Factors to Consider When Choosing the Granite Counter top Color for Your Kitchen

Installing a granite kitchen countertop in your home will increase the appeal of your home and make it more functional. It’s imperative to ensure that you get the right color of the granite to give your house a fantastic look. Granite is available in different unique colors that give your kitchen an artist look. Make sure that you choose the color that works for you and that matches your kitchen cabinets or complements the appliances in your kitchen. Consult the granite contractor on the best color for your home. In this article, we tell you the factors to consider when choosing the color of granite to use in your kitchen. Whether it’s a new kitchen or a, remodel its important to choose the right color.

How to Pick the Right Granite Countertop Color

  • Get all the Materials

It’s important to ensure that you get all the details about your kitchen. Be detailed oriented about the features, appliances, cabinets, and flooring in your kitchen. Visit the granite companies with aspects of your kitchen, and they will guide on the best color for your home. Make sure the color you choose complements or matches on the features in your home. If you have dark cabinets, a dark granite countertop will make the kitchen appear dark. Depending on the color of the cabinets ensure that your kitchen doesn’t look too dull. You can take pictures to the granite countertop installers and consult on the best granite color.

  • Visit Different Showrooms

It might be tempting to check the website of the granite company and see what they have. It’s, however, better to visit the showroom. Fine patterns may not be very clear even in the best photo. Visiting the showroom will also give you first-hand experience, and you can select the granite color for your kitchen. Consult the granite contractor on what color is best for your kitchen.

  • Consider the Lighting

No matter how beautiful the granite slab is, poor lighting will make the kitchen appear dull. Investing in good lighting is important. If there is natural light that penetrates your kitchen, then you can use dark colors like black, blue. However, if there is no natural lighting consider using brighter colors such as white. Additional pendant lighting will make your kitchen more gorgeous. Adding a pendant will enhance the beauty of the granite and the kitchen.

Other Considerations to Make When Choosing Granite Countertops

One of the major consideration you should make when choosing a countertop is the color. Granite comes in endless colors. Make sure the color you choose coordinates with other features in the room. Ensure that you match the color well to bring out a coordinated kitchen. Below are other considerations you should make when installing a granite countertop

  • Countertop Edge

There are many edges you can choose from. Ensure that the edge you choose doesn’t make the countertop less functional. Consult the countertop dealer on the best edge for your home. A beveled edge will give your kitchen a contemporary look. Choose an edge that will bring out your style and one that will make your countertop functional.

  • Countertop Finish

The countertop can either be honed, leathered or polished. A polished surface is the most popular countertop finish. Visit the granite company and choose a finish that will fit your home.

  • The Granite Countertop Installer

The installation process is key, and it’s paramount to ensure that it’s done professionally. Work with a licensed granite contractor who has experience in installing and sealing the granite countertop. Make sure that the seams are not visible.

Selecting the right color of the granite will require skills and expertise and its therefore important to visit the granite company. The experts at the granite company will help you choose the right countertop color that will bring out your style and give your kitchen a gorgeous look. The right installation is key to a beautiful outcome, and you need to ensure that the granite is installed by a professional granite installer Rockville. The granite installer should also seal your granite countertop to make it stain resistant. Consult the granite contractor on the right care procedure to follow. A well-maintained granite countertop will last a lifetime.




Simple Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

The kitchen is the focal point of your home, and it’s imperative that you make sure that it looks good especially if you want to sell your home. Achieving an outstanding kitchen can be expensive and, in this article, we tell you simple ways to make your kitchen look expensive. Adding a quartz countertop to your kitchen can make all the difference and give your kitchen a new look. It’s important that you research and come up with a budget to ensure the cost of improving your kitchen doesn’t skyrocket.

How to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

  • Choose a color that looks expensive

Choose a color that will make your kitchen look expensive. Painting is one of the cheapest makeovers you can add to your house. Colors that are slightly off the primary colors chart are the best kitchen colors, and they will look expensive. Color such as cream, white, silver or gold will look more expensive. You can make the color variations and layer them. Consult a paint specialist and come up with the best paint color for your kitchen. Make sure you choose the quality color and ensure it’s well applied to give it a good finish.

