How Do You Save Money On Granite Countertops?

Since granite is a luxurious material, many homeowners imagine having to spend astronomical amounts on it. What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way? Operating on a budget and wondering how do you save money on granite countertops? Here are tips on how to go about it:

Buy a prefabricated stone.

A prefabricated stone is one that has already been cut before arriving at the store. Since the supplier doesn’t have to cut the stone, they often sell it at a lower price, which sees you saving money.

Prefabricated stones also prevent unwanted delays as the supplier picks the stone from the store and delivers it to your home without working on them.

While the prefabricated stone saves you money, you should note that it might not fit your kitchen perfectly as it doesn’t have custom cuttings.

Before you go for this stone, ask your contractor whether it’s a wise thing to do. You don’t want to save money on a stone you won’t use or install it, and it gives your kitchen an ugly look, do you?

Take your time

What do most homeowners do when they are looking to install countertops in their homes? They rush to the nearest store and pick the slab that is pleasing to their eyes. You shouldn’t do this if you are looking to save money.

As a savvy shopper, take your time. Ask yourself, where can I find granite countertops? The materials are sold in big box stores, from granite fabricators and companies specializing in prefabricated granite counters, and bathroom design studios.

You should then hit these stores and see what they have to offer. As you are shopping, keep in mind that most big box stores don’t stock many countertop options and tend to be expensive, so it’s wise to avoid them.

Get estimates from different suppliers and compare them. The estimates should include the cost of the countertop, the cost of delivering it to your property, and the installation cost.

Carefully review the estimates and buy from a contractor that makes the most sense.

It’s also wise to shop in the company of an experienced contractor who will guide you on buying a countertop material that is right for your home and gives you the best results.

Settle for a simple color

If you have been shopping for the countertops for a while, you must have realized that certain countertops are more expensive than others solely due to their colors.

Some colors are rare than others, and the rare ones tend to be more expensive. And since you are looking to save money, avoid countertops with the rare color.

You might argue that your kitchen will look better with the rare color, but you should know you are better off changing the design elements in your kitchen to fit the color of a more affordable countertop rather than going for the expensive stone.

For example, you can paint or stain your cabinets to match the less expensive color, and you save money you would have spent on the rare color.

Keep an eye on the hidden costs.

When installing countertops, the price of the countertops is just one of the costs. There are plenty of other costs that come with it, such as the cost of installation, seaming, transportation, edging, backsplash finish, and many others.

To save money, buy from smaller stores with plenty of countertop options and often install the countertops at a lower price.

Streamline the project by choosing the standard eased edge instead of fancier edges such as the bevel edge. You also save money by choosing another finish for the backsplash.

Use granite tiles instead of slabs.

If looking to redo the entire kitchen or bathroom, use granite tiles instead of slabs. Although, you won’t get the same look as with the slab, tiles are cheaper to buy and install. Tiles are also thinner, which means less raw materials to deal with and easier transportation.

The light and thin nature of the tiles means you can also install them directly over your existing counters.  Due to this, granite contractor Rockville has to undertake little to no demolition work.