Why Kitchen Repairs and Renovations in a Rental Property Should Be Addressed Now

If you have a rental property, it is a must that you make the necessary repairs and other improvements to attract potential tenants. After all, a nice-looking house or apartment unit can do a lot in attracting potential property renters. You can do either simple repairs or a major overhaul, depending on the need. For example, you can choose quality quartz countertops or granite countertops for your kitchen.

Speaking of which, one of the first rooms a lot of tenants would check out is the kitchen. It is where most of a tenant’s daily activities would likely take place. More so, it can influence a potential tenant’s decision to avail the property for rent. But for landlords, doing kitchen renovations may not be as easy as it seems although still achievable.

Getting started

Rental property renovations can be challenging and even expensive in some cases. That is why a lot of landlords tend to put these supposedly urgent tasks in the metaphorical back seat. The same applies to planning for a kitchen renovation. Addressing kitchen repair and renovation concerns in your rental property will benefit not only the tenants but also you as a landlord.

As mentioned, it can attract potential renters and think that the property is well-taken cared of. In effect, repairs and renovations can help in increasing your property’s market value. Most of all, addressing these concerns will prevent repairs and renovations in the future.

When planning for a repair or renovation, it can be tempting to keep up with the latest kitchen trends. One instance is choosing the right kitchen countertop such as granite countertops and other countertop options. Then again, trends come and go so it is better to choose kitchen materials that won’t easily go out of style.

Common kitchen renovation trends to avoid

Addressing kitchen repairs and renovation is important especially if you are a landlord. This is to avoid issues that can turn off a potential renter. Aside from that, it is also a reflection of you as a property owner and a property owner. However, make sure to avoid these common mistakes in renovating a rental property’s kitchen.

Using kitchen repair and construction items that are not eco-friendly

Given the increased environmental awareness these days, applying eco-friendly products can appeal especially among old and new-age millennials (around age 20s to 30s). One way is by using paint with little to none of the volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Likewise, use lightings with Energy Star label for optimum energy efficiency and conservation.

Presence of hanging pans and other kitchen utensils

Back then, it is normal to see hanging pans and pots in a household kitchen. Apparently, it makes the kitchen look homey. Apparently, times have changed and so the perception of modern homeowners. Instead of hanging pans and pots, you can have large kitchen drawers installed under quartz kitchen tops or other kitchen countertops.

Using faux wall painting finishes

For one thing, faux finishes are already things of the past. It can even turn off potential tenants. Instead, you can choose to paint with neutral shades because they are easier to maintain. You can also opt for wallpapers if you prefer to go fancy on your kitchen walls.

Things to consider in rental property kitchen renovation

Your budget will be a major factor in planning for a kitchen renovation/repair in your rental property. However, there are other things to consider before proceeding. These are the following.

Kitchen design preference

People especially potential renters have different preference when it comes to kitchen designs. For example, some tenants may prefer having engineered stone countertops while others might prefer other countertop materials. In such cases, it is better to choose a kitchen design that will be acceptable to the general public.


For one, choosing the right kitchen countertop material should be taken consideration as well. It is a major part of your kitchen where durability and quality should be among the top priority. Among popular countertop materials include granite countertops and quartz kitchen countertops. There are other countertop materials available in the market today.


For rental properties, it is better to buy electric appliances. Make sure it also suits your budget and made by trusted brands/manufacturers.


No matter what kind of kitchen materials you choose, you should put the future renters’ welfare on top of your list. If there are some parts of the house that need to be repaired, make sure to address it immediately to avoid worse issues in the future. Also, hire only the best countertop replacement companies in Rockville for your kitchen countertop needs.

Why Engineered Stone Countertops are a Good Addition to your Kitchen

A kitchen countertop is a great addition to your kitchen area. It can serve as an extension area when preparing and cooking your meals. High-quality countertops can also serve as your extra storage area. There are a lot of kitchen countertop materials you can choose from, such as engineered stone countertops.

What is an “engineered stone” countertop?

Technically, “engineered stone” is a term that refers to the combination of resin and crushed stone. The former serves as a binder that holds the material together and is specially made to form a durable and usable countertop material.

The crushed stone and resin binder are combined using pressure and heat method. The process results to a slab added pigments for coloration and polished for gloss or matte finishing. Engineered stone countertops are non-porous, which is a big plus if you are looking for a good countertop.

