10 Tips To Follow When Buying Quartz Countertops

Are you thinking of getting new countertops for your kitchen? Is the material coming to mind quartz? Well, you’re at the right place, because here is the guide you need to buy quartz kitchen countertops.

Look For Small-Scale Retailers

If you want to get your hands on authentic quartz countertops without making your wallet scream, then this tip is the one for you. Small-scale countertop retailers have a lot of options to choose from and they’re generally a lot more reasonable than those big countertop brands. Chances are that you will get the real deal from these independent retailers as well, and because they’re small-scale, they won’t charge you an arm and a leg for the countertops.

Since quartz is a man-made material, there are a lot of independent retailers because it’s made in every manufacturing factory and you can easily find something that you will fall in love with. All you need to do is bargain for the perfect price and with small-scale retailers, that’s also easy to do.

Do Your Research

Quartz is a very readily available material for kitchen countertops. There will be hundreds upon hundreds of options for you to choose from. Of course, you’re bound to get confused. So, to avoid this brain spiral, you’re going to have to be smart and do your research beforehand.

This means that you’ll need to prepare a list of all possible retailers that have quartz countertops available and then you will filter them out based on your preference.

Usually, you will need to check if the retailer’s options fit your budget, if they have your desired style and finish of quartz, if they are near you, if the quality is reasonable, and other similar factors. The retailer that will tick all of the boxes for you will be the one you need to go to first because chances are that you will find your perfect countertop there and also at a reasonable price.


Don’t expect to find your kitchen countertops at the first shop you go to. Countertops are similar to clothes, and you’ll never find the one that hits the jackpot until you explore a couple of different stores or browse a few stores online.

So, don’t be afraid to window-shop around and look at samples and finishes of all available options. You will find something that you’ll love. You can also look at reviews of the retailers beforehand so that you can get an idea as to which ones are worth giving a shot and which ones aren’t. This will also save you a lot of time.

Always Look At Samples

People normally don’t take this step seriously, but looking at countertop slab samples is so important. They’re kind of like a sneak peek of the actual thing that you’re going to get. So, whenever you visit a quartz countertop retailer, make sure to view a couple of samples, because things can look very different in online pictures. Pictures are taken in different lightings so colors and patterns may appear different when seen in person.

It’s also recommended that you take a look at the samples in natural sunlight so that you can get an idea about the finish of the countertop and the real color.

The Color Variety

Quartz is available in a long range of colors and it depends on which color is perfect for your kitchen as per your preference. If you have no idea what color quartz will look good in the kitchen, then you can assess the décor. If you’re stumped, then choose neutral or light-colored quartz because that’s going to be a winner in any case.

Regardless, you’re will need an idea for the color of the countertops before you hit the stores and buy said countertops.

The Thickness Matters

Another very important thing that you need to keep in mind when buying quartz countertops is the thickness of the slab. Whether you’re opting for a slab, the thickness is key. The thicker the slab is, the more durable it will be and the more aesthetic it will look.

However, keep in mind that you may have to pay more for thicker slabs and if you don’t have an allocated budget, then things can take a wrong turn. It’s recommended that you go for a slab that’s medium in thickness, not too thick or too thin so that the countertops are easier to install and they won’t crack or break either.

Prefabricated Countertops – Are They Good?

This is also another dilemma people go through when looking for quartz countertops. There are two types of countertops that you can get, especially where quartz is concerned. You can get slabs that have to be cut to fit your kitchen counters, and then there are prefabricated countertops that come already prepared with all of the cavities and openings pre-cut. So, all you need to do is match the dimensions and have the countertops installed.

Now, the only problem with fabricated countertops is the fact that they don’t fit every single time, so this means that there isn’t a lot of variety. But, if it does fit, then it’s a breeze.

Quality-Price Balance

The quality of quartz is really important to consider, but keeping it in check with the price is crucial as well because you don’t want to end up spending every last cent from your savings on high-quality countertops. High-quality doesn’t always mean better in every case.

The balance between the quality and the cost of quartz countertops is really hard to maintain because people can go to the ends of both extremes and not get what they need. They can either go for really cheap quartz that can break and crack under the slightest pressure, or they tend to go for really expensive quartz countertops that are downright hefty and they’re left with an empty wallet.

Look At The Finishes

Quartz has a lot of finishes as well. You can opt for a matte, shiny, polished, or smooth finish when choosing quartz countertops. The finish you go for ultimately depends on what seems to be your preference.

If you like the look of glossy countertops, then polished ones are the way to go. If you like the honed and matte look of surfaces, then matte finishes will be perfect for your kitchen.

Consider Everything Else Too

When selecting quartz countertops, you need to consider the entire kitchen as a unit. You can’t just localize the décor to countertops or the island alone. The lighting, the appliances, the orientation of the windows, the amount of natural light, etc. need to be taken into account when selecting the perfect quartz countertops because only then you will be able to tie the kitchen together and everything will look stunning.

You should also keep the functionality of the countertops in mind. They need to make you productive in the kitchen, So, where you put them is the name of the game.


Countertops can difficult to buy if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, these tips are going to help you in the process. Get in touch with a quartz countertops dealer Potomac to ask any questions and to take a look at the varieties they offer.