How Do You Keep Quartz Countertops Clean And Shiny?

When you install quartz countertops, you want to keep them looking clean and shiny, and the good news is that it’s possible to do it. How do you go about it?

Here are ways to keep quartz countertops clean and shiny:

Stay on top of daily maintenance

How you handle your countertops daily goes a long way towards determining how they look in the long run.

As a rule of thumb, make it a habit to clean the countertops every day. You remove dust, liquid spills, crumbs, and bacteria by doing this. And the beauty is that you don’t need to be fancy how you go about the cleaning.

Simply wipe the counters with a wet, soapy rag, and you are good to go. You can use a mild all-purpose cleaner to have better results but steer clear of abrasive or harsh products that might etch and dull the surfaces. This calls for you to stay away from oven cleaners, bleach, dishwashing soap, degreasers, and paint striper.

Besides cleaning the countertops, you should make it a habit to clear any spills as soon as they happen. This is mainly to prevent stains from developing.

Treat stains immediately

Even with the best care, it’s common for accidents to happen, and they go unnoticed, leading to stains.

Although quartz is stain resistant, coffee, tea, red wine, and other dark-colored liquids can leave marks when you don’t remove them early enough.

If your countertops have developed stains, you shouldn’t give up on them—try to remove them. And the cool thing is that it’s possible to do it.

One of the best ways to remove the stains is using an adhesive remover that has been proven to do the removal without damaging the shine. All you need to do is to cover the stain with the adhesive remover, then let it sit for at least 15 minutes, after which you should wipe the area with a clean cloth.

Finish it off by rinsing the surface with clean, warm water.

Use hot pads and cutting boards.

On first look, quartz countertops look tough and indestructible, but they aren’t. While the countertops are heat resistant, they aren’t heatproof. This means that when you repeatedly expose them to a lot of heat, you are bound to damage them.

To keep your counters in top shape, you should protect them from heat. This calls for you to avoid placing hot pots, pans, and other hot items directly on the countertops as you will damage them. Instead, you should have cookie sheets, hot pads, and other protective materials on the countertops to protect them from hot items.

When chopping vegetables or any other materials, don’t do it directly on the countertops—instead, have a chopping board in place and chop your materials here.

Don’t place heavy materials on the edges.

Even if a cooking pan is cold, don’t place it on the edges of the countertops as you risk cracking them. When placing a heavy item on the countertops, do it gently and with utmost care to don’t damage the countertops.

The same way you shouldn’t place heavy pans on the countertops is the same way you shouldn’t sit on the countertops as you risk damaging them.

Regularly remove gunk from the countertops.

Like spills, gunk, and caked-on crud from food and dirt will adhere to the countertops. To keep your countertops looking clean and shiny, you should scrape off the gunk whenever you notice it. For the best outcome and avoid damaging your countertops, use a hard plastic scraper to scrape the gunk off.

As a rule of thumb, never use metallic materials to damage the countertops.

Keep permanent markers away.

If you have kids, they will want to draw on anything, including your precious quartz kitchen countertops Potomac.

Unfortunately, the drawings and writings are hard to come out of, especially if they are made using permanent markers. Although, you can remove permanent markers from quartz, you require harsh chemicals to remove them, which can etch your surfaces, risking the shiny finish.

To avoid removing the markers, be strict and enforce that no one should write or draw on the countertops.



Tips On How To Maintain The Shine On Your Quartz Countertops

There are plenty of reasons you can opt for quartz countertops. They are durable, they last for a long time, they are easy to maintain, among many other things. No homeowner wants ugly countertops, so when you install them, you should take good care of them to retain their great appeal.

To help you out, here are tips on how to keep your countertops looking awesome for years:

Clean them daily

Cleaning the countertops daily not only eliminates dirt and dust, but it also gets rid of germs that might contaminate your food. The cool thing is it’s easy to clean the countertops. Using soap, water, and a soft rag is enough. You can also use a mild detergent, but take care the detergent isn’t too tough for the surfaces; hence end up causing damage.

While regular daily cleaning is enough to keep your surfaces in top shape, you should occasionally use a glass cleaner to clean the countertops deeply. To clean the surfaces, spray the cleaner on your countertops, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse it off with a wet cloth.

You should stay away from harsh cleaners as they will damage the surfaces. These cleaners are highly acidic or alkaline. Some of the cleaners to stay away from include: bleach, oven cleaner, drain cleaners, Methylene chloride, trichloroethane, and dishwasher rinsing agents.

Get rid of stains as soon as possible.

Although, the countertops are highly resistant to stains, liquids such as coffee and wine can spill on the counters and leave a stain that is hard to remove. To remove the stains, you should use an adhesive remover.

Pour a little bit of cleaner on the stain then let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then remove the stain with a soft cloth. After removing the stain, clean the surfaces with warm water.

