Granite Counter top Installation Process

Installing a granite countertop in your kitchen is one of the best investment to perk up the value of the house. The process of choosing and installing the granite can be overwhelming and in this post, we guide you on what to expect during the installation. The first step is to get a professional granite installer to help you choose the best granite edges and the best color for your kitchen. Your choice of granite should leave your kitchen trendy and up to date.

Granite Installation Process

  • Visit the Showroom

You start by visiting the granite company and visiting the showroom to see the various granite samples available. Learn about the various granites available, various colors and the pricing for each. Ask the granite  countertop installer the price per square foot for each color and the labor cost for installation.

  • Decide on your Sink

Choose the sink that you want to be installed in you’re the kitchen countertop. It’s important that you decide the sink to use because the granite contractor will need to cut the granite out of the space occupied by the sink.

  • Choose the Granite Edge profile

The edge profile is the outer edge look of the kitchen countertop. Choose the edge that works for your depending on the kitchen size and safety.

  • Install the Granite

On the installation day, the granite fabricator will bring the slab home and set in place. The cabinets that hold the weight of the granite should be ready and installed. The granite countertop should handle with care to avoid breaking or cracking. The granite countertop installers will make sure there is space for the faucet and the granite is properly placed on top of the cabinets. It will take approximately two hours to complete the installation but that depends on the size of granite. If you have the time, it’s important that you take part in the process. Let the expert explain the process to you as that will guide you on what to expect.  Confirm details such how the granite countertops will be attached to the cabinets, what will be used on the backsplash and any other query that you may have.

Tips to Ensure a Smooth Granite Countertop Installation

  • Prepare the cabinets for the granite installation before the granite arrives. That will save you hassles of storing the granite
  • Talk to the granite installers on where the seams will be to make the cutting of the granite easier
  • Choose the sink before you choose the granite
  • Let the granite installer visit your home to determine how the countertop will line up with the oven

How to Choose a Granite Installer

The result of your kitchen countertop will depend on the expertise of your granite countertop installer and it’s therefore important that the one you choose has the required skills and knowledge

  • Expertise and Knowledge

Make sure the installer you choose has previous experience and the required expertise for a professional outcome. Granite is a huge investment and you, therefore, need a person who is a granite who will bring the best out and leave your kitchen looking trendy. Ensure that the installer has all the required tools that they will need during installation. Ask family and friends for a recommendation and visit the previous site to view the works done

  • Labour Cost

Before you choose the installer to get several quotes from the granite companies and compare. Choose one that charges a fair price and ensures all the cost are included. Make sure the granite cost, transportation, installation cost and any other accessories cost is part of the quotation.

The first step to a professional installation is understanding the process and clearly stating the expectation. View other installations to have a visual picture of what you expect and ask questions during the installation process. It’s imperative that you make sure your installation is quality and perfect and its therefore important that the granite company you choose should have the skilled granite installers Rockville. That will make the installation process easy. Make sure you gather as much information as possible as this will help you know the perfect installation. Once the installation is done add all the accessories your kitchen need and enjoy your beautiful kitchen.

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