldn’t place keys on the countertops, you also shouldn’t place handbags there either. The metal dots on the bottom of the bags scratch the countertops leading to damage.

What should you do?

You should create a specific area to place the keys after work. Most people have a unique bowl at the door entrance to place the keys. You should place one there too. For the handbags, hang a few nails on the door where you will be hanging your bag after work.

Using the wrong cleaning products

Did you know that the cleaning products you use to clean kitchen countertops has a significant impact on the life of your countertops? As a rule of thumb, don’t use vinegar as it dulls the countertops. You also should avoid products that are too acidic as they are known to destroy the countertops.

If you regularly clean your countertops, soap and water are enough to leave your countertops in top shape. If you have to use cleaning products, find those that are specifically designed for your countertops.

Placing frozen food on the countertops

It’s common for homeowners to place frozen foods on their countertops when unpacking their groceries. This is wrong as the moisture from the frozen foods ends up damaging the countertops.

You should place the foods in another area way from the countertops such as on the floor. If you have to use the countertops, lay a plastic paper before placing the foods. This way, you prevent the water from getting to the countertops.

After unpacking the groceries, wipe the countertops thoroughly to prevent stains from coming about.

Placing hot appliances on the countertops

Even if your countertops are tough, heat from heat-producing appliances such as ovens can destroy them. So always work at preventing damage to the countertops as much as possible. You can easily do this by placing a barrier between the appliances and countertops.

You can use a dish towel, plate, or cutting board.

Failing to clean the spills when they happen

When spills happen, some homeowners ignore them as they feel that their countertops are sealed; hence they can’t allow the liquids to get in. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Even if you have sealed your countertops with the highest quality countertop sealing products, liquids are bound to pass through if you allow them to sit on the countertops for a long time.

As you might guess, for you to prevent the spills from destroying your countertops, you should get rid of them immediately. To prevent spills, have coasters in place all the time.

Placing heavy objects near the edges

This often happens when homeowners are from grocery stores. They will come with heavy grocery loads and put them on the sides of the countertops. If the edges or joints are unsupported, they will fracture, crack, or even rupture.

When you are back in the house from the grocery store, place the groceries on the floor. If you have to put them on the countertops, place them at the center—not on the edges.

Just as you shouldn’t place heavy loads on the countertops, granite countertop installers Rockville also advise against standing or sitting on the countertops. You also shouldn’t place heavy kitchen appliances such as microwaves on the surfaces.



Factors to Consider When Choosing the Granite Counter top Color for Your Kitchen

Installing a granite kitchen countertop in your home will increase the appeal of your home and make it more functional. It’s imperative to ensure that you get the right color of the granite to give your house a fantastic look. Granite is available in different unique colors that give your kitchen an artist look. Make sure that you choose the color that works for you and that matches your kitchen cabinets or complements the appliances in your kitchen. Consult the granite contractor on the best color for your home. In this article, we tell you the factors to consider when choosing the color of granite to use in your kitchen. Whether it’s a new kitchen or a, remodel its important to choose the right color.

How to Pick the Right Granite Countertop Color

  • Get all the Materials

It’s important to ensure that you get all the details about your kitchen. Be detailed oriented about the features, appliances, cabinets, and flooring in your kitchen. Visit the granite companies with aspects of your kitchen, and they will guide on the best color for your home. Make sure the color you choose complements or matches on the features in your home. If you have dark cabinets, a dark granite countertop will make the kitchen appear dark. Depending on the color of the cabinets ensure that your kitchen doesn’t look too dull. You can take pictures to the granite countertop installers and consult on the best granite color.

  • Visit Different Showrooms

It might be tempting to check the website of the granite company and see what they have. It’s, however, better to visit the showroom. Fine patterns may not be very clear even in the best photo. Visiting the showroom will also give you first-hand experience, and you can select the granite color for your kitchen. Consult the granite contractor on what color is best for your kitchen.

  • Consider the Lighting

No matter how beautiful the granite slab is, poor lighting will make the kitchen appear dull. Investing in good lighting is important. If there is natural light that penetrates your kitchen, then you can use dark colors like black, blue. However, if there is no natural lighting consider using brighter colors such as white. Additional pendant lighting will make your kitchen more gorgeous. Adding a pendant will enhance the beauty of the granite and the kitchen.

