Why Engineered Stone Countertops are a Good Addition to your Kitchen

A kitchen countertop is a great addition to your kitchen area. It can serve as an extension area when preparing and cooking your meals. High-quality countertops can also serve as your extra storage area. There are a lot of kitchen countertop materials you can choose from, such as engineered stone countertops.

What is an “engineered stone” countertop?

Technically, “engineered stone” is a term that refers to the combination of resin and crushed stone. The former serves as a binder that holds the material together and is specially made to form a durable and usable countertop material.

The crushed stone and resin binder are combined using pressure and heat method. The process results to a slab added pigments for coloration and polished for gloss or matte finishing. Engineered stone countertops are non-porous, which is a big plus if you are looking for a good countertop.

Countertops made from an engineered stone may also have quartz material in it. Quartz kitchen countertops are also popular. However, a lot of quartz countertops are not 100 percent quartz. Rather, some of these quartz kitchen tops have a combination of other materials other than quartz.

Benefits and downsides

Countertops made from engineered stone have its set of advantages other than aesthetic appeal. Among these are the following:

  1. Resembles natural stone

A slab of engineered stone resembles real stone slab material, including texture and color. However, engineered stone offers different tones and colors, unlike natural stone. Plus, it feels like natural stone, so it is also a good option if you are a fan of natural stone material.

  1. Durable and can last longer

Engineered stone is meant to last and won’t scratch that easily. It is also heat-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about leaving scorch marks on the countertop. It also won’t easily crack and can maintain its natural luster for many years. Still, it is advisable to use a chopping board when cutting up vegetables and other food.

  1. Ease of maintenance

Because engineered countertops are non-porous, clean-up is supposed to be a breeze. Non-porous materials mean bacteria and dirt cannot seep through that can damage the countertop in the long run. Plus, engineered countertops are waterproof so you can simply wipe out any oil, any liquid, and dirt on its surface and prevent staining it.

On the other hand, engineered countertops also have its disadvantages. Among these are the following:

  1. It can be expensive.

Although engineered countertops may vary in cost, it can be expensive nonetheless. It will depend on the manufacturer as well as the process involved. After all, it is not just a simple countertop made from cheap materials.

  1. It won’t replace real stone.

Then again, it depends on your personal taste. Although engineered countertops largely resemble real stone, it won’t be the “real” thing – unless this is a big deal for you.

  1. Dirt can still collect on its seams.

Apparently, engineered stone slabs contain visible seams along the countertop. These seams can still collect dirt and food remnants which can result in potential contamination. Plus, it can be hard to clean these kinds of dirt when left ignored for a long time.

Is an engineered countertop a good choice for you?

Whatever your choice is, it is important to consider your options carefully. A good kitchen countertop is a worthwhile investment for your home. That said, choosing an engineered kitchen countertop is a great choice as well. Just make sure to find the best among the bunch at a quartz countertops dealer only.

Here are some tips that can help you decide when going countertop-shopping:

  1. Choose the engineered stone surface type you need.

Aesthetics will be a major deciding factor. However, it is important to choose one that you really need. Also, the material should also complement your kitchen including the pattern, color, and texture.

  1. Ask for price quotes.

Engineered stone can vary depending on the color, pattern, and other process involved. Some may actually offer lower costs unlike other manufacturers, so do your own research.

Get only the best high-quality countertops for your kitchen

Choosing the best countertop for your kitchen can be a tedious task. Once you find the right kitchen countertop, make sure to contact only the best countertop replacement companies in Rockville.



Granite Vs Quartz Counter top: What’s your choice

Granite and quartz countertops are almost the same, and the debate about which is better than the other continues to rage on. Although it’s hard to tell the countertops apart, there are still differences that will help you settle on the best depending on your needs. We delve deeper into the differences and similarities to help decide which of the two countertops fits your space

The difference between Quartz and granite

  • Material

Granite is made of 100% natural stone. Granite stones are taken from the quarries and cut and smoothened to form the granite countertop.

