The 3 Best Counter top Replacement Materials

Replacing unattractive kitchen countertop will transform and perk up the value of your house. It’s important that the material you choose gives your kitchen the regal effect, one that caters to the traffic and modernizes your kitchen. There is a variety of material available and its necessary to consult the granite countertop installer for the ideal countertop for your kitchen. Involve the countertop replacement company during the remodel of your countertop for best results.

Best Countertop Replacement Materials

  • Granite

Granite is made from natural stone and it’s undisputedly the best and most used material. It comes in a variety of colors and will make your kitchen look elegant. The material you choose should be able to handle the kind of work that takes place in your kitchen and granite is ideal for kitchens which are not super busy. Granite requires resealing often to avoid staining and attracting dirt.

  • Engineered stone countertops

Engineered stones are made of quartz crystals bound together by resin and have a uniform color, unlike the natural stones which have different hues. The engineered stone has the advantage of durability and will not crack easily. The material is heat resistant, scratch resistant making it ideal for high traffic and busy kitchens. It’s non-porous making it easier to clean and keep away bacteria. It doesn’t require sealing and if you work with foods that drip blood and other liquid the countertop will not absorb the liquids.Engineered stone countertops are the best  countertops for busy kitchens

  • Quartz Countertop

Quartz mineral is one of the hardest material and therefore quartz countertops are one of the most durable countertop replacement material. Quartz is made of quartz minerals bonded together with polymer resins. Quartz countertop comes in a variety of colors and you can complement the colors in your kitchen space. The countertop is non- porous so dirt and bacteria cannot penetrate the surface. it’s easy maintenance and does not require periodic sealing. Since it’s made of resin, it’s flexible and easier to shape around corners.It’s important that quartz countertops are heat resistant up to a certain point, extreme heat may damage the countertop.

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Countertop Replacement Material

  • Durability and long-lasting material

Choose the countertop material that will last long with minimal maintenance. Depending on the traffic in your kitchen, choose the material that is scratch resistant, heat resistant and will last a lifetime

  • Maintenance

If you run a hotel, you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning and taking care of the countertop material.  Choose the material that doesn’t require too much care if you run a busy kitchen. Granite countertops may not be ideal for hotels and busy kitchen as they require extra care and sealing often.

Stylish and modern

It’s important that the countertop you choose increase the aesthetic value of the home. Granite countertops will give your home a natural feel while quartz adds elegance to your home.

Ensure that the material you choose works for your kitchen. Let the granite installers Rockville to do the installation for a professional look and to ensure that the countertop lasts a lifetime.



Granite Countertop Maintenance Tips

You should contact a granite contractor for your kitchen countertops, to add value, timeless elegance and beauty. Granite is a great investment for your kitchens, an investment that is expensive and durable at the same time.

Granite is a natural resource that is made through many natural processes occurring over a period of many years with many chemical compositions. The pieces of granite have many impurities which give them the unique patterns and designs. They are available in many designs and colors and their cost varies according to the detailing of the designs and color. Your local granite countertop installers may give you more details about the colors and patterns of designs available. Once you spend a hefty amount on a granite countertop, then you will want it last a long time. To make it last a long time without losing its natural shine, you will need to maintain your granite. Below are some top maintenance tips.

  • Although your granite contractor has told you that granite is heat resistant, still, you should place heating pads before placing hot pots and pans to avoid your granite wearing off.
  • Clean your granite countertop daily with a mild cleaning liquid and a washcloth or sponge.
  • Avoid spilling acidic drinks or alcohol or any other harp liquid on your granite countertop and if accidentally it gets spilled, then wipe and clean it immediately to avoid sharp stains.
  • Ask your granite countertop installer to tell you about the best granite countertop cleaner available. You can use the cleaner every 3 months to get a polished look for your granite countertop.
  • Do not use sharp knives or heavy utensils on your granite countertop as it could scratch your granite and make scratches and chips on it.
  • Do not drop heavy objects such as your tools or very heavy materials and items on your granite countertop as it could damage your granite countertop.
  • You should call your granite contractor for a yearly maintenance of your granite countertop. They should take care of all the scratches and chips if any and repair them professionally and remove all the stubborn stains and give it a polish and a sealing coat to make it shiny and new again.
  • Do not use harsh cleaners for your granite countertop such as bleach. Also do not go for natural acidic cleaners such as lemon juice, vinegar or baking soda for your granite countertops as these ingredients are acidic in nature and can dull your granite countertops.
  • If you have pets, then do not let them sit on your countertops as their paws can scratch the countertops.
  • Do not put your toiletries such as your creams, lotions or perfumes or any other liquid stuff. It may also fall, spill or leak on your granite countertops and can stain and damage it.
  • Sealing your granite countertop is a must to maintain it. You should contact your granite countertop installer Rockville, MD to reapply the seal on your granite countertop every 6 months.