Other Considerations to Make When Choosing Granite Countertops

One of the major consideration you should make when choosing a countertop is the color. Granite comes in endless colors. Make sure the color you choose coordinates with other features in the room. Ensure that you match the color well to bring out a coordinated kitchen. Below are other considerations you should make when installing a granite countertop

  • Countertop Edge

There are many edges you can choose from. Ensure that the edge you choose doesn’t make the countertop less functional. Consult the countertop dealer on the best edge for your home. A beveled edge will give your kitchen a contemporary look. Choose an edge that will bring out your style and one that will make your countertop functional.

  • Countertop Finish

The countertop can either be honed, leathered or polished. A polished surface is the most popular countertop finish. Visit the granite company and choose a finish that will fit your home.

  • The Granite Countertop Installer

The installation process is key, and it’s paramount to ensure that it’s done professionally. Work with a licensed granite contractor who has experience in installing and sealing the granite countertop. Make sure that the seams are not visible.

Selecting the right color of the granite will require skills and expertise and its therefore important to visit the granite company. The experts at the granite company will help you choose the right countertop color that will bring out your style and give your kitchen a gorgeous look. The right installation is key to a beautiful outcome, and you need to ensure that the granite is installed by a professional granite installer Rockville. The granite installer should also seal your granite countertop to make it stain resistant. Consult the granite contractor on the right care procedure to follow. A well-maintained granite countertop will last a lifetime.




How to Take Care of your Kitchen Counter tops

It’s essential that you take care of your countertops to ensure they have a timeless look. Different countertops require different care procedures, and it’s important that you understand how to care for your countertop. In this article, we look at how to take care of different countertops and ensure they last longer.  Consult the granite contractor on how best to clean your countertop. The care procedure you follow will depend on the function of the countertop.

How to Take Care of Your Countertops

Granite Countertop

  • Cleaning

Use a warm, mild detergent and a soft cloth to clean the granite countertop after use. Avoid abrasive scouring pads because that may scratch the countertop.

  • Removing Stains

If you notice stains on your countertop make a paste from baking soda, water, diluted ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide and apply on the stain. Scrub gently and then rinse thoroughly. You may need to apply it often to remove the stain. It’s however important that you consult the granite countertop dealer on how best to deal with the specific stain on your countertop

  • Sealing the countertop

The granite installer will seal your countertop after installation. If your countertop needs to be sealed after years of use its best to let the granite countertop installers do the sealing process. Make sure the sealant used is of high quality.

How to Clean Marble countertops

  • Cleaning

When cleaning the marble use warm, mild detergent and a soft cloth to clean after use. Don’t use acidic cleaners on the countertop.

  • Stain removal

Depending on the kind of stain make a paste using baking soda, water, and hydrogen peroxide. Apply the paste on the stain and cover it for a while and then rinse it off. It’s important that you consult the countertop installers before using the mixture to avoid damaging the countertop

  • Sealing

Sealing will help protect your countertop from stains, and it’s important that it’s done professionally. Let the contractors do the sealing to ensure that it’s done professionally.

How to Clean Quartz Countertops and Engineered stone countertops

Below are simple steps on how to maintain your quartz and engineered stone countertops

  • Cleaning

The countertops are made of quartz crystal and resin, and they require minimal maintenance. They can be cleaned using mild soap and water.

  • Stain Removal

Quartz and engineered stone countertops are stain resistant but in case of a persistent stain use a nonabrasive sponge or glass cleaner.

  • Sealing

Quartz countertops and engineered countertops don’t require sealing because they are nonporous.

Tips to Keep Your Countertop Looking Good

  • Refinish your old countertop

If your countertop is old cleaning may not give it a good look. Give your countertop, a new look apply a new layer of the sealant and polish the countertop. Consult the granite countertop installers on how best to refinish your countertop.

  • Understand your countertop material

It’s important to know the countertop material you have and how to maintain it. Clean the kitchen countertop with materials that will not cause damage. consult the granite installer on how best to maintain your countertop

  • Develop a Maintenance Schedule

It’s important to ensure that you care for your countertop often. Create a cleaning schedule for daily cleaning and monthly cleaning. You can deep clean the countertop once per month. Make sure you follow the sealing schedule.

  • Organize your Kitchen

Avoid making your countertop a storage place. To make your countertop last long avoid placing heavy items on the countertop. Organize your kitchen and ensure that you declutter your countertop.

