Pros And Cons Of Black Granite Countertops

Black granite countertops have their own following. They look mysterious, edgy, and wonderful. Now, are they the same as any other granite countertop or do you need to know more? You do need to know a few things so here it goes.

What Is Black Granite?

Granite is already dark in color, but there’s a new material on the block and it’s putting all of the other dark countertops to shame. Black granite is essentially granite, but darker in color.

As far as composition is concerned, black granite consists of gabbro, basalt, diabase, norite, and even a slight percentage of quartz. The strength and feel of black granite is just like the parent stone.

Black granite is available in two finishes:

  • Honed black granite which has a more matte appearance
  • Polished black granite which has a glossy, glass-like shine

Now that you know what black granite is, here are some pros and cons that can determine whether this specific granite color is worth buying or not.

Pros Of Black Granite Countertops

It’s Dark In Color

This one goes without saying. The color of this material can be a good or bad thing depending on what the buyer prefers. There are a lot of people who prefer dark-colored countertops because they look ethereal and just so mysterious with a thick layer of unparalleled beauty.

Granite is already a well-loved material in the kitchen and if there’s a dark variety in it, then you better believe that people will more than pounce on it to get their hands on this dark, beautiful rock.

However, there are also a ton of people who don’t like dark colors, especially in kitchen countertops and that could be due to several reasons. Whether they think that dark countertops make their space look crowded or simply don’t fit their preferences, dark countertops don’t appeal to them, which is why they tend to go for something fresh and light or colorful and charming.

It’s Versatile

Like any granite color, black granite can be fabricated in almost any shape, edge design, and look. Some kitchen countertop materials are already pre-fabricated in certain designs and that just kicks creativity and personalization out of the window. Well, black granite will not disappoint you. It’s a stone that can be customized to your heart’s desire and you can get just about any design made on it.

Not only this, if you don’t want to use black granite for kitchen countertops, you can certainly use it for other things around the house. There are just a lot of customization options.

Durability At Its Peak

This is granite. It is not a fragile man-made material, that’s going to break on the slightest of impacts. The properties of granite shine just as bright in this dark material. Black granite will outlast anything and everything. It is super strong, durable, and just an overall amazing material if you’re looking for something that won’t get scratched, cracked, or chipped. It doesn’t need to be treated with kid’s gloves and you’ll be surprised by the longevity of this material.

Granite is seriously impressive when it comes to durability and you’ll want nothing else but granite countertops as soon as you get a glimpse of their sheer strength.

Great Stain Resistance

Black granite is a great material when it comes to stain resistance. It doesn’t let the spill turn into a permanent stain although you have to be vigilant about getting it sealed.

Stains usually occur when the surface of the countertop is porous such as granite. This can allow the rock to suck in any liquid or fluid pooling on the surface. Over time, this action can lead to hideous blotches and stains forming on the surface of the countertops.

With black granite countertops, as long as you seal them once every few years, you’re in the safe zone.

Easy Breezy Maintenance

Black granite is a breeze to maintain. There is no need for regular polishing and varnishing. The only thing you need on a regular basis for maintenance is a good countertop cleaner and you’re good to go.

If you don’t want to spend money on a store-bought cleaner either, then you can make one at home too. You just need a pH-balanced detergent and some water. Mix the two in a spray bottle and use this solution with a wet washcloth for everyday cleaning.

However, it’s better to use a cleaner specially made for granite countertops because it will ensure that the material doesn’t fade.

Cons Of Black Granite Countertops

It’s Expensive

Black granite is strong, durable, and very popular, but all of these things come with a hefty price tag. Black granite, just like any other granite color, is an expensive countertop material. In some cases, black granite is pricier than other granite colors.

The thing is that black granite is seldom found as compared to other granite colors. As its availability is sparse, it can cause retailers to price it even higher.

So, yes. In some places, you might find black granite slabs to be double the price of other regular granite colors. That fact in itself is mind-boggling.

Gets Dirty Fast

The thing with dark colors, especially black, is that dirt and debris show up prominently. This is very off-putting for a lot of people. If you’ve ever owned a black car, then you would know how hard it is to keep it clean because you can see dirt piling on it, from a mile away. The same is the case with black granite countertops.

If you are not cleaning them regularly, then dirt and dust will stick out like a sore thumb and it just doesn’t look that great at all.

Prone To Smudges

Black is a color that doesn’t take smudges and fingerprints well. You are going to have to deal with unwanted fingerprints and hand smudges on the usually spotless countertop surface and that can look pretty unpleasant. Black is a color that shows any and every imperfection in a blaringly obvious spotlight and fingerprints and hand smudges are no exception.

It’s nothing that will make you go bonkers but it’s still a very unpleasant sight, especially if the black granite is under natural light. It will make all of the smudges more obvious.

The Color Is At A Disadvantage

As mentioned previously, black granite is very controversial because of its dark color. There is a clear division in the masses and while half of them adore this stone, the other half doesn’t as much.

A black countertop is usually considered to be harsh and it can make the kitchen look dark and crowded, especially if there isn’t any natural light coming in. This can be frustrating for a lot of people. Also, the dark black color can divide the kitchen into harsh increments instead of making it look fluid and cohesive throughout.


Black granite is taking up the top seat in the realm of countertops and for a good reason. Now that you know what makes or breaks this material, you can decide if you want it in your kitchen or not. To know more about any granite color, get in touch with granite contractors Potomac.