Tips On How To Shine Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are an excellent addition to any home. Compared to both natural and artificial countertop materials, they are harder, more durable, and require less maintenance.

For you to keep your home looking spectacular, you have to maintain the countertops shining all the time. Would you love to know how to do it? Here are tips on how to go about it:

Clean the countertops daily

There is no way you can expect to have shining countertops if you don’t clean them. At least once a day, fill a spray bottle with plain water then squirt a couple of drops of mild soap such as dish detergent on the countertops.

Spritz water on the countertop to dilute the soap then use a soft cloth to wipe the counter.  When cleaning, start from one end and move to the other spraying and wiping a few feet at a time.

You shouldn’t worry about scratching the surfaces as quartz is tough. However, avoid using abrasive pads as they can leave streaking in the polish. They also sometimes leave a residue behind.

If you have gone for a long time without cleaning the countertops, it’s common to come across stubborn areas. To clean these areas, apply a small amount of vinegar to the problematic area and leave a wet rag sitting on top for a few minutes to loosen the gunk.

When it comes to soap, don’t use oil-based soaps as they can dull the shine. The best soap to use is standard dish soap.

Apply some polish

What better way to make your countertops shine than to use some polish? The cool thing is that you don’t have to buy the polish—you can make one in your home. To do it, add 25% vinegar to 75% water and mix it in a spray bottle. You can also purchase a vinegar-based spray cleaner.

Spray and polish as you work your way across the counter to keep the surfaces looking excellent. For extra dazzle, give the countertops the final polish using some spray and microfiber cloth.

Refinish the countertops

Do your countertops have a brushed and textured finish that wasn’t meant to be shiny? The solution for this is refinishing the countertops. You should note that different finishes have different results, so before you apply the finish to the entire surface, first apply it on a small area to see how it looks.

Get rid of food residues by thoroughly rinsing the countertops.

Sometimes keeping the countertops shining is as simple as rinsing them. Using a spray bottle, get the countertops as wet as possible. Since quartz is non-porous, nothing gets absorbed into the countertops, and this can leave a film on the surfaces that you won’t see in other materials.

To clean quartz surfaces, you only need to use a sponge to scrub the quartz and wipe the water off with a clean, dry cloth. Once the countertops are thoroughly dry, there shouldn’t be any streaks.

Disinfect the surfaces

It’s also important to disinfect the surfaces after they have come into contact with raw meat, fish, poultry, and seafood. To disinfect the surfaces, use paper towels to remove any residual moisture and other debris.

Then using a clean paper towel, spray the counter with a multi-surface antibacterial spray cleaner and allow it to stand for a few seconds. Work across the countertop while spraying and wiping from one end to the other until you are done.

If you don’t have a paper towel or don’t like using them, use bleach-free disinfecting wipes.

Tips to consider when shining the countertops

One of the main reasons the countertops aren’t shining is they have plenty of stains on them. Instead of going through the trouble of cleaning the stains, prevent them from happening in the first place. You can do this by:

  • Keeping the countertops clean all the time
  • Wiping away spills as quickly as possible
  • Regularly inspecting the countertops and getting rid of any stains or flaws you might come across.

When cleaning the surfaces, quartz countertop contractors Potomac advise against using substances with a high pH. This calls for you to avoid products such as oven cleaners, de-greasers, and ammonia. You also should avoid bleach and acetone.