Watch the edges

The countertops are tough, but the corners and edges of the surfaces will chip and crack if you consistently strike them with a blunt or sharp object. While you can always hire a countertop restoration professional to fix the surfaces, it’s always good to prevent the chipping in the first place.

When working on the surfaces, avoid working on the edges. If you have many people in the house, let them know how to take care of the surfaces and how to conduct themselves around them.

Keep hot objects away.

The countertops will rarely crack at high temperatures, but when you regularly expose them to hot objects, you put them at the risk of losing their color. To avoid this, you should keep hot pots, pans, and baking sheets from the surfaces.

If you have to place the hot items on the surfaces, use a mat, trivet, or pad.

Use a cutting board

While quartz is highly scratch-resistant, it’s not scratch proof.  So to keep the countertops free of unnecessary scratches and avoid dulling the knives, you should use a cutting board when cutting meat, onions, tomatoes, or any other material.

Keep off permanent markers.

As you are preparing the meals, it’s normal for the kids to come and stay with you in the kitchen. As they are there, it’s tempting to allow them to do their school projects on the kitchen island.

Sometimes they might be using permanent markers that are known to adhere to the surfaces making it hard to remove them.

To remove the colors, you have to use harsh chemicals. While the chemicals will remove the colors, they also tend to damage the countertops. If you have to invite the kids to the kitchen to complete their homework there, ensure they are using water-based markers.

Keep the warranty certificate.

Most reputable manufacturers give a warranty for their products. While quartz is known to last for decades, sometimes problems might come up. For example, the countertops might break or even lose their original color.

When this happens, you can’t return the slabs without the warranty certificate. To have an easy time getting a replacement for your quartz kitchen countertops Potomac, you should keep the warranty certificate.

The certificate also means the countertop company can send a technician to repair or even replace the countertops at no cost on your end.



How Hard Is It to Replace Countertops? Countertop Replacement Services Providers Answer

You save a lot of money when you install countertops by yourself as you don’t have to hire countertop replacement services providers. While this is the case, the biggest question homeowners ask is how hard is it to replace countertops?

Like any other thing, the ease of replacing countertops depends on your skill level and the scope of the project. If you are used to installing countertops, you will find it easy to undertake the replacement. The same thing applies if you have a small project.

Regardless of your skill level and the size of the project, you need to know several things as you are replacing the countertops. Some of these things include:

Completely remove the old countertop.

If you have had your countertops for a long time, it’s normal to be attached to them. This can tempt you to have a few pieces remaining as souvenirs. Don’t do this as the remaining pieces will keep your countertops imbalanced. In some cases, they might prevent you from properly installing the countertops.

For the best result, completely remove all the old countertops and leave the surfaces clean and ready for the new countertop material.

Take precise measurements

Before you head to the stores, take the right measurements of the countertop materials you are looking to buy. This calls for you to take the right measurements of your kitchen. You can take the measurements by yourself, but if you aren’t confident in your skills, let a professional help you.

When taking the measurements, mark off the sections of continuous countertops, sink countertops, and island countertops.

Know your countertop options

When is the last time you bought countertop materials? Unlike decades ago, you have plenty of countertop materials to choose from. Popular options include: granite, quartz, and marble.

All of these materials have an elegant appeal, and when properly installed, they add value and beauty to the kitchen.

The materials go at different prices and have different features. To familiarize yourself with them, take time to research more about them.

Are you strapped of cash? Go for quartz countertops. While they don’t match the executive look and grace of granite and marble countertops, they still give your home an appealing look.

If you want to give your home a grand appeal, you should go for granite countertops.

Other countertop materials to choose from include: laminate, concrete, and solid surface. To ensure you are making the right choice, consult a reputable contractor.

Think about the installation time

Most homeowners replace their countertops when they are expecting family or friend gatherings. As you are looking to replace the countertops, also think about the time it will take to complete the installation.

Small to medium jobs will take one day when handled by an experienced professional, while more substantial projects can take two or even three days.

A regular-sized kitchen or bathroom will take three to five hours to complete.

Leaving enough time for installation ensures you aren’t in a hurry to complete the project. It also gives the materials enough time to dry completely before you start using them.

Repair or replace the countertops?

Sometimes you might think you need to replace the countertops while you need to repair them. The condition of the countertops will influence your decision. If the countertop has a small crack, you don’t need to replace it—repairing it will save you a lot of money.

On the other hand, if the damage is extensive or the countertops are worn out extensively, you have no other option other than to replace them.

Understand about stone quality and grades

Natural stone countertops come in different grades. The grades vary from one to five, depending on the stone defects present. A grade 5 stone is flawless but costs more than a lesser grade stone that might be having a few design defects.

Some defects are invisible in some cases, and you have a better return in investment when you select a grade 2 or 3 stone countertop.

Whether looking to marble, granite, or any other countertop material, ensure you buy from a reputable store. You also should ensure the countertops are installed by a professional quartz countertop installer Potomac or any other expert.