How Do You Make Granite Countertops Look Good?

Granite countertops look magnificent in any home, and this is one of the primary reasons many homeowners go for them. If you have had your countertops for a long time and they have started losing their original exquisite look, you must be wondering, how do you make granite countertops look good, right?

Well, there are plenty of ways you can do it. Some of these ways include:

Shine the countertops

When you installed the countertops for the first time, you must have noticed an inviting natural shine. The shine is largely due to the high quartz content in granite.

While the shine is inviting when new, over time, it fades off, giving your countertops an old, cheap look.

To make your countertops look good, you need to maintain this shine. Besides cleaning the countertops regularly, you also should regularly polish the surfaces.

Thankfully, there are plenty of polishing products in the market you can use. All you need to do is find those that match your countertops and give your surfaces a perfect look you are looking for.

When polishing the countertops, take care not to use rough cleaning tools that scratch the surface. As a rule of thumb, use a soft cloth, precisely a microfiber cloth, that won’t cause any harm to the surface.

Use the same soft cloth to buff the surfaces and buff in a circular motion to don’t cause any harm and reach the entire surface.

Other ways to keep your granite looking good

Besides polishing the countertops, there are many other ways to keep your granite looking good. Some of these other ways include:

Take good care of the countertops

Like your car, clothes, appliances, or any other thing, if you want your countertops to look good, you have to take good care of them.

The beauty is there are plenty of ways to take care of them. Some of these ways include:

Clean spills immediately: As soon as spills happen, you should clean them to avoid hard-to-remove stains from forming.

Use coasters: Coasters come in handy at preventing the hot pots placed on the countertops from coming into direct contact with the countertops. As a rule of thumb, use high-quality coasters that will provide the countertops with maximum protection and last for a long time.

Use cutting boards: The same way you should use coasters and hot pads is the same way you should use cutting boards when cutting meat, vegetables, and other food items. As a rule of thumb, never cut directly on granite surfaces.

Don’t sit on the countertops: It’s normal for most homeowners to sit on the countertops as they wait for food to cook. Others will come to the kitchen and sit there as they chat. This is wrong.

To avoid cracking your countertops, avoid sitting on them, especially on the edges. You also should avoid standing on them to reach the top shelves or replace a burnt bulb.

Clean the countertops regularly

As mentioned above, cleaning the countertops goes a long way towards keeping them looking good. When doing the cleaning, use the right cleaning products.

In most cases, water and soap are enough to keep the surfaces in top shape, but you can use commercial cleaning products when looking for that extra shine. When buying the cleaner, use one specifically designed for granite surfaces.

Never use ammonia, citrus, or vinegar to clean the surfaces as they are highly acidic cleaners, and using them will dull the surfaces.

The right way to clean the countertops is to spray or mist the cleaner across the entire surface, then let it sit for a minute, after which you wipe it with a soft microfiber cloth until it’s dry.

Seal the countertop

The final thing you should do is seal the countertops to lock out any materials that might try to find their way into the countertops. You can seal the countertops or hire granite countertop installers Rockville to help.

When sealing the surfaces, work in small sections to don’t spray the same area more than once. After applying the sealant, wipe the surfaces with a soft cotton cloth until completely dry.



What Is The Cheapest Color Of Granite?

If you have been shopping for granite countertops, you must have noticed that the color of the countertop has a significant impact on the price, where the uniform, rare colors tend to go at a higher price.

If you are operating on a budget, you must be wondering, what is the cheapest color of granite, right? The cheapest countertops are those with speckled and busy designs. The most common ones being:

Azul Platino

Azul Platino is quarried near Vigo, Spain, and it has been around for hundreds of years. This granite features an off-white background with small bluish-gray specks, and in some cases, it will have black spots scattered throughout the slab.

It’s also common to have the countertops with white or black veining. On closer examination, the countertops will have green, brown, or even pink flecks. The countertops will also have amethyst quartz crystals that provide brilliant violet flecks throughout the slab.

Azul Platino slab is usually large, making it an excellent choice for kitchen islands and other large-sized countertop needs.

New Caledonia

New Caledonia is quarried in Espirito Santo, Brazil, and the granite features a uniform appearance meaning that it’s common to find two almost identical slabs, which is not common with most other natural granite slabs.

The granite slab features a white background with gray and brown speckles that run uniformly throughout the slab.

When you look at the slab from a distance, it appears to be comprised of shades of gray ranging from light gray to deep charcoal with black and white patches throughout the slab, but on closer examination, you will notice hues of brown and sparkling crystals running throughout.

