Can You Stand On Quartz Countertops?

Some people term quartz as indestructible as they have impressive compression and tension strength—even better than granite. Due to this, many are tempted to sit or even stand on the countertops.

Can you stand on quartz countertops? While standing on the countertops might seem harmless, it’s not. Plenty of cases have been reported where people stand on the countertops, and they part at the seam where two slabs are sealed together.

Installing or even repairing the countertops isn’t cheap, so you should avoid risking standing on them. In addition to damaging the countertops when you stand on them, you also risk voiding the warranty.

Better options to standing on the countertops

To avoid the risk of standing the countertops, you should try out other ways of going about it. Some of the other things you can do include:

Get a step stool: If you are stepping on the countertops due to lack of a stepping stool, you should get one. Get a small stool and tuck it somewhere in your kitchen such as between the refrigerator and counter. Always keep it in the kitchen, so when you need to reach out for something, you simply grab it and hop on the counter.

Get a ladder: Need more height? Consider getting a ladder from your local store. The ladder will cost you more than the step stool, but still, it will be cheaper than replacing the countertops.

Other things you shouldn’t do to quartz

Other than avoiding standing on the countertops, other things you shouldn’t do to the countertops include:

Don’t ignore spills: When cooking, it’s common for spills to happen. Whether its wine, tea, juice, vinegar, or soda spills, you should get rid of them as soon as you can. This is because the liquids are acidic and corrosive and will damage your countertops if you let them sit there for a long time.

While quartz is tough, the spills will destroy it if you let them sit on the surfaces for a long time. As mentioned above, wipe them with a wet dishcloth as soon as you notice them.

Don’t cut directly on the countertops: Quartz is made from manmade polymers that make it a tough material. While this is the case, you shouldn’t use it as a cutting board as sharp knives can scratch the surface. Whenever you are looking to cut something, get a cutting board, and protect the slab’s smooth shine.

Don’t place heat directly on the counters: Quartz won’t melt or burn when you place a warm plate or pot on it, but you can damage the surfaces. The damage results from the sudden temperature changes that lead to thermal expansion and subsequent cracking of the countertops.

If you have to put anything on the countertops, use a trivet with padded feet. It’s also wise you use pads under the trivet to prevent the trivet feet from scratching the quartz surface.

Don’t use permanent markers near the countertops: It’s common for kids to come to the kitchen and do their school projects there as you are making dinner. As much as you have quality time with them, don’t let them use ink or permanent markers on naked quartz.

This is because the ink adheres to the surface and becomes hard to remove unless you use a harsh chemical that can damage the surfaces. When the kids are on the counters, ensure they aren’t using permanent markers—give them water-based markers instead.

Tips on how to maintain quartz

For you to keep your countertops looking great for a long time, you should take good care of them. Some of the things you can do include:

Clean the countertops daily: Daily cleaning gets rid of dirt and debris. It also helps you catch spills as soon as they happen, so you keep your countertops in top shape all the time. As you are cleaning the countertops, use a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid an abrasive scouring pad as it can scratch the surfaces, and you end up damaging them.

Protect the surfaces from extended, direct sunlight: Extended exposure of quartz kitchen countertops Rockville to direct sunlight can discolor them so you should protect them from the sun by keeping the blinds closed as much as possible.