  •  Use Natural solutions to clean your countertop

Unless your countertop is stained avoid using detergents with strong chemicals to clean your countertop. Natural cleaning solutions will leave the countertop looking good for long. It’s therefore important to ensure the detergent use don’t cause the countertop to lose their shine.

  • Clean spills immediately

You can’t avoid spills, and it’s important to ensure they are cleaned immediately. If a spill sits on the countertop for long, it will cause a stain. Use a damp cloth and a mild detergent to clean the spills.

Proper cleaning and care of your kitchen countertop will ensure they last longer. Make sure you consult the granite-quartz installers Rockville on how best to take care of your countertop. Make sure you develop a cleaning schedule and follow it diligently. The above simple Maintenance tips will make your countertop more durable.



How to Seal Your Granite Counter top

Granite countertops are one of the most beautiful investment you can add to your kitchen. It’s important that you follow care and maintenance procedures to ensure that it last longer. Sealing your granite countertop will not only make it last longer but will also ensure that it doesn’t harbour bacteria and will look good for longer. The granite countertop installer will seal the granite before installation to make sure that your countertop is nonporous.

Why You  Should Seal Your Granite Countertop

  • Make the countertop stain resistant

Sealing the countertop will ensure that spills don’t penetrate the granite countertop.

  • Prevent Etching

When sealed the countertop will not etch due to acidic spills

  • Durability

Sealing the countertop will help prevent the countertop from exposure to elements that will damage the countertop.

Choosing the Right Sealant

There are different kinds of sealant to choose from and it’s important you ensure that the granite contractor uses the right one. The sealant needs to penetrate as deep as possible because that will ensure that the countertop is stain resistant, and keep away bacteria. After sealing wash the top with mild detergent, water, and a soft cloth. Make sure you use the detergent meant for granite countertops.

Make sure that the sealing process is done by a professional who knows how to seal the granite using high-quality sealing products. A high-quality sealant will keep away moisture and ensure there are no bacteria. Other liquids such oil that may cause stains will also not penetrate the countertop. Below some qualities of good granite countertop sealers. Its best to buy the granite from the granite company, the experts will do the sealing and installation for you.

  • Doesn’t alter the colour of the countertop

A good sealant will not alter the colour of the countertop. Make sure the sealant used will not change how the veins of the countertop appear

  • Dries quickly

The sealant should dry quickly. The sealant that takes too long to dry may not be effective

  • Efficient

The sealant should seal out water and any other liquids after application on the countertop

  • Usable on most countertops

Use a sealant that works on most countertops

How to Test Whether a sealant is Effective

Pour ¼ cup of water on the countertop. Leave the water for a while to see whether the water will be absorbed

After waiting for about 30minutes check whether the water has been absorbed. Depending  on how fast the sealant is absorbed seal your countertop often

How to Seal Countertops

It’s best to let the granite countertop dealer seal your kitchen countertop. That will ensure a successful sealing process with no risk of the countertop absorbing liquids and staining. However below is the process  to follow while sealing your countertop

  • Clean the counter with water, mild soap and a cotton cloth. Get a dry cloth and make sure there is no water on the countertop. You can give it a few minutes to ensure its dry
  • Make sure the countertop is completely dry and using a clean cloth apply the sealant. Use a lint free cloth when applying the sealant
  • Dip the cloth into the sealant and wet it. wipe the sealant on the countertop making sure that the whole surface has the sealant. Make sure even the edges are soaked.
  • Give the countertop time to dry and then apply a second coat of the sealant. Let the second layer dry. Give the sealant 24 hours to dry completely. During the 24 hours don’t use the countertop to prepare food.
  • You can carry out the water test to ensure the sealing process is effective.

Sealing your granite countertop properly will ensure you keep out bacteria, prevent staining giving your countertop the chance to last a lifetime. Make sure after you seal your countertop you follow the right maintenance procedure.

Most granite installers  Rockville will seal the countertop before installing it, however, if you already have a granite countertop installed the granite contractor will advise you on the number of times you seal your countertop depending on how often you use it. The countertop dealer will assess how often your countertop is used and advise how often it should be sealed. Make sure you follow the sealing schedule to avoid staining and damaging the countertop with liquids




How to Clean and Take Care of Your Outdoor Kitchen Counter tops

Your outdoor kitchen countertop makes your home more appealing and its therefore important that you keep the countertop clean and well mantained.  Its imperative that your countertop is well maintained to keep your outdoor kitchen looking beautiful for years. Your granite countertop installers Rockville will advise you on how best to take care if your countertop depending on the functionality of your kitchen. The outdoor kitchen countertop is an investment and it’s therefore important that you follow the right maintenance and care procedure.