The beauty with New Caledonia is that it’s highly versatile and looks great in both contemporary and traditional kitchens and bathrooms.

You can pair it with dark wood-stained cabinetry or with light cabinetry for the charcoal flecking to stand out.

Dallas white

Dallas white granite is quarried in Aguia Branca, Brazil, and the granite has low water absorption and low porosity, making it an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

The slab has a white background with dark crystals scattered throughout, and in some cases, it might have slight veining.

The countertop’s uniform flecking works perfectly in traditional kitchens where the granite’s brown, golden cream veins and lavender flecks blend perfectly, giving your kitchen a beautiful look.

For the perfect look, pair the countertops with white or dark wood cabinetry such as walnut.

The unique thing about Dallas White granite is that, unlike other granites in the market, it doesn’t need face resin due to the tight grain structure found in the stone.

The lack of resin means that you can place hot pots on the countertops without worrying about damaging the granite surface.

Uba tuba granite

Also known as Ubatuba, Uba tuba is mined near Ubatuba, Sao Paolo, Brazil. The granite features a dark green background with consistent green, gold, and brown flecks scattered across the slab.

It also has a tight granite pattern with a few veins running throughout the stone. The veins present are usually small and gold, white, or turquoise.

The minerals in the granite vary in size from as little as an apple seed to as large as half a dollar, which significantly adds visual interest to the stone.

If you have a traditional kitchen, pair Ubatuba with dark cabinetry but if looking to create a contemporary space, pair the countertops with white cabinetry.

If you aren’t sure about the look you want to create, you don’t have to worry, as the various colors found in the Uba Tuba slab create a sophisticated yet simple look that works for every home.

Don’t buy poor-quality granite.

While you are looking for the cheapest color, you shouldn’t buy the cheapest quality countertop as it’s a matter of time before the countertop starts breaking apart and they end up being too expensive in the long run. Instead of cutting the cost on the quality of the slab, stay away from fancy edges, and instead, opt for a standard sink and choose granite remnants for the small areas instead of buying an entire slab.

To avoid getting ripped off, walk with experienced granite countertop installers Rockville to these stores.



Is Granite Good for Kitchen Countertops?

Granite countertops are one of the most popular countertop materials, and every homeowner wants to install them. The countertops are loved for their beauty and the fact that they give a kitchen a premium look. While this is the case, the big question is, is granite good for kitchen countertops?

Yes, granite is an excellent material for your kitchen countertops. Here are some of the reasons why:

It’s heat resistant

Granite counters won’t melt or blister when exposed to heat. This means you can take a hot pan and place it directly on the countertops without worrying about the surfaces getting damaged. While this is the case, you should note that regular countertop exposure to extreme temperatures can damage them.

This is because, while the countertop is heat resistant, it’s not heatproof.  To protect your surfaces, always have a trivet in place so that when you remove a hot pot or pan from the fire, you don’t place it directly on the countertops. Rather, you place it on the trivet.

It’s scratch-resistant

Granite scores a seven on Moh’s scale of hardness. This means the material is tough and able to resist scratches from different materials. Due to its tough nature, many homeowners cut fruits and vegetables on it. While you can do this without any issue, you should limit it. This is because the vegetables and fruits might be having harmful acids that might etch the surfaces.

Other foods such as meat might be harboring bacteria that you transfer to the surfaces when you place them directly on the countertops. When you place other foods on the counters, you transfer these bacteria to the foods. You don’t want this, do you?

Even if the countertops can take the beating, don’t cut the food directly on the countertops. Instead, always have a cutting board in place at all times.

You can easily hide seams.

If you have a large kitchen, you have to use two or more granite slabs. The biggest worry with most homeowners is that the countertops will show seams that give the surfaces an ugly appeal. When you hire the right contractors to install the countertops, you don’t have to worry about this. Most experienced installers mix custom color epoxy to adhere to the seams, which comes in handy at disguising them.

And as a result, you have a smooth, beautiful surface.

You can repair the countertops.

Most countertop materials need to be replaced when they get damaged. This isn’t the case with granite. When you have a crack or chip on your granite, you need to contact the contractor that installed them and explain the issue. In most cases, the contractor will use a color-matched epoxy to fill the void, and when properly done, it’s invisible. In fact, you can’t tell you have a defect there.

If you have a small chip, you can use superglue to seal the chip.

While the countertops are repairable, you should note that it’s your responsibility to protect them from damage. Of major importance, don’t place heavy cast-iron pans directly into your under-mounted sink. This is because the cutout edges are prone to chips that give your surfaces an ugly appeal.

