How to Clean and Take Care of Your Outdoor Kitchen Counter tops

Your outdoor kitchen countertop makes your home more appealing and its therefore important that you keep the countertop clean and well mantained.  Its imperative that your countertop is well maintained to keep your outdoor kitchen looking beautiful for years. Your granite countertop installers Rockville will advise you on how best to take care if your countertop depending on the functionality of your kitchen. The outdoor kitchen countertop is an investment and it’s therefore important that you follow the right maintenance and care procedure.

Consideration to Make when Choosing an Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material

  • Functionality

It’s important to consider the use of the outdoor kitchen. If it’s a  busy kitchen consider using granite countertop as its one of the best material that will last for years and still look good.

  • Environment

Some countertop materials will fade and lose shine in a harsh environment. It’s therefore important that you choose a material that can withstand all the weather elements. Marble countertops may fade with time and you need to choose a countertop material that can withstand the weather elements without fading or crumbling.

  • Style

What style does want to bring out? Talk to the expert at the granite company and they will advise you on which is the best material for your outdoor kitchen.

  • Budget

Consider your budget and choose the material that fits your budget. The quartz countertop dealers will be able to give a quotation on the various materials available and the cost of each.

Cleaning and taking care of your  Outdoor Granite Countertops

The granite countertop installer will give tips and advise on how to keep your granite countertop looking good. The granite countertop should be sealed after installation and the sealant should be well maintained to prevent your countertop from damage. Depending on how often you use your outdoor kitchen make sure your granite kitchen countertop is well taken care of and maintained. Below some steps on how to take care of your outdoor kitchen countertop 

  • Clean your countertop regularly. Make sure that you clean the countertop every day using mild water and soap to clean your countertop after use. Avoid abrasive cleaning materials as that will make the top dull.
  • Avoid overloading the countertop. When not in use make sure that there are no objects placed on the countertop. Don’t sit or stand on the countertop.
  • In case of tough stains use baking soda paste to clean the countertop. Once you have mixed baking powder with water, apply it on the countertop and let it sit for minutes before cleaning it off. Make sure you clean off any spill immediately.
  • While cutting meat and other foodstuffs avoid cutting directly as that will result in scratch marks.
  •  If you are not using the countertop for prolonged periods make sure your countertop is well protected from the harsh weather. You can install shade over the countertop. Even the best countertop will fade under harsh weather conditions.
  • Clean your granite with shine enhancer  from time to time to keep it looking good

Taking care of  Outdoor Engineered Stone countertops

Engineered stone is made from minerals and held together by a resin binder. Examples of engineered stone include quartz countertop, engineered marble, and polymer concrete.

Cleaning Engineered countertops

  • Engineered stone is nonporous making it easy to clean and maintain. To clean the countertop use warm water and soap.
  • Use nonabrasive cleaners to avoid damaging the countertop
  • When scrubbing off stuck foodstuff use a plastic putty knife.

Tips to Keep your Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Looking Good

  • Make sure your granite countertop is properly sealed.
  • Cover your countertop when  not in use to protect it from the harsh weather elements
  • Clean the countertop after use. In case of stains speak to the quartz countertop installers on the best combination to clean the countertop
  • Make sure you use the right countertop material for your outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen lets your family enjoy a meal away from the hot kitchen. It’s therefore important that you take good care of the countertop. Make sure that you speak to the granite -Quartz installers on how best to take care of your countertop. How well you take care of the granite countertop or the quartz ocuntertop will determine how durable and good looking it will be.