  • Replace old Kitchen Cabinets

Removing outdated and adding new ones will give the kitchen a new lease of life. If the cabinets don’t look so old, consider replacing the handles and any hinges that are broken. If you repair the cabinets make sure they look as good as new. You can also give your cabinets a new look by adding glass doors to your cabinet, and that will give them a modern look. You can add modern colored glassware in the glass cabinets to give your kitchen a beautiful look. It’s best to have a contractor add the glass for the best outcome. Spend a little amount of money on new stemware.

  • Update Lighting

Updating your kitchen lighting will give your house a new look. Invest in lights that are not so expensive but will give your kitchen a whole new look. Add under cabinet lighting, and that will make your kitchen look more modernized and bring out the beauty.

  • Update your Kitchen countertops

Replacing a countertop will give your kitchen a more expensive look. Talk to the quartz countertop dealers on the best countertop for your kitchen. Depending on the traffic in the kitchen and your style make sure you choose the countertop that will perk the value of your home. Research and choose the countertop that will work for your kitchen. Whether you choose a granite countertop, or a quartz countertop makes sure you can maintain it. After selecting the countertop that will suit your kitchen, research on the best color that will give your kitchen that expensive look. The granite contractor will help choose the best countertop color for your kitchen.

  • Change the Backsplash

After renovating and changing the kitchen countertop, consider the backsplash. Upgrade your backsplash with products that will give you’re a kitchen a statement.

Tips to Follow when Updating your Kitchen

  • Draft a budget

Come up with a budget of how much you want to spend. Talk to the contractor and find out how much it will cost to do the upgrade. Get a quotation from the granite company for the countertop. Make sure you get quotations from all the contractors and compare with the various suppliers.

  • Research on what you want to change

If you want to change your countertop visit the quartz dealer and find out the variety, they stock. Choose the one that will work for you. Make sure your choice of countertop matches with the kitchen cabinets and flooring

  • Let the Experts Fix the Kitchen

Trying to make your kitchen look expensive on your own will be a disaster. Let the granite contractor fix your countertop to give it a professional look. Get a professional to fix the cabinets and paint the walls.

  • Maintain your Kitchen

Ensure that you invest in products you can maintain. If you choose a granite countertop, then make sure you can maintain to keep it looking good.

Simple kitchen makeover will give your house a new look. When changing the décor for your kitchen especially countertops work with expert installers such as granite-quartz installers Rockville to ensure the best outcome. Make sure you take care of your kitchen to keep it looking good for longer.




Most Popular Kitchen Countertops Colors

Without a well-done kitchen countertop, it will be hard to have a functional kitchen. The countertop you use will make your kitchen stand out and give your home value. If you are thinking about remodeling it’s important to choose the right color and style for your kitchen to bring out an elegant look. In this article, we look at the most popular countertop colors. In case you are not sure what colors you should use to match or complement your kitchen cabinets speak to the experts at the granite companies and they will help you choose the best color.

Factors to consider when Choosing the color of your Kitchen Countertop

  • Color theme and matching accessories

Matching the countertop color to your cabinets color will make it more gorgeous. Take note of the pattern on the floor and lower cabinet and choose the color that will match or complement the colors. It’s important to choose a color that will match with a lot of other colors just in case you change the color of your cabinets later. Consider the undertones in the room and that will help you decide the color to choose.

  • Style

Different colors will bring out a different style. Colors like white look good and match with different cabinetry. white bring simplicity and sophistication.

  • Traffic and activity in the kitchen

If you run a restaurant while white may bring out sophistication and class, it may be hard to maintain. Black is more suitable for the very busy kitchen as its easy to maintain.

Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Colors

Below are some of the most popular kitchen countertop. If you are remodeling your kitchen below are colors you should choose.

  • Softy Veined White

A quartz or a granite countertop in white with flecks or grains will bring a contemporary, fresh and clean feel to the room. White is one of the most admired countertop colors as it gives your kitchen an ultra-fine feel. In less busy kitchens white is the perfect color as that will give the kitchen a natural richness, sense of cleanliness and makes the kitchen look sophisticated. White also makes it easy to match with lighting giving your kitchen regal look.

