Countertop Replacement Services: 6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Countertops

Regardless of the type of kitchen countertops you have installed in your home, it will come a time when you will have to replace them. Knowing the right time to hire countertop replacement services providers is the tricky part is you can replace surfaces that could have lasted a few more months or even years.

Luckily, there are a few things you can check to tell when your countertops are ready for replacement. Here are 6 of these signs:

The countertops are eroding

Countertop erosion is common with low-end countertop materials, but also high-end materials will wear out when you have had them for a long time.

Sometimes the countertops are too eroded that you can see the materials beneath them. Don’t wait for your pieces to get to these levels.

You can’t repair eroded materials, so the only way out is to replace them. When buying the new pieces, go for high-quality materials that you are sure will give you a long service.

The countertops have cracks on them

Cracks are common in wooden countertops and are often due to constant pressure on the countertops. The cracks will also come about when the countertops continuously come into contact with sharp or abrasive objects.

In addition to the cracks being unsightly and giving the countertops a cheap look, dirt and bacteria tend to get into the cracked areas putting your foods and tools at the risk of contamination.

It’s possible to repair cracks. The only issue is that you are unable to find the perfect color blend for the countertops. So, if your countertops have large cracks, don’t bother repairing them. Replace them.

There are stains, water damage, and discoloration on the countertops

Some countertop materials, such as limestone, are hard to maintain with just water and detergent. Using harsh chemicals damages them. As a consequence, they develop stains that are hard to get rid of.

Granite and quartzite countertops, on the other hand, stain easily when you don’t seal them properly.

Just like eroded or cracked surfaces, stained countertop surfaces are unsightly to look at. If you entertain a lot, you don’t want the guests seeing the ugly countertops, do you?

If looking to sell the house, the stained or discolored surfaces reduce the value of your home.

For you to be proud of your kitchen, get rid of the stained counters. Replacing the countertops will also improve the value of your property so you get the most value out of it.

You are renovating the kitchen

If renovating your kitchen, you don’t want to have elegant looking walls, floor, and cabinets while the countertops are still in their beat-up state.

To maintain a uniform look, consider fixing the countertops to improve their look. If you have installed many new parts, you also should install new countertops that will match the new kitchen.

There are burn marks on the countertops you can’t get rid of

It’s normal for countertops to develop burn marks, especially if you aren’t fond of placing pads or trivets under the hot pots.

Most of the marks will come out when you clean the surfaces, but if you have tried scrubbing or even sealing the marks and they can’t come out, start thinking about replacing the countertops.

Before you rip out the countertops, do some research and ensure that you can get rid of the cracks, burns, stains, or chips in less invasive and inexpensive ways.

This calls for you to consult an expert who will help you out.

The countertops are outdated

Are you one of the homeowners that care deeply about the hottest countertop trend? If you are and the countertop design is outdated, the surfaces must be an eyesore to you, and you won’t be proud of your kitchen.

To restore the pride and have fun in the kitchen, consider replacing your countertops. To ensure that the new countertops aren’t outdated in the next few months or years, choose durable materials.

When it comes to design, go with classical designs as they are timeless.

To eliminate the urge to replace the surfaces, granite contractors Rockville recommend that you regularly apply new paint on the countertops.

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