There are plenty of countertop options to choose from

If you ask many homeowners, they will tell you that granite is white, but this isn’t the case at all. Granite comes in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. And the beauty is that since the stone is natural, every slab is unique so that you can be sure that when you install the countertop, you can’t find anyone else with an exactly similar one.

If you want your kitchen to have an exotic look, you should install exotic granite colors such as red. While the slabs will be slightly more expensive than the other slabs in the market, you will give your guests something to talk about when they visit you.

They are easy to maintain

Granite countertops are one of the easiest materials to maintain. Once you have had them professionally installed by granite installers Rockville, the only thing you need to do is to clean them once a day. You also should make it a habit to clean any spills as soon as they happen. Also, once a year, seal the countertops to keep off stains.



Pros and Cons of Quartz Kitchen Counter tops

Over the years quartz kitchen countertops have gained prominence and although granite countertop remains at the top of the ladder, quartz countertops are quickly catching up. Quartz which is a manmade engineered countertop is made of 94% ground quartz minerals and 6% resins, polymers and pigments.  In this article, we look at why you should consider using quartz for your kitchen countertop.

Pros of Quartz Kitchen Countertop

  • Non-Porous

The polymer resins that are placed between the crushed quartz fills the spaces in between and ensure there are no gaps in between making it nonporous. Unlike natural stones, the pores of the countertop are sealed making it durable, resistant to stains and liquids. The nonporous nature of quartz makes it highly anti-microbial making it more hygienic to use especially in the kitchen. The closed pores inhibit the growth of moulds and bacteria that produce toxins and cause food poisoning. Pores can also track liquids which can harbour bacteria, and that makes quartz one of the best kitchen countertop.

  • Multiple colours available

Quartz countertops are available in many different colours. Its, therefore, a good colour to match with your kitchen cabinets, backsplash, and floor tiles. If you are remodelling your kitchen, consider using this countertop for your kitchen there are many colours you can choose from and perk up the value of your home.

  • Low maintenance

Quartz is durable and almost indestructible. Due to its nonporous nature, it’s easy to maintain and clean. If you are looking for a countertop for your busy kitchen, quartz is low maintenance and will be perfect for your restaurant. To clean the countertop you need warm water and mild detergent.

  • Stain Resistant and Corrosion resistant

You don’t need to keep resealing quartz to protect your countertop from stains and corrosion. Quartz countertops resist stain and corrosion without any need to seal the top.

  • Heat Resistant

Quartz Countertops can withstand heat up to 250 degrees Celcius and compare to other surfaces its best heat resistant countertop material. If you run a restaurant and you are wondering what materials won’t bend or warp when it comes into contact with the hot pan, a quartz countertop is the most ideal material.

  • Scratch Resistant

Quartz is made of hard minerals and its therefore not easily scratched. It’s however important that you take care of the countertop. Make sure you place any items you want to cut on a plank. Quartz is one of the most durable countertops and unlike other surfaces doesn’t scratch and cut easily.

  • Impact Resistant

Compared to other countertops, quartz countertops will absorb a lot of impacts and still be durable. The polymer increases compressibility and makes the quartz more strong and flexible. Resin is a shock absorber which makes quartz hard and brittle. If you run a restaurant then you want a countertop that can handle pressure and a little weight. Quartz countertop will handle the pressure and weight without crumbling or breaking.

The above advantages of quartz countertops and below some disadvantages of the quartz countertop.

Cons of Quartz countertops

  • Cost

The cost of quartz countertop ranges from one quartz countertop dealer to another. It’s therefore important that you visit the quartz dealer and get a quotation. However, in comparison to other countertop materials such as laminate quartz is more expensive.

  • Not Suitable for Outdoors

Quartz countertops are perfect for your indoor kitchen but will fade due to prolonged exposure to elements. Polymer resin reacts to continued exposure to sunlight and rain and the colour pigment fades. There are other better options to use when it comes to outdoor countertops such as granites.

  • Not completely Heat Resistant

Quartz is only heat resistant up to 250 degrees Celsius and if you place anything hotter than that there is a chance that your countertop will melt up.

Quartz is one of the best countertop material, it’s however important that you confirm both the pros and cons before deciding to use the material. In spite of the great qualities taking care of the countertop will ensure it last longer. Visit the granite countertop company and let the expert advise you on the best material for your kitchen countertop. The kitchen countertop you choose should bring out style and make your house more beautiful. To get the best out of your countertop make sure the installation is done by the quartz countertop installers Rockville for the best outcome.