White countertops are ideal if:

  • You want the kitchen space to look big and light
  • If you want to have a modern and traditional look in your kitchen


  • Black or Dark Countertops

Black or dark countertop may appear very traditional, but they are perfect to harmonize your kitchen. Dark countertops match well with the dark cabinet. If you install a dark countertop that gives you more options for cabinetry and lights. Dark countertops will bring out the color of cabinets. To make your kitchen look good make sure you have a lot of lights as that will make your kitchen look comfortable and sophisticated. If your kitchen cabinets are dark, dark countertop are the perfect color to match and compliment your countertop.

Dark or black countertops are good for you if:

  •  If your kitchen has dark cabinets and you want to match
  • You have colored cabinets then a black countertop is perfect to complement the cabinets
  • If you have smoky and mirrored backsplash
  • If you want to achieve a black and white theme


  • Grey

Grey and other colors such as beiges or creams are neutral counter colors. Creamy countertops add a peaceful look to your kitchen. Gray will give your kitchen a contemporary look and its perfect to pair with colorful cabinets.

Grey countertop is ideal if;

  • You want a neutral color for your kitchen
  • If you have colorful cabinets
  • If your theme is black and white, gray will soften the look


  • Dramatic colors

Boldly veined countertops will make your kitchen look amazing. The more dramatic your countertop the less dramatic colors you want to add. If your countertop has bold veining, consider using less daring colors in your cabinetry and backsplash.

Dramatic countertops are good for you if:

  • If your kitchen is large
  • To make the countertop to stand out
  • If your cabinets are dark

The first step is identifying the countertop that works best for your kitchen. Whether it’s granite countertop, quartz countertop or engineered stone make sure it will suit your kitchen. Once you have selected the countertop, its time to pick out the color that will match and complement the kitchen cabinets and an accessories best way to pick the best color for your kitchen countertop is to visit the quartz countertop dealer and take-home samples to compare with your cabinetry. Pick the granite-marble countertop color Rockville that will give your kitchen that regal effect.



How to Choose a Vanity that Will Make Your Bathroom Stand Out

A bathroom vanity can help you make such bold statement and make your house stand out. The bathroom vanity will add value to your home and complement the style of your house. Its imperative that you choose one that is unique and gives your house a regal effect. The best place to start while choosing the vanity is at the granite companies as you will be able to meet an expert who will advise on the various aspect of a bathroom vanity. We give you expert advice on how to choose a bathroom vanity that looks good in your bathroom and suits your needs

Steps to Choosing the Bathroom Vanity

When choosing a bathroom vanity, consider the following;

  • Consider the use of the bathroom Vanity

It’s important to consider who will be using the vanity. When remodeling the bathroom it’s important to consider who the users of the bathroom are and how they will use and what they will place on the vanity. Get a design that works for you

  • Decide where the vanity will be placed

The plumbing will determine and dictate where the vanity will be placed. A wall mounted vanity may require extra works of plumbing. The floor mounted may use the previous plumbing structure.

  • Look out for obstacles

The design of your bathrooms can be changed but it may hard to move walls and doors. Consider how the door swings, decide where you want to place the toilet in relation to the toilet position. Make sure the vanity doesn’t become a hindrance when the bathroom is in use. Visualize the final look of your bathroom. A granite contractor will help you design the bathroom and suggest ways to make the most of the space.

  • How much Storage do you require

A vanity will add storage and before you settle, decide which kind of storage you need. Consider the kind of storage you will need and whether the vanity will fit in the space available

  • Pick out the Material you want for the Vanity

Your vanity will come into contact with makeup, cleaning products and water. The material you choose should be able to withstand the kind of activity in your bathroom. Granite countertops are the all-time favorite, but quartz countertops and engineered stone countertops are also materials you can use. The granite -quartz countertop installers will be able to guide you on the best material to use to ensure you achieve the style you want.

  • Personal Style

The choice of vanity should make you happy, and bring out your personal style. Make sure the end result is what you hoped for by inviting the professionals even as you choose the material you want to use.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity

There are many aspects of a vanity that you have to consider

  • Size

The size of the bathroom vanity will depend on the size of the bathroom. Check that the width, depth, and height of the vanity you choose and confirm that it will fit without overcrowding your bathroom. Ensure that there is enough space for traffic. Make sure the shape of the vanity will not hinder movement.

