Your polarstone® quartz surface has unique aesthetics and properties built into the pure natural quartz slabs. Even though it is man-made, the process cannot control the exact flow of colors through the slab during the manufacturing process. As a result, your product with multiple background colors, multiple vein colors and unique flow patterns to the veining will result in one of a kind slabs. Because of this uniqueness or “Exotic” nature of the look, no slab is exactly like another. Slab from the same batch should be used for the best possible color match. Color variations, natural color patterns and color movement are natural aesthetics of stone that polarstone® quartz surfaces attempts to replicate through its unique process.

our new polarstone® quartz surface countertop is heat and scratch resistant, but not scratch and heat proof. As is recommended with every countertop material, you must use cutting boards to protect the countertop as well as protect the cutting edge of your knife. You must always use heat trivets or pads to protect your new countertop from hot pots or heat generating appliances like a crockpot or countertop roaster oven. Do not place hot cookware directly onto any countertop, including polarstone® quartz surfaces.