5 Granite Countertops Colors You Can’t Go Wrong With

Granite is 100% natural, and due to this, it comes in a wide range of colors defined by geological occurrences. Granite countertops are also easy to maintain, so you can have peace of mind that when you install them, you won’t spend a fortune maintaining them.

One of the essential factors to consider when buying the countertops is the color of the pieces. When buying the countertops, choose a color that blends with the other kitchen accessories. Confused about the right color to go for? Here are excellent options you should try out:


It’s the most popular granite color. When most homeowners think about granite, this is the first color that comes into their mind. The varying mix of minerals in the countertops gives them a color that runs from a salt and pepper look to a creamy white background accented by black and light gray specs.

White granite also has veining variations that run from light gray to dark gray striations, which gives the countertops an extremely versatile look.

White countertops make a great choice when you have recently installed new appliances and trim to your kitchen. For a contemporary look, mix the white countertops with modern appliances. You can also create a traditional look by pairing granite with vintage appliances.

While white granite is exceptionally versatile, you should be cautious of the shade you choose as choosing the wrong one will give the kitchen a washed out look.

When you visit the store, ask to see the color options before you settle on a given hue.

While many adverts show granite as pure white, you should note that it’s hard to come across pure-white granite. Most of the white stones come with blue, black, gray, blue, or red flecks.


Gray granite isn’t popular, but you shouldn’t pass it over. Gray has unique qualities that accentuate the look of the house.

Whether looking for countertops that will become the focal points of your kitchen or you are simply looking for pieces that you can make dough on, you will find gray granite that will compliment your kitchen design.

Two of the most popular options are dark and light gray combinations. Go with dark gray when looking to contrast the furniture. Light gray is ideal when you want to give your kitchen a sense of more space. This means that the light gray is ideal when you have a small kitchen.


It enjoys almost the same level of versatility as white granite; hence, you can easily find one that will look good in your kitchen. Granite comes in softer, neutral hues that come in yellow, cream, and tan, giving the kitchen a warmer, cozier feel.

Many traditional homeowners gravitate towards beige as it gives the kitchen a natural color that has been sand mixed with crystals.

Black granite

Although, not popular, black granite gives your kitchen an elegant, high-end look. For a classic look, pair the countertops with neutral cabinets. When installing the countertops, you should note that black granite looks great in rooms with large windows that allow in a lot of natural light.

When properly installed, black countertops give the kitchen a subtle, elegant look and at the same time, provide the rooms with a timeless appeal. If you have a small kitchen, avoid the black granite as it will make your kitchen look too small.

If you have a medium-sized kitchen, you can install the countertops, but to reduce the shrinking look, mix them with white cabinetry.

Red granite

The use of red granite dates back to ancient Egypt, where you can find it in ancient Egyptian pyramids. Red granite comes in shades and patterns that range from rich burgundies to bright pinkish reds.

You will even find some of the red granites with white, blue, and even silver highlights. It’s this combination of colors that makes the countertops brilliant to have. If you are on the fence about installing the countertops, install red granite if looking to add an energetic feel to your kitchen.

Many homeowners find the red color too overwhelming. To balance the look, granite installers Rockville recommend you pair the countertops with neutral cabinetry.