Quartz is made of 93 % natural stone, and the rest 7 % is colors and resin to hold the particles together.

  • Maintenance

Granite is porous and needs to seal often to avoid stain and scratches

Quartz, on the other hand, doesn’t require any sealing

  • Durability

Granite has its flaws when it comes to busy kitchens. If you are looking for a countertop for a busy kitchen, then granite may not be ideal as it scratches and stains when certain substances like wine, coffee, tomato juice are poured on it

Quartz kitchen countertops are durable and less prone to stains, and it’s therefore, perfect for those hotels that are super busy kitchens

  • Eco-friendly

Granite is eco-friendlier as it emits less amount of radon and other organic gases.

Quartz has higher emission levels of radon than granite

Reasons to consider Granite

  • Granite is a pure natural stone and has unique colors which make it possible to personalize your kitchen.
  • Granite is slightly cheaper than Quartz
  • Granite countertops are durable if not subjected to heavy use.

Reason to consider Quartz

  • Quartz is more flexible than granite and is thus easier to install.
  • The non-porous nature of quartz makes it the best countertop for busy kitchens
  • Its stain resistant
  • If you don’t want to see seams, then you need to use darker quartz

What is your choice?

The kitchen countertop you choose will depend on several factors;

  • Preference

When choosing between you need to decide whether you want the unique natural stone or man-made stone. Granite countertops are more beautiful and unique as compared to quartz.

  • Purpose and ease of use

Quartz countertops will work well in the large and busy kitchen as they are easy to maintain as they don’t require sealing. Quartz countertops are easier to clean and can be used heavily. Choose one that suits the need at hand


They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.It’s important to note that you can’t go wrong with either of the two countertops as they are both durable if used in the right place. Choose the kitchen countertop that will add aesthetic value to your house and if you feel lost talk to your granite-Quartz countertop installers for expertise on each of the countertops.



Tips on Choosing Granite Counter top Installers

If you are thinking of selling your home, it’s essential that you remodel your house to perk up the value and increase return on investment. Whether the remodel is for purposes of sale or beauty, you need to find a contractor to do the project.  One of the major remodels you can carry out in the kitchen by replacing your old countertop with granite countertops or quartz countertops. Its imperative that you find the right granite countertop installers otherwise your remodel investment may go to waste.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Granite Installers in Rockville

  • Expertise and Knowledge

It’s paramount that you choose a granite countertop installer who has the experience and expertise on how to install granites. You can ask questions on how granites are installed, and from there you can gauge the expertise of the installer. Ask the installer for ideas on colour and shape of the countertop you require. Such information will guide on how to pick the best installer. Check what credentials the installer holds and whether he is a member of the building association. If he is a member that will increase the credibility. Also, seek to see the installers portfolio and his past works as this will give you an idea what to expect and gauge whether its what you want.

  • Cost

Ask for a quotation on how much the installer is charging. Ensure that all they are in the quote including the cost of granite sealing, edge profiles, and the installation. While shopping for the granite, ensure that all the cost are clear so that no cost catches you unaware.

  • Up to Date Cutting Equipment

The best granite countertop installer  will have up to date equipment to cut the granite into the required shape. That will ensure the kitchen countertop is cut neatly and accurately and minimize wastage and chances of damage.

How to Find the Best Granite installers in Rockville

It’s imperative that you find the best granite installer to give your space that ambience and regal effect. You can find the installers through;

  • Granite selling companies

Most granite sellers are also the installers. Confirm whether this is so, before buying the granite as this is the best option. A buy and installation will make your remodel hustle free because you are sure the company will have the experts and up to date cutting equipment.

  • Referrals

Ask friends and family about who did their remodels, visit the project to gauge the work done. Ensure you get a full review of the granite countertop installer, including their personality, reliability and ability to complete the work on agreed timelines. Involve the granite installers Rockville as you shop for the granite, their knowledge of the best and authenticity will go a long way to ensure you have the best