  • Number of sinks

How many sinks do you need? The number of sinks will determine the size of the vanity. Two or more sinks will require a bigger vanity space.

  • Mounting Design

There are three designs you can choose to mount the bathroom vanity. The freestanding is the easiest, the wall mounting and corner mount. Choose the style and design that is easy to implement and bring out the classic style you want.

  • Countertop Material

Choose the countertop material that will work for your vanity. Quartz countertops will withstand soap and makeup. Granite countertop will bring nature into your bathroom while engineered stone works well if the traffic flow to the bathroom is high.

Tips for Easy Installation of the Bathroom Vanity

Make sure the design you choose brings out the best design and comfort to your bathroom. Make sure the design you choose is functional and makes your bathroom stand out.



Is Your Quartz Kitchen Counter top Heat Resistant?

Your Quartz kitchen countertops go through a lot in their kitchen lifetime and anyone who wants to replace their countertops wonders whether they will withstand. It’s important that you get the countertop that will stand the test of time and in this post, we review what the quartz countertops can bear. Hot pans are placed on them, they get wet, knives scratch their surface and exposure to various substances that may cause stains. The kitchen countertop material you choose should depict style, good in appearance, durable and heat resistant. When it comes to quartz countertops most people wonder whether its heat resistant and up to what level it can resist the heat. Over the year the debate whether quartz is heat resistant rages on and we indulge to find out whether you should place that hot pan on your Quartz kitchen tops.

How Quartz Countertops are Made

Before you choose your kitchen countertop, you need to understand the mineral composition of the top. Quartz is a naturally occurring material composed of silicon and oxygen and to make kitchen countertops resin is added to bond the minerals.

Is Quartz Heat Resistant

Quartz has over the years gained prominence in our kitchen and Over and over the question, whether a quartz countertop will be affected by heat is flouted. When it comes to heat there are two qualities that we need to differentiate, Heat Resistant and Heat Proof

Heat resistant means the ability to be able to resist heat and remain unaffected while heatproof means the ability to withstand heat. With that in mind let now. Quartz relates up to 150 degrees or more of heat and thus its actual heat resistant up to that level. That means that the quartz countertops can bear the heat from hot pans without causing the top to discolor. The beauty of your Quartz Kitchen countertop will remain for many years even after placing the hot pans on it and that makes quartz pass the heat test. That makes quartz the perfect deal when it comes to kitchen countertops.

On the other hand, is Quartz heat proof?

As we have stated above quartz can handle heat up to a certain level but beyond that, the binding polymer resins will be destroyed. As a precaution, the quartz installers recommend placing trivets on the quartz countertops to avoid damage. It might hard to tell the temperature of your pan and it’s therefore important to invest in the trivet or hot pads where you can place the hot items. Too much heat may cause irredeemable damage to your countertop. With the above, you can rest easy knowing how much heat the countertop can bear and how to protect your countertop.

What if the Quartz is damaged?

In the unfortunate event that the Quartz countertop is damaged, the first step is to contact the Quartz countertop contractor so that they can access the extent of the damage. Accidents may damage the heat and the quartz countertop installers from the countertop replacement companies will assess and advise the best option based on the damage. Quartz countertops will rarely get damaged and if they let the expert quartz installers do the repair and the replacement.

Care Tips for Your Quartz Countertops

  • Quartz is not porous but its good maintenance practice to wipe away any spills as soon as they happen
  • Don’t expose your quartz kitchen countertop to very high temperatures to avoid damaging it
  • Avoid powerful and permanent markers on the countertop as this may cause damage. It’s however important to note that quartz is stain resistant but not for very strong chemicals.
  • Use a cutting board to avoid marks and scratches on the countertop.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners as they will damage the shine and make the polish will inconsistent. Clean the countertop with warm water and a mild soap.

Quartz is one of the best kitchen countertop materials due to the various qualities it possesses. You need to seal the countertop often as its porous and therefore perfect low maintenance. It’s Durable making it suitable for all sorts of kitchen, especially high traffic, and busy kitchen. Ensure that when your countertop is damaged you let the quartz countertop installers Rockville assess the damage and do the repair and replacement.



