Why Is Quartz So Expensive?

If you have been in the countertops market, you must have noticed that quartz kitchen countertops don’t come cheap. Why is quartz so expensive? You must be wondering.

Well, there are plenty of reasons for the high cost. These reasons include:

High demand

Unlike granite and marble, quartz doesn’t require sealing. This feature has made quartz highly popular among homeowners and like any other popular item, there is a high demand for the stone.

The laws of demand and supply dictate that the higher the demand, the higher the price hence the high price of the stone.


Although the quality of the stone varies from one manufacturer to the other, quartz countertops are generally high quality where the stone is strong, consistently colored, and gives off lower levels of dangerous VOCs.

Since many homeowners know that quartz is a high-quality stone, they rush to buy it hence driving the price up.

As mentioned, the quality of the stone varies among manufacturers, so there is the risk of buying a stone and finding it inferior quality.

To avoid this, take your time when buying. Visit different stores in the company of a countertop professional and scrutinize the stone before making the purchase.

Quartz is highly versatile

Quartz comes in a wide range of colors, styles, finishes, and edge treatments. When it comes to thickness, the stone runs from 3/8” to 11/4”. Obviously, the thicker the countertop, the more expensive it will be.

Due to the versatility of the stone, it’s up to you to research and find one that will be ideal for your application. If not sure of the one that will look the best, get the input of a professional.

Quartz is easy to customize

Although, most homeowners want countertops that look like their friends’ or neighbours’, you can easily customize quartz if looking for that unusual countertop shape or width.

Quartz also allows you to create custom cutouts to accommodate your appliances. You can also create a bar sink and other special features with quartz.

High trade tariffs

Since quartz is manufactured overseas, the government has imposed heavy trade tariffs that have driven up the cost. For example, quartz manufactured in China, which is traditionally on the lower price end, has increased by over 300%.

Quartz is complex to install

Quartz lacks porosity, is dense, and heavy to lift. Before installing the slab, you have to level the cabinetry and vanities. You also have to securely support any sections not positioned on top of cabinets such as the breakfast bar.

To have the classic seamless look, you have to unobtrusively match the seams.

All of these make quartz installation a challenging project that can only be handled by a qualified and equipped contractor that doesn’t come at a low price which further increases the quartz cost.

Is there hope with all the high prices?

Despite the high cost, you can still install quartz in your kitchen. You only need to consider several tips that include:

Take your time

As mentioned above, the key to finding a high-quality stone is to take your time and shop around. Before you make the purchase, visit different stores and see what they have to offer.

As a rule of thumb, avoid the big box stores as they not only have fewer options, but they also tend to be expensive. The best places to buy countertops is from the small stores.

You will find plenty of quartz options, pay less for them and establish meaningful relationships with the contractors that will go a long way towards keeping your countertops in top shape.

Be flexible

It’s not uncommon to find a beautiful quartz design and color only for it to be way out of your means. If this is you, it doesn’t mean your dream of owning quartz countertops is gone.

You only need to be flexible. If you can’t afford a given design or color, simply pivot and go for a design that is within your budget.

Minimize the number of slabs

When designing your kitchen or bathroom, work with your contractor and come up with a design that requires one slab instead of two. For a small project such as a bathroom vanity, visit your quartz countertops dealer Potomac and get a remnant instead of an entire slab.