Why You Should Choose Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops have become a normal part of a lot of households around the world. Among popular ones include laminates, marble, concrete, and granite. Nowadays, quartz kitchen countertops are slowly paving its way into the minds of many homeowners as well.

Quartz countertops began gaining popularity in Europe decades ago. Years after, this countertop material eventually reached US shores. In fact, quartz kitchen tops enjoyed as much as 60 percent of total US sales back in 2004.

Quartz is either made from natural stone or engineered slab material. Nonetheless, both options offer high-quality and long-lasting countertop material. That said, quartz is a great addition and a worthwhile investment to your home. Here are some things you need to know when you decide to avail this type of countertop.

The beauty of quartz

Normally, a quartz countertop is made from natural stone slabs. However, there are some that are made from engineered material. These engineered stone countertops have a combination of natural quartz and a small percentage of resins. The end result is a natural-looking, low-maintenance, and durable stone countertop available in different color and design options.

That said, engineered quartz offer more different design and color options than natural stone. Generally, quartz is also easy to install – you can use epoxy or glue instead of screws to hold it in place. Aside from kitchens, quartz can also be used as backsplashes and in the shower room. However, make sure to have it installed only by a professional quartz countertop installer.

Overall benefits

A lot of homeowners love the different colors they can choose from quartz material. More than color options, quartz is also durable and non-porous, hence making it an ideal kitchen countertop. No matter whether it’s natural or engineered/mixed, these countertops offer a similar level of quality that is worth the price.

In addition, quartz is stain and corrosion-resistant as well as easy to maintain. On the downside, it may be more vulnerable to excessive heat, so it may be advisable to use heating pads to protect the countertop surface.

As for the cost, these types of countertops become cheaper as they become more popular over the years. However, quartz may be more expensive than other countertop materials such as laminate. Nonetheless, quartz – whether natural or engineered – offers high-quality and value for your home.

Other perks

Among other benefits to take note of when you’re contemplating to buy a quartz countertop include the following:

  1. High resale value

Quality countertops such as made from quartz enhance your home’s resale value. This is due to the beauty and quality quartz material can provide at a lower cost. That said, quartz countertops can make your home look elegant and classy at an affordable price.

  1. Versatile

Quartz is either made from natural stone slabs or a mix of natural quartz and polyester resins. Some are even made with a mix of recycled glass instead of resins, giving it a unique appeal. Plus, it is available in different color options you can choose from. It can complement all types of home – whether yours have a contemporary or modern theme.

  1. Durable and easy to maintain

Unlike other countertop materials, quartz is stain-resistant and non-porous, making it easy maintenance. You don’t have to worry if your child spills his or her drink too often – simply wipe it clean using a microfiber or paper towel, water, and mild soap and you’re done!

  1. Hygienic

As mentioned, quartz is a non-porous material that makes cleaning a breeze. It also lessens the risk of contamination against bacteria and dirt during food preparation. Quartz is also easier to clean than other natural stone materials. Hence, quartz kitchen countertops are indeed the best material you can ever have in your home.

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Given the above benefits of quartz, you should have already realized how this can be a great investment for your home. It may be expensive for some homeowners, but its perks will all be worth it. After all, who doesn’t want only the best accessories and materials for their respective homes?

If you want to have your own quartz countertop for your home, make sure to find the best quartz countertop contractors in Rockville. You will surely love the results once you have your new countertop installed!



The 4 Most Common Kitchen Counter top Materials

When it comes to kitchen countertops there are many options to choose from and its important that you have the right one for your kitchen. Different countertops are ideal for different kitchen and in this article, we look at the major countertops that are available and which one is ideal for your kitchen. Before you settle on any countertop visit the granite companies and get to see the different countertops available, ask the granite contractor questions so that you can establish the one which is best for your countertop.

The Different Types of Countertops

  • Granite

Granite is the king and the material of choice for most people. It brings out elegance, style, and perks up the value of your home. Over the years the cost of granites has come down and they are more readily available than they were years back.

Advantages of Granite countertops

  • It’s available in a variety of unique colours
  • The countertop is almost impervious to heat
  • Long lasting and strong
  • Perks the value of your home
  • Easy to maintain when properly sealed


  • The countertop can crack if stressed or improperly installed
  • It’s expensive to install in large areas
  • Requires constant sealing to avoid damage

Quartz Countertop

Quartz is made of quartz and other minerals bound together by resin. It nonporous and will resist stains and scratches. It’s available in a variety of colours and doesn’t require sealing.

Advantages of Quartz Countertops

  • Its be customized to fit any size
  • Looks more natural that surfaces such as solid surfaces
  • Easy to maintain and doesn’t require sealing
  • Its stain resistant and will not be easily be affected by heat and acid


  • It’s expensive especially if you require large slabs


Soapstone is a natural stone which is grey in colour and has a smooth silky feel. It’s mostly found in ancient homes. It’s hard and resistant to stains.


  • It gives you kitchen a historical look
  • Its resist stain to a certain level
  • Impervious to heat to some degree.


  • It may become dark with time
  • It can scratch and dent more easily over time
  • It requires treatment with mineral oil to prevent staining

Marble countertop

Marble luxurious kitchen countertop. It’s expensive as compared to most countertops and it’s not the countertop of choice for most homes. It requires sealing to keep the countertop from staining.


  • Its exceptionally beautiful and will give your home a stylish look
  • It’s heatproof


  • It’s expensive and porous
  • It stains easily if not sealed
  • Can scratch and it’s hard to repair


The above are the most favourite countertops you can choose from. Talk to the countertop installers and they will help you choose the best for your kitchen.