8 Reasons Why You Should Get a Granite Counter top for Your Kitchen

Your Kitchen is the focal point of your home and the materials and appliances you choose will give your house style and value. One of the most crucial parts of the kitchen is the countertop and the material you use on the countertop determines the value of your house. Granite countertops are among the hottest high-end options for kitchen countertops and if you are looking to perk up the value of your house then granite is the ultimate kitchen countertop choice.  Despite the many options available for kitchen counter granite has remained the premier kitchen countertop material. The kitchen is one of the most commonly used room and its therefore imperative that the kitchen countertop you choose id durable, easy to clean and maintain. Before you choose a new countertop, we take you through what you need to know about granites and why Granites countertops are still the most stylish kitchen countertops.

Why You Should Choose a Granite Countertop for Your Kitchen

  • Durability

Granite is made from hard rocks and its second to diamond in terms of hardness. When well installed by the granite installers then you can be sure that your kitchen will stay in style for the longest time. Granite is extremely strong and therefore durable and the only time you will call your countertop replacement company is when remodeling your kitchen. It resists chipping and cracking and thus it will last you a lifetime.

  • Easy to Maintain

When properly sealed after the installation then it’s easier to clean and maintain the countertop. Proper sealing will ensure there are no bacteria on your kitchen countertop. To clean the countertop, you need to warm water and a piece of cloth to clean any spills. Sealing makes granite countertops nonporous and that makes it easy to clean.

  • Exquisite Beauty to your Home

Granite countertops are one of the best additions to your home as it adds style and exquisite beauty to your home. Granite comes in a variety of colors and that gives you the choice to choose one that will give your house the regal effect and compliment with the cabinets and floor. Choosing granite will give you the advantage of having a unique countertop that you will not find elsewhere.

  • Boost the value of your home

If you remodel your home with granite countertop you can be sure that the value of your home will go up. With expert installations, your home is going to get a sale more quickly when it has a granite countertop.

  • Heat Resistance

Granite is able to withstand heat from pans and other hot objects from your kitchen making it a viable material for your countertop. You can set hot pans and pots on the granite without causing any damage.

  • Easy Installation

As you will notice, when the granite installer is installing, it’s relatively easy and fast to install granite tops.

  • Cost of Granite

Granite is relatively cheap and it can cost from $ 40 per square feet depending on the granite company you buy from and the size you need.

  • Long-term investment

When you remodel your kitchen countertop with granite, you can be sure that it will last a lifetime and thus its longtime investment. Granites will last more than any other countertop.

Tips for Taking Care of your Granite Countertop

  • Seal the Countertop

The first and most important step in ensuring the countertop is clean is ensure your granite installer has sealed the top. Sealing will protect the countertop and make maintenance easy. After the sealing then follow the below steps to keep your granite shiny and stylish

  • Avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners and sponges.

Acidic cleaners like lemon, ammonia, and bleach should not be used to clean the granite as this will destroy the sealant and dull the top. While cleaning use warm water and mild soap to clean the top. The granite contractor will advise you on the best cleaning materials for your countertop if you want to purchase cleaning products meant for granites.

Granite remains the leader in the pack and you can never go wrong when you install a granite countertop in your kitchen. It’s however important that the installation and sealing are done professionally by the granite installers Rockville to ensure there is no damage to the countertop and outcome gives your house the stylish look.



6 Most Stylish Kitchen Counter top Edges

The shape of your countertop edge can have a huge impact on your kitchen as it plays a major role in safety, cleanliness of your kitchen and the aesthetics of your kitchen. Your quartz kitchen countertop edge is important to the final visual look of your kitchen. The edge profile is the surface you will come into contact as you make the delicious dishes in your kitchen and it’s therefore important that the edge you choose can be maintained easily and guarantee safety. The granite installers or the quartz countertop installer will play a key role in helping you choose the edge profile that suits your kitchen.

Types of Countertop Edge Profile

  • Eased Edges

The profile has all sides squared and its one of the most basic kitchen countertop edges. The basic edges are square with a slightly eased top and it’s the simplest and most commonly used edge profile. The edge profile will give your granite countertop a thick look especially if you have a small kitchen. If you want minimal cleaning then this is the profile to have on your quartz countertop.It’s important that you involve an expert to be able to choose the right edge for your countertop.


