Recycled Glass Vs Granite Countertops

There are so many countertop materials to choose from, and most of them are pretty durable and long-lasting in the kitchen. Let’s talk about two materials that are excellent in their respective categories. Granite countertops are the most popular in the realm of kitchen countertops while recycled glass is great eco-friendly option. Here is a comparative guide on granite and recycled glass countertops.

Common Differences Between Recycled Glass And Granite Countertops


The very first thing that sets recycled glass and granite apart is the composition. Based on composition, the durability and strength can be determined.

Recycled Glass Countertops

Recycled glass is made out of pulverized and broken glass, so reused glass bottles, shattered or damaged glass, etc., are used to make recycled glass.

All of the shards are mixed and broken down into a powder-like form and then mica, color, and resin are added to bind the powdery mixture into a rock-hard and solid countertop slab.

As we mentioned, recycled glass is an eco-friendly material and its trendy nowadays making it perfect for use in modern and minimal kitchens.

Granite Countertops

Granite, also known as the king of the countertops, is a natural stone that’s found deep inside the Earth. It’s an igneous rock that’s made out of molten rocks, sediments, and mica and the molten mixture is also under the influence of extremely high temperature and pressure. Once the rock is molten, the mixture moves up, due to plate movements in the Earth layers, and the rock is then quarried from the ground.

Granite is usually dark in color and it has specks of grains and glittery mica veining all over the surface, which makes this material so beautiful in the kitchen. You won’t want to take your eyes off it.


Next up is durability and this factor plays a key role in evaluating whether a countertop material is even worth it or not.

Recycled Glass Countertops

As far as recycled glass countertops are concerned, you might think, at first glance, that these countertops will shatter very easily. Well, that’s far from the truth. Even though recycled glass isn’t the most durable material from the lot, it’s reasonable in strength and it can sustain pressure and impact damage just fine. Yes, it is prone to scratches and chipping, so using a cutting board would save your beautiful and iridescent countertops from being all scratched up on the surface.

Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the hardest materials on Earth, coming in close to diamond. Granite, because of its composition and its endurance to heat and pressure, is really strong. You can use sharp knives directly on the surface of these countertops and they won’t show much damage, however, you still shouldn’t. Granite is also heat resistant, so heat stains will be history.

By now, you may be thinking that granite is indestructible. Although granite is a durable material, that still doesn’t mean that it can’t be damaged. Using harsh chemicals on the surface of granite for cleaning can majorly affect the look of the countertops and acids can eat the material away. Moreover, ignoring sealing can also make it prone to damage and staining.


Another important thing that people tend to research on kitchen countertop materials is the maintenance aspect of things. Let’s be real! No one loves materials that need a lot of maintenance.

Recycled Glass Countertops

Recycled glass is the clear winner in this department because it doesn’t need to be sealed, waxed, or polished, in any way. It is a non-porous material through and through and other than cleaning this bad boy, there’s nothing you need to do more. Cleaning recycled glass is also pretty easy because a mixture of soap and water and a wet and soft washcloth will suffice.

However, when these countertops show signs of ageing, their surface might become uneven. Then, they can be difficult to clean.

Granite Countertops

As for granite, even though it’s amazing as far as durability is concerned, it needs to be maintained.

First of all, since granite is a porous rock, it’s prone to stains especially if water or any other liquid is on the surface for too long. This is why it needs to be sealed to make it waterproof. It also needs specialty cleaners that are pH balanced because granite is sensitive to harsh chemicals, bleach, and acids and these liquids shouldn’t be used for cleaning this material.


The price is also another important factor that compels people to either buy a certain countertop material or leave it for other options. No matter how good or strong a countertop material is, if it’s out of the budget, then you won’t buy it. It’s as simple as that.

Recycled Glass Countertops

Recycled glass can vary in price wherever you buy it from, but it’s still a touch less expensive than granite. Because it’s a man-made material and there’s not a whole lot of effort involved in making this material on a mass scale, it’s reasonable in price. The cost of recycled glass countertops can be anywhere between $60 to $155 per square foot.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a bit on the expensive side of things. Since this material is sought-after and it’s really popular among people, there is a high demand for it, which implies that this material needs to be quarried in huge amounts. This calls for more workforce and more resources, which also hikes the price of this material.

Granite can cost you anywhere between $75 to $150 for a 1×1 foot slab. If you want to go a bit light-handed on the budget, then granite tiles are a bit more reasonable than slabs.


Variety is also something that can make or break the deal.

Recycled Glass Countertops

Recycled glass, since it’s a man-made material, is available in a ton of colors, and patterns, and there are even textured countertops that you can go for because they look very pretty.

As for granite countertops, you can’t have too much variety because whatever is in the ground is what you’re going to get. There are light and dark colors available in granite, but they’re few and far between, so darker colors with subtle and random veining are more commonly seen everywhere.


Now comes the installation of the material. Believe it or not, some materials are harder to install than others. Recycled glass is not as readily available as other man-made materials. This can lead to a shortage of contractors and there aren’t a lot of professionals who can safely install recycled glass countertops.

However, since this material is lighter than most rocks and other options, it’s relatively easier to install as far as weight is concerned. Also, since there’s less maintenance involved, the countertops are set and you’re good to go to use them.

Granite Countertops

Granite slabs can be really heavy. Even though contractors are extremely careful when it comes to installation, there can be accidents and some ends of the countertops can chip or break. Granite tiles, on the other hand, are easier to install, since they’re lightweight, but there can be a problem of seams.

If you don’t want seams in your countertops, then slabs are your best choice, but you need to ensure that the installer is professional and that they perform the entire process safely and carefully. The more careful they are during installation, the better the results will be.


Recycled glass and granite countertops are both amazing in their league, with a few drawbacks each. Need help? Discuss your preferences with granite contractors Potomac to find the right material for your kitchen island or countertop.