Consideration to Make when Choosing an Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material

  • Functionality

It’s important to consider the use of the outdoor kitchen. If it’s a  busy kitchen consider using granite countertop as its one of the best material that will last for years and still look good.

  • Environment

Some countertop materials will fade and lose shine in a harsh environment. It’s therefore important that you choose a material that can withstand all the weather elements. Marble countertops may fade with time and you need to choose a countertop material that can withstand the weather elements without fading or crumbling.

  • Style

What style does want to bring out? Talk to the expert at the granite company and they will advise you on which is the best material for your outdoor kitchen.

  • Budget

Consider your budget and choose the material that fits your budget. The quartz countertop dealers will be able to give a quotation on the various materials available and the cost of each.

Cleaning and taking care of your  Outdoor Granite Countertops

The granite countertop installer will give tips and advise on how to keep your granite countertop looking good. The granite countertop should be sealed after installation and the sealant should be well maintained to prevent your countertop from damage. Depending on how often you use your outdoor kitchen make sure your granite kitchen countertop is well taken care of and maintained. Below some steps on how to take care of your outdoor kitchen countertop 

  • Clean your countertop regularly. Make sure that you clean the countertop every day using mild water and soap to clean your countertop after use. Avoid abrasive cleaning materials as that will make the top dull.
  • Avoid overloading the countertop. When not in use make sure that there are no objects placed on the countertop. Don’t sit or stand on the countertop.
  • In case of tough stains use baking soda paste to clean the countertop. Once you have mixed baking powder with water, apply it on the countertop and let it sit for minutes before cleaning it off. Make sure you clean off any spill immediately.
  • While cutting meat and other foodstuffs avoid cutting directly as that will result in scratch marks.
  •  If you are not using the countertop for prolonged periods make sure your countertop is well protected from the harsh weather. You can install shade over the countertop. Even the best countertop will fade under harsh weather conditions.
  • Clean your granite with shine enhancer  from time to time to keep it looking good

Taking care of  Outdoor Engineered Stone countertops

Engineered stone is made from minerals and held together by a resin binder. Examples of engineered stone include quartz countertop, engineered marble, and polymer concrete.

Cleaning Engineered countertops

  • Engineered stone is nonporous making it easy to clean and maintain. To clean the countertop use warm water and soap.
  • Use nonabrasive cleaners to avoid damaging the countertop
  • When scrubbing off stuck foodstuff use a plastic putty knife.

Tips to Keep your Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Looking Good

  • Make sure your granite countertop is properly sealed.
  • Cover your countertop when  not in use to protect it from the harsh weather elements
  • Clean the countertop after use. In case of stains speak to the quartz countertop installers on the best combination to clean the countertop
  • Make sure you use the right countertop material for your outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen lets your family enjoy a meal away from the hot kitchen. It’s therefore important that you take good care of the countertop. Make sure that you speak to the granite -Quartz installers on how best to take care of your countertop. How well you take care of the granite countertop or the quartz ocuntertop will determine how durable and good looking it will be.



How to Choose a Counter top Replacement Company

Your kitchen is the heart of every home and plays a crucial role. Its the room where people meet to eat, cook and have a good laugh and it’s therefore important that features and accessories that you install give it the regal effect. A lot happens in the kitchen and the kitchen countertop can take a beating from all this or even break in the process. To replace the countertop, you need to find a countertop replacement companies to perk up the value of your kitchen. Wondering how to pick out the best countertop replacement company? Keep it here for an in-depth analysis of how can choose the best team for the job.

How to Select the Best Kitchen Countertop

There are different kinds of kitchen countertop materials. They are;

  • Quartz Kitchen Countertops
  • Granite countertops
  • Engineered stone countertops

Below are the some of the factors you should consider when choosing a kitchen countertop

  • Budget

Different countertop materials have different cost and before you choose a material to visit the granite company and get a quote on different material. Make sure that the cost of the materials and installation is included in the quote. Choose the one that that fits in your budget.