Countertops made from an engineered stone may also have quartz material in it. Quartz kitchen countertops are also popular. However, a lot of quartz countertops are not 100 percent quartz. Rather, some of these quartz kitchen tops have a combination of other materials other than quartz.

Benefits and downsides

Countertops made from engineered stone have its set of advantages other than aesthetic appeal. Among these are the following:

  1. Resembles natural stone

A slab of engineered stone resembles real stone slab material, including texture and color. However, engineered stone offers different tones and colors, unlike natural stone. Plus, it feels like natural stone, so it is also a good option if you are a fan of natural stone material.

  1. Durable and can last longer

Engineered stone is meant to last and won’t scratch that easily. It is also heat-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about leaving scorch marks on the countertop. It also won’t easily crack and can maintain its natural luster for many years. Still, it is advisable to use a chopping board when cutting up vegetables and other food.

  1. Ease of maintenance

Because engineered countertops are non-porous, clean-up is supposed to be a breeze. Non-porous materials mean bacteria and dirt cannot seep through that can damage the countertop in the long run. Plus, engineered countertops are waterproof so you can simply wipe out any oil, any liquid, and dirt on its surface and prevent staining it.

On the other hand, engineered countertops also have its disadvantages. Among these are the following:

  1. It can be expensive.

Although engineered countertops may vary in cost, it can be expensive nonetheless. It will depend on the manufacturer as well as the process involved. After all, it is not just a simple countertop made from cheap materials.

  1. It won’t replace real stone.

Then again, it depends on your personal taste. Although engineered countertops largely resemble real stone, it won’t be the “real” thing – unless this is a big deal for you.

  1. Dirt can still collect on its seams.

Apparently, engineered stone slabs contain visible seams along the countertop. These seams can still collect dirt and food remnants which can result in potential contamination. Plus, it can be hard to clean these kinds of dirt when left ignored for a long time.

Is an engineered countertop a good choice for you?

Whatever your choice is, it is important to consider your options carefully. A good kitchen countertop is a worthwhile investment for your home. That said, choosing an engineered kitchen countertop is a great choice as well. Just make sure to find the best among the bunch at a quartz countertops dealer only.

Here are some tips that can help you decide when going countertop-shopping:

  1. Choose the engineered stone surface type you need.

Aesthetics will be a major deciding factor. However, it is important to choose one that you really need. Also, the material should also complement your kitchen including the pattern, color, and texture.

  1. Ask for price quotes.

Engineered stone can vary depending on the color, pattern, and other process involved. Some may actually offer lower costs unlike other manufacturers, so do your own research.

Get only the best high-quality countertops for your kitchen

Choosing the best countertop for your kitchen can be a tedious task. Once you find the right kitchen countertop, make sure to contact only the best countertop replacement companies in Rockville.



7 Features to Remodel in Your Kitchen for a Timeless Look

The kitchen is the focal point of the home and it’s important that you design your kitchen in a way that will not go out of style quickly. When remodeling your kitchen think of it twenty years from now and whether the changes you are making will still be relevant. Choose designs that will be timeless and that won’t need to change with every new trend. Some basic remodeling remain timeless and to achieve this involve experts such as granite-Quartz installers Rockville and architects to help bring out the best

Timeless Features to Have in Your Kitchen to Keep that are Timeless

  • Great Lighting

The best lighting to have in the kitchen is the sunlight, but if you don’t large windows in your kitchen all is not lost. Having the right lighting will set the kitchen and make it look amazing. Pendants lights have been here for a while and remain trendy and just one above the island or worktop make a bold statement for ages. Choose one that compliments the rest of your kitchen and that will add a bold visual impact. A great pendant light doesn’t have to be so expensive but will make your kitchen outstanding.

  • Under Cabinet Lighting

Adding a LED rope while remodeling your house will add a timeless elegance to your kitchen. Under cabinet lighting will change your kitchen look and feel. Its a major timeless addition to your kitchen.

  • White Cabinets

White colored cabinets date back and up to date, they remain stylish over the years. White cabinets are easy to compliment and weather the test of time.

  • A kitchen Island

A kitchen island will make working in your kitchen very easy. The island can serve different purposes such as a place for the kitchen sink, oven place, working space or some seating space. The island adds class and glamour to your kitchen. Depending on the functionality chooses quartz countertops, granite countertops or engineered stone countertops. Your granite installer will advise you on which countertop works best for your kitchen. Countertops will star your kitchen and granite countertops have stood the test of time and still look trendy. Quartz countertops and Engineered countertops are ideal if you have a busy kitchen.

