Forget Granite Countertops For A Moment: 7 Features That Make Laminate Countertops The Best Countertops In The Market

When looking to install countertops in their homes, many homeowners only think about granite countertops. What they don’t realize is that there are plenty of other countertop materials in the market they can go for.

One of the best materials is laminate. Laminate countertops come with plenty of attractive features that make them one of the best materials in the market to go for. These features include:

They are easy to find

Regardless of the texture, color, or print you are looking for, you will find laminate countertops that match your desires in hardware supplies or kitchen supplies store in your local area.

You can also easily find the countertops in your walk-in and online stores. As long as you know the countertops you want, you will find them in a store near you.

Plenty of options to choose from

The countertops are not only easy to find, but they also come in plenty of choices to choose from. Some of the common options include:

  • High-pressure laminates
  • Color core or color through laminates
  • Post-formed or drop in laminates
  • Marbled, glossy, or matte textured laminates
  • Thickness based graded laminates

If this is the first time installing the countertops, you should discuss it with your contractor and agree on the right ones for your home. As a rule of thumb, avoid those that don’t give your home an elegant appeal.

They are affordable

When they ask for a countertop quotation, most homeowners are shocked by the amount of money they have to part with to install their preferred stone countertops. Laminate countertops are affordable, with most of the brands costing less than half the price of most natural stone countertops.

This makes them an ideal choice when you are operating on a tight budget.  The countertops are also cheap and easy to maintain.

They are easy to install

If you have installed quartz countertops or any natural stone countertops, you have to hire a countertop installation professional to help you with the installation, which is added to the cost.

This isn’t the case with laminate countertops

Due to their ease of installation, you can even install them by yourself, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast. During the installation, don’t shy from getting creative with the design and color combinations.

You also should create different edge options such as the bullnose, beveled, eased, and ogee. It’s all up to you to decide what looks good for your countertops and go with it.

They are easy to clean

Laminates have a highly moisture repellent surface. This comes in handy at preventing grime and dust from sticking to them. As a result, you have an easy time cleaning the countertops.

You can easily clean laminate countertops using basic cleaning supplies such as water, vinegar, and other household cleaning agents.

Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals that can damage the surfaces.

They are impact resistant

Even the mighty Quartz, Dekton’s, and granite countertops easily chip or crack when you drop heavy pots or ceramic bowls on them.

This isn’t the case with laminate. Laminate countertops can take a literal pounding. Even when you drop a cast iron skillet on them, they won’t even flinch. Also, when you accidentally drop your tools on the countertops, they won’t get damaged.

They have antibacterial properties

Most of the manufacturers produce countertops with antimicrobial protection backed into them. This means that the countertops kill pathogens, which comes in handy at reducing your chances of getting sick. This also eliminates the chances of mold and fungi growing on the countertops.

They allow you to have an under-mount sink

Years ago, you could only have a drop-in sink when you installed laminate countertops. Courtesy of great innovation strides, it’s now possible to install an under-mount sink in your home. This gives your home an elegant, modern look.


If you are looking for affordable but elegant looking countertops, laminate countertops are your best bet. You can install them on any surfaces but not in the wet areas of the house, such as in the bathroom. For you to get the most from the countertops, ensure the pieces are installed by expert granite installers Rockville or any other professionals.