The Most Commonly Used Granite Counter tops Colours

Granite is one of the gorgeous kitchen countertops material. In spite of the cost, granites have stood the test of time and remain a premier choice for kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops. The speckled and swirls in some of the colours make granite countertops in any kitchen to stand out. Granite comes in a variety of colours, and we look at the most commonly used granite colours. The colour of granite to use depends entirely on the owner of the kitchen, but we review some of the most commonly used colours.

Most Commonly Granite Countertops Colors

  • Black Pearl or Dark colours

Black pearl granite has speckles that make it bring out the beauty of your kitchen. Dark colours will harmonize your space more especially if the cabinets and floor are darker than if they are lighter in colour. If you don’t like the shouting colours, then black will work perfectly for you. Black or dark colours are easy to maintain and clean making it ideal especially in a busy kitchen. Black is one of the most popular colours of granite in use in the world, be it in offices, kitchen and bathrooms.

Black or dark coloured countertop will work if;

  • Your cabinets are dark, and you want to harmonize
  • Your wall and cabinets are of shouting hue, and you want to neutralize
  • If you want to achieve a white and black theme


  •  Veined White Granites

There are no pure white granites, but it comes with flecks that break the monotony. White is ideal if the kitchen is small as it creates a large space effect. White granites are ideal for

  • If you are looking to give your kitchen a lighter appearance
  • To give a small space a larger appearance
  • White will complement other kitchen colours
  • To make your kitchen more striking, add ambience and modern style


  • Brown granite countertop

Brown granite countertops create a warm and rustic look and pair well with light cabinets. It’s ideal if you want to create a country feel and look. Brown granites are ideal for;

  • If you have a wooden look and you would like to complete it
  • To create rusticity

Tips While Buying Granite Countertop

  • Get granite samples

Get granite samples and take them home to be able to compare with cabinets and wall That will give you an impression of what the best colour for your kitchen countertop. You will also be able to see the granite in your kitchen or bathroom lighting and whether it fits.

  • Consider Maintenance and upkeep

Depending on how busy your kitchen is, dark-coloured granite will be better for a busy kitchen while lighter colours will work in small and fewer use spaces.

  • Choose the colours that you love

Even if your favourite colour is not among the most common, ensure that the colour you choose is what you love and will bring out the aesthetic value of the kitchen or bathroom.

Since granite is the last to be installed, ensure that you choose a colour that harmonizes the rest of the house items such as cabinets and walls. Your granite contractor potomac will be able to advise you on how to match the granite, size that you need and ensure that the granite is professionally installed.