  • Textured Kitchen Tiles

Tiles add warmth, color, and texture to your kitchen. Choose tiles that have a neutral color as they will look good for a long time. Basic primary colors never go out of trend and they are easy to compliment. Too much color on the tiles may not be timeless and may be hard to complement. You can add small tiles on the wall that have a design to complement the basic tiles. Checked floor tiles also never go out of fashion and are therefore good to use while remodeling. Hardwood is also a classic material to use on the floor. Over the years wood has remained trendy and classic. Tiles that have a wood look are considered classy and will stand the test of time. Ensure the design you choose makes your kitchen, the kitchen of the year designed to stand the test of time.

  • Storage Space

Enough cabinets in your kitchen for storage is a timeless design. Kitchen cabinets premiered in 1900and have since remained to add a trend to your kitchen. Glass door cabinets will open up your kitchen and give the kitchen timeless elegance. You can store the vintage appliances in the glass cabinets to bring out the charm over the years.

  • Kitchen Countertops

Granite countertops have dominated our kitchen for ages. The natural look and variety of colors give you the options to choose and compliment your kitchen cabinets and floor. Granite countertop has been the undisputed king when it comes to kitchen countertops but we also have the artificial

quartz countertops and engineered countertop that will endure high kitchen traffic. Quartz and engineered countertops don’t require regular sealing making them a better option for high traffic kitchen. They also require minimal maintenance.

Kitchen trends will come and go but the above have remained since time immemorial. It’s however important that during installation of granite, engineered stone and quartz kitchen countertops and the kitchen island that your let your quartz-granite installers Rockville do the installation for a professional look. Tiles and lighting should also be professionally installed for the timeless look.



Why Engineered Stones Countertops are Ideal for your Kitchen

Engineered stone countertops are made of crushed stones which are bound together by polymer resin or cement mix. Marble and quartz are the most used stones that produce engineered stones and are bonded together to create non-porous and beautiful engineered stone countertops. Apart from kitchen countertops, the engineered stone can be used for flooring and on walls. The engineered stone is made by forming blocks using machines after which the blocks are made into slabs for countertops or tiles.

Why Engineered Countertops

  • Strong, Durable and Attractive

Engineered kitchen countertops have a consistent look and will not fade for the longest time and have a uniform color making it perfect if you want to match your kitchen colors. The countertop comes in a variety of colors including earth tones colors. Colourants can be added to achieve the desired tone. While the engineered countertop is much cheaper, it has the same qualities as granite or any other slab. Engineered stones are resilient and durable ensuring that they last longer especially in a busy kitchen.

  • Heat Resistant

The engineered stones countertop is heat resistant and won’t crack easily. The engineered kitchen countertop is resistant to your cracks, which makes it ideal for the kitchen. Engineered stone does not accumulate bacteria or mold making more hygienic to use as the kitchen countertop.

  • Easy to Clean

The engineered countertops don’t absorb water or any dirt making it easy to clean. The stone is not susceptible to stains and that makes cleaning the engineered stone easier

  • Hygienic

The engineered countertop is non-porous and will not attract any germs or ide germs in the spaces.

The disadvantage of Engineered Kitchen Countertops

The only con to the Engineered kitchen countertops is, it’s hard to curve.

Steps to follow when maintaining Engineered Kitchen Countertops

  • Engineered countertops require minimal maintenance to keep their look
  • Regularly clean the countertop with warm water and mild soap. The countertop is highly resistant to stains and therefore don’t require much cleaning. Glossy finished surfaces require mild cleaners.
  • Don’t use strong chemicals, to clean the surface. Use the ingredients as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • In case of any stubborn stains, use a mild scouring pad to clean off the stain.
  • While installing the countertops, contact an expert installer to ensure its well done. Ensure that during installation there is expansion and contraction space for the countertop.
  • Scrape off any materials stuff on the countertop with a plastic knife
  • Occasionally polish the surface to give a shiny look
  • Avoid placing hot and very cold items on the countertop, as this will cause damage to the engineered countertop

Whether you choose granite countertops Rockville, quartz countertops or the Engineered stone countertops ensure it serves your purpose. Engineered stone countertops are ideal, especially for a busy kitchen. The countertop doesn’t require much maintenance; therefore if you are looking for simple and elegant, then this will work perfectly for you.