  • Use of the Countertop

Consider the use of the countertop and the reason for replacement. If you are replacing a broken countertop due to a higher kitchen traffic consider choosing a countertop that can handle the high traffic. Granite countertops work well in high traffic areas and doesn’t fade from direct sunlight exposure. Your granite countertop installers will help you choose the one that is perfect for your kitchen.

  • Style

What style do you want your kitchen to have? Make sure the material you choose bring out the visual look you want. Granite countertops have a natural look and feel and their look is timeless.

Once you have chosen the kitchen countertop that suits you, its now time to choose your countertop replacement company.

How to Choose a Countertop Replacement Company

The installation company plays a major role in the final kitchen look and its imperative that you pick the right team. Below are tips to help you pick the right countertop installers.

  • Expertise and Experience

Visit several countertops replacement companies and get to meet the team. Ask questions to be able to gauge their expertise. Ask to see past projects and gauge how well they have been executed. Choose a team that is knowledgeable and a vast experience. Check and ensure they have the right credentials and if they belong to an accredited organization. Make sure the team has necessary knowledge on the countertop you have chosen. Interview several companies and choose one that has the required expertise.

  • Ask for Recommendations

Choose a company whose work you have verified and loved. Ask your friends and family for the recommendations of companies that fixed their granite countertops or Quartz countertops. Pick the best out of the pack.

  • Get a quotation

Ask for a quotation from the companies and choose the one that fits in your budget. It’s important that you ensure that you choose quality over price. Make sure the quotation you get includes all the costs involved and look out for any extra charges.

  • Choose a company with the necessary equipment

Hiring countertops cutting materials will increase the cost of the kitchen countertop. Make sure the company you pick has the right cutting materials and any other materials that are required during the replacement.

Review the quotations you have received and ask any questions that you may have. Choose the company that has the right level of expertise and skills to do a perfect job. If two have the same quality of the job, choose the one offering a lower price. Make sure you gather as much information as possible on the company you choose. The granite-quartz countertops installers Rockville you choose should have the knowledge and expertise to give your kitchen a regal finish.

Once you have settled on the company of choice sign the quotation and work contract. Arrange details on when the work will be done. Make a schedule and if possible be part of the installation process. Make sure you communicate your expectations to the team before and during the installation.



Granite Counter top Installation Process

Installing a granite countertop in your kitchen is one of the best investment to perk up the value of the house. The process of choosing and installing the granite can be overwhelming and in this post, we guide you on what to expect during the installation. The first step is to get a professional granite installer to help you choose the best granite edges and the best color for your kitchen. Your choice of granite should leave your kitchen trendy and up to date.

Granite Installation Process

  • Visit the Showroom

You start by visiting the granite company and visiting the showroom to see the various granite samples available. Learn about the various granites available, various colors and the pricing for each. Ask the granite  countertop installer the price per square foot for each color and the labor cost for installation.

  • Decide on your Sink

Choose the sink that you want to be installed in you’re the kitchen countertop. It’s important that you decide the sink to use because the granite contractor will need to cut the granite out of the space occupied by the sink.

  • Choose the Granite Edge profile

The edge profile is the outer edge look of the kitchen countertop. Choose the edge that works for your depending on the kitchen size and safety.

  • Install the Granite

On the installation day, the granite fabricator will bring the slab home and set in place. The cabinets that hold the weight of the granite should be ready and installed. The granite countertop should handle with care to avoid breaking or cracking. The granite countertop installers will make sure there is space for the faucet and the granite is properly placed on top of the cabinets. It will take approximately two hours to complete the installation but that depends on the size of granite. If you have the time, it’s important that you take part in the process. Let the expert explain the process to you as that will guide you on what to expect.  Confirm details such how the granite countertops will be attached to the cabinets, what will be used on the backsplash and any other query that you may have.

Tips to Ensure a Smooth Granite Countertop Installation

  • Prepare the cabinets for the granite installation before the granite arrives. That will save you hassles of storing the granite
  • Talk to the granite installers on where the seams will be to make the cutting of the granite easier
  • Choose the sink before you choose the granite
  • Let the granite installer visit your home to determine how the countertop will line up with the oven

How to Choose a Granite Installer

The result of your kitchen countertop will depend on the expertise of your granite countertop installer and it’s therefore important that the one you choose has the required skills and knowledge

  • Expertise and Knowledge

Make sure the installer you choose has previous experience and the required expertise for a professional outcome. Granite is a huge investment and you, therefore, need a person who is a granite who will bring the best out and leave your kitchen looking trendy. Ensure that the installer has all the required tools that they will need during installation. Ask family and friends for a recommendation and visit the previous site to view the works done

  • Labour Cost

Before you choose the installer to get several quotes from the granite companies and compare. Choose one that charges a fair price and ensures all the cost are included. Make sure the granite cost, transportation, installation cost and any other accessories cost is part of the quotation.