How to Choose a Kitchen Countertop

Above the most common kitchen countertops materials, but how do you choose the right one for your kitchen. Below some of the factors, you should consider when selecting countertop materials.

  • Function and Use of the countertop

One of the most important factor to consider is the use and the traffic in your kitchen. If your kitchen is high traffic you need a material that is able to withstand the high traffic. Quartz countertop is ideal for high traffic kitchen while granite countertops are perfect for the outdoor kitchen. It’s therefore important that you determine your kitchen requirements and then choose a countertop that works for you.

  • Budget

Visit the Quartz countertop dealers and get a quotation on the various countertops available. Choose the countertop that fits in your budget, but ensure that it serves the function.

  • Style

Determine the style that you want to bring out. Granite countertop will bring out a contemporary look while marble is stylish and have an expensive look. Choose the countertop that will bring out the style you want.

  • Durability

Choose the countertop that will serve you for long and look good years later. Quartz countertops are strong and will last long even in high traffic areas. Make sure that the countertop you choose will last a long time and serve the purpose your require

The countertop material you choose will determine how your kitchen will look. It’s therefore important that you choose one that will bring out a stylish look and perk the value of your house. Make sure that the granite-quartz installers Rockville fix the countertop for best results. Follow the right maintenance procedure and your countertop will last for years and still look good.



The Best Counter tops for Busy Kitchens

Your kitchen countertop plays a major role in enhancing and increasing the value of your property. The countertop you chose should increase the aesthetic value and functionality of your kitchen. Over time, even the most durable countertop will age, chip and scratch and will require a replacement. One of the easiest facelifts you can give your kitchen is a countertop replacement. If professionally done by the experts at the countertop replacement company, it will give your kitchen a whole new look and value. In this article, we look at the best countertop replacement material for busy kitchens.

Things to Consider When Replacing a Kitchen Countertop

  • The countertop in Use

It’s important that you consider the countertop in use and evaluate how effective it has been. You don’t want to replace a countertop with one that didn’t last long or didn’t serve the purpose. Choose a countertop that will serve the purpose and increase the appeal of your kitchen. The expert at the granite company will be able to advise you on what works for your kitchen

  • The Cabinets

Make sure the countertop material you want to use can be supported by the current cabinets. If you previously had a plastic laminate and you are planning on using a granite countertop, you may need to change the cabinets to make sure they don’t crumble under the weight of the countertop. Make sure the cabinets can support the additional weight if you are using stone countertops

Consider changing the cabinets if they can’t support the quartz or granite countertop that you intend to use.

  • The Plumbing System

Consider the impact the countertop change is going to have on your plumbing system. replacing a countertop will have an impact on the sink and the faucet. You may need to replace the countertop, sink and the faucet. It’s therefore important that you consider your budget before you take a plunge.

  •  The Backsplash

Replacing the countertop may also require you to change the backsplash. It’s important that the countertop you use,  match or complements the backsplash. As you budget for a granite countertop or engineered stone countertop considers adding the backsplash.

  • Appliances

Replacing a countertop may force you to change the appliances in your kitchen. Old appliances and a new kitchen countertop will look odd and out of place. consider changing the appliances in your kitchen to match the new standard the kitchen gains due to the new countertop.

  • Lighting

Before you replace the countertop consider the lighting you have in your kitchen. A new kitchen countertop may require additional lighting to match and give your kitchen that new look.

Replacing a countertop will change the look of any kitchen and it’s therefore important that you get the right color and material for your kitchen. In the next section, we look at the best countertops for busy kitchens.

Best Countertops for Busy Kitchen

Before you choose the material to use for your kitchen ensure that you speak to the quartz countertop dealers on what works best for you. Different countertop materials work in different spaces. The granite installer is able to assess and advise you on the best countertop for busy kitchens.


What Makes Quartz Countertop ideal for Busy kitchens?

  • Requires less maintenance, making it ideal for very busy kitchens. Quartz doesn’t require sealing, and to keep it clean use mild soap and water.
  • It’s not affected by hot pots, knives, abrasive pads, and stains. However to ensure that the countertop retains the good looks make sure that you don’t place hot pots or cut directly. Take care of the countertop to ensure that it last longer.
  • Comes in a variety of colors and you can, therefore, match and complement with your kitchen cabinets and appliances. If you run a hotel a well-matched kitchen gives you a sense of style.


  • The main disadvantages of quartz countertop may chip easily, and you will need a quartz installer to repair the damage.Granite

Should you use Granite in a busy Kitchen? The main advantages of granite are;

  • Sense of style

Granite is a natural stone which makes it unique. Granite countertops have rare colors

  • Heat and Stain resistant

Granite is heat and stain resistant and therefore ideal for busy kitchens

  • Easy to clean


  • Granite requires constant resealing and it may not be ideal for very busy kitchens.

Engineered Stone Countertops


  • Engineered stone countertops are heavy and easy to maintain. It’s almost impossible to fracture or chip making it ideal for large busy kitchens. To clean the countertop, use a cloth and wipe off the spill.
  • Stain Resistant

Countertops made of engineered stone are stain resistant.

Before you replace the kitchen talk to Quartz- granite countertop installers  Rockville and they will guide you on the best countertop for your kitchen. The quartz countertops dealers will be able to assess how busy your kitchen and recommend a countertop that is durable.