  • Gives your kitchen a clean, contemporary look
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Bullnose Edges

The edge profile works well with different kitchen countertop materials and its one of the versatile edge profile. Its characterized by rounded edges from the top to bottom making it delicate. Its suitable for high traffic areas, and where you have kids going in and out of the kitchen. The half bull nose is mostly used on granite countertops giving your kitchen a more elegant look. The bullnose edges will make your countertop thicker and highlight the beauty of your countertop. The edge profile is not recommended for wet areas.


  • Gives your countertop timeless appeal
  • Soft rounded edges for safety


  • Bevelled Edges

The clipped flat corner shaped with a 45-degree bevelled edges will give your kitchen a contemporary look. They are easier to clean but when there are spills they tend to spread too quickly. You can ask the granite installer to customize the countertop edges and angles to match your needs and enhance the edges. The bevel can either be single bevel or double bevel

Single Bevel is a popular edge used on granite countertops usually has a 45 degree

Double Bevel will work best if you want a greater impact and extra dimension for your countertop. It has double 45 degrees at the top and the bottom. It will make your kitchen appear more luxurious and brighter


  • Gives your countertop greater accent edge and also gives the countertop a classic look


  • Ogee Edges

The profile has a waterfall like an appearance with a dip and then a less gradual dip. Its labor intensive and is considered one of the classic and dignified profiles. It will be more expensive than the other edges as it requires more time and labor. The ogee edges work best in large spaces and require greater care when it comes to cleaning and maintenance


  • Gives your kitchen a classic and regal effect


  • Chiseled Edges

The chiseled edges resemble rough stones and it gives you a more natural look. Its perfect for that outdoor kitchen. To ensure safety you have the edges sealed. The chiseled edges are unique and it’s perfect if you want to make a design statement.


  • Gives your outdoor kitchen the natural look you are trying to achieve


  • Laminated Ogee over the full Bullnose

When the second layer of granite is placed over the bottom edge of your countertop, then it’s said to be laminated. That will make the countertop appear thicker allowing you to have a variety of edges. The edge profile will be costly but gives your house a complicated and elegant look.

It’s important that your edge is done by the granite installer with the expertise to avoid damaging the kitchen countertop. The quartz-granite countertop installers Rockville will advise the best countertop edges for each countertop material and what suits your kitchen depending on the traffic, kitchen style you want and the budget. The edge profile that you choose will greatly impact the final look of your kitchen, therefore choose a design that makes you kitchen elegant and outstanding.



How to Choose the Best Countertop for an Outdoor Kitchen

If you are an avid cook, then the kitchen is the focal point of your daily life and its functionality and beauty is an important aspect for you and family. There is a various aspect that makes the kitchen have the aesthetic value and functionality we all love that includes finding the right granite countertop installers, right flooring material, and cabinets that suit your kitchen needs.

What if your kitchen is outdoor? What do you need to make it look as fashionable and trendy as you would hope for and yet serve the function. When designing an outdoor kitchen there are various factors to consider. One of the most important section of an outdoor kitchen to consider is the kitchen countertop to use, but before we go to the materials that are best for the outdoor kitchen countertop, we look at what factors do you consider while choosing the materials for your outdoor kitchen.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Materials for an Outdoor Kitchen

  • Weather Conditions

The material you choose should be able to withstand fluctuating weather conditions. The Cabinetry materials that you use should not absorb moisture or crack due to the heat outside. Whether it’s the granite countertop, quartz or engineered stone countertop, it should be able to withstand the extreme weather conditions. Involve your granite contractors as they will be able to help choose the best surface for an outdoor kitchen countertop. Your quartz countertop dealer has the experience and knowledge and will advise accordingly. Granite countertops are top of the list when it comes to countertops as they can withstand hot and cold conditions.

  • Exposure Levels

Is your outdoor kitchen fully exposed or its partly? Depending on the level of exposure choose materials that are durable and will able to withstand the weather and still look good. The flooring material you choose should not fade due to the sun or absorb moisture. Your kitchen countertop should be able to withstand the level of exposure . The material should be fade free, heat resistant to ensure that the countertop serves you for long while its still good looking.

