Reasons Why Should Use Quartz in Your Kitchen Countertop

When it comes to countertops you should consider using a quartz countertop. In this article, we tell you why we love quartz and why over the years quartz has become the ideal kitchen countertop for most people. Most people have over the years turned to quartz making it a trend and we can confidently say that they have made the right choice. We hope to convince that as you choose your kitchen countertop during that remodel that you will seriously consider using a quartz kitchen countertop.

How to Choose Kitchen Countertop

Before you settle for any countertop consider the following;

  • Cost

Get a quotation from the granite company on the various kitchen countertops available and choose the one that fits in your budget

  • Style

Granite countertop or quartz countertop, which one brings out your style. Choose the countertop that will bring out your style.

  • Where to use the countertop

Each material works well in different areas, talk to the quartz countertop dealers on the most suitable material for your workspace.

  • Maintenance

There are different maintenance practices for each countertop, choose the one that best suits your lifestyle. Granite countertops require constant resealing and may not be busy for high traffic areas.

Why We Love Quartz and Why You Should Join Us

Below are reasons why you should quartz countertop for your kitchen remodel

  • Low Maintenance

The kitchen is a key room in every home and if you are running a business, it’s definitely the core of your investment. Quartz doesn’t require constant sealing making it low maintenance and ideal for busy kitchens like in restaurants. You will not need to interrupt your busy schedule to seal, wax or polish your kitchen countertop. To keep the countertop clean, all you require is warm water and a mild detergent.

  • Stain Resistant

Quartz is stain resistant and you don’t have to worry every time liquid spills on your kitchen countertop. Use mild water and soap to clean off the spill and you don’t have to worry about the spill as the countertop is resistant to stains. You can be sure that your quartz kitchen countertop will be easy to clean and maintain

  • Heat resistant

Quartz is able to withstand heat to a higher and won’t crack in case of dramatic temperature changes. Although it’s advisable not place hot items on the countertop, quartz is able to withstand heat from pans without altering the beauty and appearance.

  • Patterns available for modern to the traditional style

The manufacturers are able to produce stones that mimic natural stone and its therefore ideal for a contemporary, traditional and a modern look and will give your kitchen the aesthetic appeal you want.

  • Non-Porous Nature

Quartz is nonporous in nature and therefore will not harbor any germs making it ideal for the kitchen. The hygienic nature of quartz makes it especially ideal in restaurants and high traffic kitchen and all you need to do is use a clean cloth, warm water, and soap to clean the countertop.

  • Variety of Colors

Quartz comes in a variety of colors, whether you want dramatic colors or soothing colors, making it the perfect choice for whichever color you want. Because Quartz is man-made there are easily customizable and thus they are available in more than 70 colors and you will definitely get the one that matches or complements your cabinets.

  • Durable

Once you remodel your kitchen you can be sure your quartz will last a lifetime. With proper care, a quartz countertop will last forever and you will not need to change your kitchen countertop.

  • Cost

Home remodeling can be an expensive affair and Quartz is less expensive and will give you value for your money.

While we don’t dispute the popularity of natural stones such as granite over the years Quartz countertops have become one of the trendiest countertops in the market. The color variety will help you style your space, whichever way you want and that makes it more ideal. The low maintenance, flexibility while designing and durability has made quartz catch up with granite countertops. Let the quartz installer Rockville do the installation work for a more and professional outcome. Choose colors that bring out style and give your kitchen space the much-deserved beauty and elegance.

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