Simple Remodel Ideas to Give your Kitchen a New Look

Upgrading and decorating the kitchen can give such a huge impact and add such value to the house. An upgrade does not have to cost you an arm and leg, but a mix of different color and materials will make look so regal. An addition of a quartz countertop or a granite countertop in the kitchen will not only increase the monetary value of the home but also make it beautiful and appealing.

Simple Upgrades to Remodel Your Kitchen

  • Use a granite/quartz counter top

A granite/quartz countertop will give your kitchen an instant makeover.Ensure that you contact a granite installer in Rockville to do the job. That will ensure that the countertops are installed professional and sealed as required. Ensure the color you choose complement other kitchen colors to create an ambiance. You can get the best granites from granite company Rockville.

  • Improve Kitchenware display

Display some of your utensils in open cabinets, and this will give your kitchen a different look altogether. If all the cabinets are made of wood, replace some of the wood with glass. Change the color of the kitchen seats to complement the rest of the items in the kitchen. You can add a movable kitchen bar. You can also add some of the appliances like a new kitchen stove, and that will change the way your kitchen looks.

  • Change the Lighting

If your kitchen is dark, even if the other items are beautiful, it may not seem as though any changes have taken place. New lights over the granite countertop will give your kitchen a magnificent look. You can add a glass pendant to illuminate the kitchen.

  • Floors

If you have a wooden floor, you can varnish the wood and if you floor is ceramic invest in general cleaning of the tiles. Whichever flooring that you have clean it up or apply varnish and that will give your kitchen a completely new look

  • Change the Wall Paint

The wall plays a major role in how the kitchen looks; a little feature wall will give your kitchen a completely different look.  Use bright paint to create a feature wall. It’s important to let a professional painter do the job to make sure your kitchen remodel doesn’t ruin other parts of the kitchen.  You can use wall tiles to create a pattern on the wall.

  • Remove Clutter

Remove unnecessary items from the drawers and remake them. If you have stored up thing like bottles, dispose them to create more room in your kitchen.

Tips to Follow during your remodel

  • Ensure you involve the granite countertop installer to ensure  a professional look
  • If the kitchen is small, use light colors to make more appealing
  • Look out for giveaways while shopping for appliances