  • Function and Elements to include

How often is the kitchen going to be in use and what the purpose of the kitchen? Depending on the use choose materials that can withstand traffic. It’s also important to decide what elements and appliances you want in the kitchen. If the kitchen is near the house you may not need to have the refrigerator in the outdoor kitchen.

  • Space Available

Look at the available and decide on the how your kitchen will look like, how much space you have determined the size of the quartz kitchen countertop. The space available will help choose the appliances, cabinets, and equipment you have in your kitchen. Ensure that your kitchen space is optimized.

Choosing the Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material

Choose the countertop material wisely for durability and longevity

  • Quartz

The wide variety of colors and styles of the quartz countertops makes it ideal for outdoor kitchen, but the resin used in bonding the countertop together may not handle extreme temperatures. Use quart for the countertop if there is no complete exposure and the temperatures are not extreme.

  • Marble

Marble comes in a variety of colors but can’t stand prolonged exposure to weather elements. it’s therefore not ideal for outdoor as it will not last. You can, however, use the countertop on a table worktop that you move after use.

  • Granite

Granite is all time favorite and remains one of the best kitchen countertop material because of its ability to withstand both hot and cold and even wet conditions. Proper care and maintenance will ensure the countertop looks good for long. The variety of color and its natural aesthetic make a granite countertop ideal for your outdoor.

To get the best out of your outdoor kitchen consult the granite-quartz-marble countertops installers Rockville at the granite companies on the best outdoor material based on the above factors. The granite-marble-quartz colors should complement the outdoor kitchen to give the regal effect it deserves. The quartz countertop installers should be able to do the installation and give the kitchen the best functionality it deserves and you can enjoy your cooking as you overlook the beach or that mountain or town.



Care and Maintenance of Quartz Counter top

Quartz Kitchen countertops will give your kitchen the sophistication and appeal you need. They are luxurious yet easy to maintain. Quartz is made by combining a natural hard mineral known as quartz with resin, polymers, and pigments. Depending on how the grounding, coarsely ground quartz produces a flecked appearance while the fine one will give a smooth finish. Quartz which is moderate in weight is a readily available mineral meaning the cost of the quartz is not high.

Advantages of quartz countertops

  • Hard and Durable
  • Non-Porous with a gloss sheen
  • Stain and crack resistant
  • Doesn’t require sealing and resealing
  • Comes with a wide variety of colors
  • Easy to clean and microbial
  • Minimal maintenance

Cleaning quartz countertop

Its imperative that the material you choose for your countertop or kitchen countertop be easy to clean and maintain.

  • Daily cleaning

To clean use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the countertop

Mix water and soap, dip the cloth and clean the top with the cloth. Ensure you wring out excess water. Wipe the surface clockwise, and then dry the surface with a soft cloth.

Wipe the countertop every day to ensure it retains its shine and look

  • Cleaning grease from the surface

Buy a mild degreasing detergent to clean out any grease that may pour on the surface .they are products meant for quartz countertop and its ideal for the surface top. wipe out the grease as soon as it pours on the countertop. You can also clean grease with mild soap and warm water. Don’t use bleach on the surface. Properly care and clean the countertop with natural products to maintain the shine

  • Hard and dry out Spills

Use a blunt substance to remove any hard and dry spills. Start from the underside of the spill.

  • How to clean stains in the quartz

Soak the cloth in warm and using a clockwise motion clean out the stain. In case the stain doesn’t come out add a little alcohol on the cloth and rub the stain away. You can a citrus remover to clean out stains. Confirm that the cleaner is safe for the quartz countertops. Avoid any abrasive and alkaline cleaners while cleaning the countertop.

 What to avoid when you have a quartz countertop

  • The extreme heat of above 300 degrees will melt the resin in the quartz
  • Highly alkaline products will break the bonds between the quartz and resins.
  • Avoid slicing your dishes on the countertop as it may not withstand the effect of knives
  • Avoid using in an outdoor area as it may not withstand the harsh environment.
  • Avoid using abrasive scouring pads while cleaning
  • Avoid letting the stains settle in for long.
  • Avoid dropping heavy objects on the quartz countertops Potomac, MD. While transporting the countertop ensure there is no pressure to avoid breakage.