The first step to a professional installation is understanding the process and clearly stating the expectation. View other installations to have a visual picture of what you expect and ask questions during the installation process. It’s imperative that you make sure your installation is quality and perfect and its therefore important that the granite company you choose should have the skilled granite installers Rockville. That will make the installation process easy. Make sure you gather as much information as possible as this will help you know the perfect installation. Once the installation is done add all the accessories your kitchen need and enjoy your beautiful kitchen.



6 Most Stylish Kitchen Counter top Edges

The shape of your countertop edge can have a huge impact on your kitchen as it plays a major role in safety, cleanliness of your kitchen and the aesthetics of your kitchen. Your quartz kitchen countertop edge is important to the final visual look of your kitchen. The edge profile is the surface you will come into contact as you make the delicious dishes in your kitchen and it’s therefore important that the edge you choose can be maintained easily and guarantee safety. The granite installers or the quartz countertop installer will play a key role in helping you choose the edge profile that suits your kitchen.

Types of Countertop Edge Profile

  • Eased Edges

The profile has all sides squared and its one of the most basic kitchen countertop edges. The basic edges are square with a slightly eased top and it’s the simplest and most commonly used edge profile. The edge profile will give your granite countertop a thick look especially if you have a small kitchen. If you want minimal cleaning then this is the profile to have on your quartz countertop.It’s important that you involve an expert to be able to choose the right edge for your countertop.


  • Gives your kitchen a clean, contemporary look
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Bullnose Edges

The edge profile works well with different kitchen countertop materials and its one of the versatile edge profile. Its characterized by rounded edges from the top to bottom making it delicate. Its suitable for high traffic areas, and where you have kids going in and out of the kitchen. The half bull nose is mostly used on granite countertops giving your kitchen a more elegant look. The bullnose edges will make your countertop thicker and highlight the beauty of your countertop. The edge profile is not recommended for wet areas.


  • Gives your countertop timeless appeal
  • Soft rounded edges for safety


  • Bevelled Edges

The clipped flat corner shaped with a 45-degree bevelled edges will give your kitchen a contemporary look. They are easier to clean but when there are spills they tend to spread too quickly. You can ask the granite installer to customize the countertop edges and angles to match your needs and enhance the edges. The bevel can either be single bevel or double bevel

Single Bevel is a popular edge used on granite countertops usually has a 45 degree

Double Bevel will work best if you want a greater impact and extra dimension for your countertop. It has double 45 degrees at the top and the bottom. It will make your kitchen appear more luxurious and brighter


  • Gives your countertop greater accent edge and also gives the countertop a classic look


  • Ogee Edges

The profile has a waterfall like an appearance with a dip and then a less gradual dip. Its labor intensive and is considered one of the classic and dignified profiles. It will be more expensive than the other edges as it requires more time and labor. The ogee edges work best in large spaces and require greater care when it comes to cleaning and maintenance


  • Gives your kitchen a classic and regal effect


  • Chiseled Edges

The chiseled edges resemble rough stones and it gives you a more natural look. Its perfect for that outdoor kitchen. To ensure safety you have the edges sealed. The chiseled edges are unique and it’s perfect if you want to make a design statement.


  • Gives your outdoor kitchen the natural look you are trying to achieve


  • Laminated Ogee over the full Bullnose

When the second layer of granite is placed over the bottom edge of your countertop, then it’s said to be laminated. That will make the countertop appear thicker allowing you to have a variety of edges. The edge profile will be costly but gives your house a complicated and elegant look.

It’s important that your edge is done by the granite installer with the expertise to avoid damaging the kitchen countertop. The quartz-granite countertop installers Rockville will advise the best countertop edges for each countertop material and what suits your kitchen depending on the traffic, kitchen style you want and the budget. The edge profile that you choose will greatly impact the final look of your kitchen, therefore choose a design that makes you kitchen elegant and outstanding.